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Client Spotlight: Amy Brucker

It’s so much easier to make more money than less money!”

I’ve been a self-employed healer and marketing coach since 2008 and although I had many successes, my business model meant working long, hard hours. As a result, I was constantly overwhelmed and my finances suffered because of it.

In Get Clients in 30 Days, I learned how to turn everything I knew into a high-end program and that made all the difference. Within 30 days of launching my new program, I signed on 3 new clients for $10,800.  (In the past, 3 clients would have meant $1350!).

I now have a simple step-by-step system in place for keeping my practice filled. I feel a deep sense of trust in the process because I am able to blend my expertise into a series of programs that creates great results for my clients and consistent (phenomenal) income.

The money is great, but even better is the peace I feel when I go about my day.  I have successfully reduced my overwhelm by about 85%. It is so much easier to make more money than less money!

Amy Brucker