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Client Spotlight – Fon James

Over $20k in just one month! 

Before joining The Essentials Training, my business was sporadic at best. I didn’t have a consistent way to get clients. I had experienced some success, but I didn’t know how to make it consistent.

Fon JamesSince starting the program, I have made the most money I have ever made in my business, period! I made over $20k in one month, and that was just from the first couple of modules of the program!

Since joining Essentials I have helped more clients than ever to replace their job income with clients. My prices have increased with confidence and I have sold programs at my new price.

What has shifted for me the most is my ability to believe ALL that is possible for me and my business, and Essentials is the blueprint that can be used over and over in my business forever. Now I feel like I OWN my business and I am the kick ass coach that I always knew I could be.

Fon James
The Emergency Business Coach