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Client Spotlight: Devora Gila Berkowitz

It’s so much fun to use Elizabeth’s proven system because it makes me feel like a pro”

Before enrolling in Get Clients in 30 Days, I taught transformative voice coaching by the hour. The clients I had trickled in through word of mouth because I didn’t have a system for attracting or enrolling them, and they often cancelled at the last minute or didn’t pay on time, costing me time, energy and money.  I spent a lot of time researching online marketing but had no idea how put it into practice in an effective way.

Elizabeth taught me how to identify what clients really want, which has led me to a whole new direction in my coaching. Now I feel more invigorated after my sessions and more appreciative of the value I offer my clients, and it gave me the confidence to double my fees.

My self-image as a feminine leader and professional solopreneur has skyrocketed, and I am finally giving myself permission to play full-out in my business. And it is so much fun to use Elizabeth’s proven system because it makes me feel like a pro!  This is the first time I’ve had the confidence to speak to people about my services and hear their enthusiasm for what I am doing.

Now I take myself seriously and use my time wisely, which allows me to feel like business is fun.  Getting clients is more like a game and doesn’t feel like a struggle. I feel deeply supported by Elizabeth’s leadership and the network of amazing women in the program, and I am ready to upgrade my family’s lifestyle so that my husband, children and I can enjoy thriving together.

Devora Gila Berkowitz
Transformation Specialist