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Client Spotlight – Lisa Michaels

“Within 90 days, my launches brought in over $40,000 combined, including an online class with 64 people and 2 high-end facilitator trainings”

Before working with Elizabeth, I was just starting to create income online but it wasn’t consistent and I was struggling to make sense of all the pieces I had learned. I was sinking TONS of time into growing my online presence, creating information products and building my list, but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.

Elizabeth gave me some key pieces I had been searching for to take my business to the next level. Through our work together, Elizabeth showed me exactly how to craft and position my offers and create a marketing calendar that would help me stabilize my cash flow. Within 30 days, I’d created over $10,000 – and that was just the start. Within 90 days, my launches brought in over $40,000 combined, including an online class with 64 people (my highest online enrollment ever) and 2 high-end facilitator trainings. It wasn’t long I crossed the six-figure mark. Now, I know how to use all the content I’ve spent years creating to build my tribe and create income. My work is getting into the hands of more people! Elizabeth also helped me see exactly what I could let go of in my business so that I can keep moving forward quickly instead of getting stuck. One of the best parts of working with Elizabeth is that everything I’ve learned from her can be applied to my launches going forward. Not only does each success impact and help my life, it also spills out to the lives of the people I work with. I finally feel like I have the tools and training that is making a difference. Thank you Elizabeth!

Lisa Michaels
Author and Creation Coach
Hay House Mover & Shaker