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Client Spotlight – Rachel Archelaus

“More money in six months than I made in a whole year of my most well paid corporate job!”

Before working with Elizabeth I had a few coaching clients and was supplementing my income by from teaching local classes. In total I made about $500-$2,000 a month and I didn’t know how to get more clients or how to shift my business into something more steady.

Since I joined Platinum Program Secrets I created more money in six months than I had in a whole year of my most well paid corporate job.  Last month I brought in over $8,400!

My business is now a streamlined flow of new clients and continuation of bigger projects. I am now conscious of how to attract clients, and the enrollment conversation style that I learned from Elizabeth will be used by me for a lifetime. I have 32 people in my high-end group program and have three Diamond level coaching clients.  I absolutely love how I spend my days and who I work with.

What I learned in Platinum Program Secrets is priceless and will grow with my company. I have my marketing mapped out for the next quarter and am supported by an assistant to get it all done. I finally feel like I run a real business… I know that I can do this, and that is so liberating!

Rachel Archelaus