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Client Spotlight – Kelley Joyce

“I increased my monthly income from $5k to over $8k!”

Before working with Elizabeth, my business lacked focus. I was re-creating the wheel for each client with custom offerings, and underpricing my fees by 25-50%.

Kelley JoyceElizabeth provided the support and guidance I needed to get really clear on the direction of my business. I was able to create, market, sell, and deliver my signature coaching program “The Exec Whisperer,” and I increased my monthly income from $5k to $8k+!

I’ve had a significant increase in my self-worth and how I express it through higher expectations, higher prices, better boundaries, and more confidence and joy in servicing my clients. My business is much less chaotic, more financially steady, has defined service offerings and pricing models, and serves clients who are happy, successful and send me business referrals.

I now have what I need to hit the $10k/month mark on a regular basis, start to build my business toward the goal of $250K, and create systems for sales and marketing that enable me to work a 40-hour workweek and take a vacation!

Thank you!

Kelley A Joyce, MBA, CPC