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Client Spotlight: Amy Sedgwick

“3-5 new clients per month at 4 times my old fees!”

Before working with Elizabeth, I was charging by the hour, one session at a time.  My sister and I ran a retail shop where I offered my services, and it was a struggle to get clients who would pay me.  Closing our doors was a monthly concern and we were borrowing money left, right and center just to stay afloat.
Thanks to Elizabeth’s teaching, I learned a valuable system for generating leads and converting them into clients. I created a free gift that has become an integral and highly effective part of my enrollment process, and it essentially does the work itself!

I also learned how to package my services into programs that create amazing value and results for my clients without creating more work for me. This new way of working enabled my sister and I to move our business fully online without any loss of clients. Today I am easily registering 3-5 new clients per month without having to do almost anything and my program fees are 4 times what I used to charge for my services!

Elizabeth also showed me how essential it was to allow myself to be supported in my business and the importance of freeing up my time and energy to serve more fully. As a result of what Elizabeth taught us about hiring team, I brought on a client care assistant so that I can focus on what I do best – serving my clients!

I now have the skills and tools to set and reach my income goals so our business can thrive!

Amy Sedgwick