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5 Ways To Generate A Flood Of Client Conversations

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Many women come to us asking, “What does it really take to get clients?”

The answer is… a conversation.

Specifically, a session that’s designed to determine where they are, where they want to be, and if it makes sense to work with you.

At Goddess Business School® we often call this a “Breakthrough Session”, or you may have heard them referred to as Discovery Sessions or Strategy Sessions.

This type of conversation is NOT a “sample session” where you actually give them a taste of your service to solve their problem.  (We recommend that you avoid those.)

Instead, it’s an intentional conversation that leads your potential client to a decision about hiring you.

When you are just starting out, getting really comfortable and skilled at Breakthrough Sessions is THE key business skill you’ll need to focus on first. And to get good at them, you need to have a lot of them.

Here are five of my favorite ways to generate a flood of breakthrough conversations, when YOU choose:

1.Create a “first dibs” offer for current or past clients.

Hands down, the best candidates for your next program are the people you’ve already helped – your past or current clients.

Start by personally reaching out to hand-selected clients, then open the circle wider by sending an email with your breakthrough session offer to all past clients. For past clients, you can send them a “thought of you” email saying “I cherish you!” and offering bonus of a free session, or a “get back on track” session.

2. At a training or workshop

One of the BEST opportunities for transformational entrepreneurs to find new clients is at a training or a workshop. Look for opportunities to make your Breakthrough Session offer in the training or on a community forum associated with the event.

IMPORTANT: Always “follow protocol” here. Most events have rules for promotion, and if the presenter is making an offer, be aware that they have invested a ton of time, energy, and money to fill the room. Stick to networking and simply follow up with your best candidates after the event.

3. At a free class that you give

Instead of offering something for sale at your next workshop, offer free Breakthrough Sessions to the first 10 people. Design an offer that’s a natural “next step” after your class (remember, you can’t teach them everything in 2 hours, or even 2 days) and invite attendees to apply for a Breakthrough Session.

4. Host a House Party

This is a variation on a traditional workshop that you’d offer at a venue like a retreat center or yoga studio. It’s a great way to launch your business to your best friends and colleagues.

Invite 10-12 friends to your house for a party / talk. At the end, simply share openly and sincerely about your business, then make an offer for Breakthrough Sessions.

This also works great if you have a LOCAL clientele and want to introduce them to a new offering. One of our past clients did this and it resulted in a nice $20,000 payday for her.

5.  Offer a Breakthrough Session as a BONUS with someone else’s product or program.

This is HOT. Why? Because the best “prospects” in the world are the ones who have JUST made a purchase.

I know a coach who used this strategy to launch her practice. Her friend had a launch, and she said, “Hey, I would love to offer your peeps value by giving everyone who buys your program a free session.” 40 people bought the program, and she booked sessions with most of those people. Her 1-on-1 coaching quickly sold out, with a 2 month waiting list.

Who has a service complimentary to yours, is “just 2 steps ahead” of you in business and regularly launches new programs? Keep your eye out for them on Facebook and remember, offer to help them FIRST.

What Might Change For You If…

…if you were having 5, 10 or even 20 Breakthrough Sessions per week?

Use these 5 ideas to begin to tap into new opportunities right away. Best part – once you turn on your “Breakthrough Session radar,” more will appear… along with clients, cash and impact.

What’s Working NOW to Grow Your List

“You need to grow your list!”

If you’ve been in the entrepreneurial world for any length of time, you’ve likely heard this before.

And it’s true, an engaged email list is a huge asset for your business.

“No list” is one of the biggest concerns we hear from new and emerging women entrepreneurs. “Elizabeth, I want to get clients but I don’t have a list!”

First things first: if you want to get clients and you’re just starting out, you DO have a list.  It’s your list of people who are in your world already (i.e. your personal contacts) – and for those first few clients, go to them first.  (We cover this strategy at great length in Goddess Business School®.)

AND once you’re past that point… you DO need to start (or continue) growing your list.  Otherwise you’re going to be stressing about where your clients are coming from, and stuck in the feast or famine cycle.

An email newsletter isn’t going to cut the mustard these days, as your peeps get a ton of email and newsletters are no longer seen as valuable in themselves.

So what’s working NOW to grow your list… which is really your community of awesome potential clients you get to serve?

What’s working now is high value and SPECIFICthe more specific, the better.

With online attention becoming more and more scarce, gone are the days where people are willing to wade through 100 pages of text or two-hour audios… especially if they don’t know you yet.

Instead, to magnetize your clients, your free gift should meet the following criteria:

  • Hot hook.  Solves a problem or answers a burning question for your ideal audience. With a “hot hook,” your freebie will be snapped up readily.
  • ULTRA specific. Think: “15+ Hot Niches for Transformational Entrepreneurs” (one of our recent free offerings that’s blowing up on Facebook) vs. “Strategies for Online Success” (real title of a recently spotted freebie that is NOT blowing up on Facebook)
  • Easy to consume.  Ideally, your free gift will be consumed in 5 minutes or less.
  • High perceived value. Gone are the days that you can get away with crappy design.  Today’s consumers online are barraged with high-end branding; your gift must be “packaged” with graphics that convey value.  (Luckily this is easy, with sources like
  • High actual value. Your gift MUST deliver the goods!  Note that this does NOT mean you have to do it all for them or solve a big problem that they really need to be in your program for.  Give them something small, powerful, and impactful that they can implement right away.

So what are some HOT opt-in freebies?

Templates and scripts.  Give people a template to create an outcome to an ultra-specific problem.  “What to say when” scripts are great!

Checklists.  Any time your clients have to make a decision of the best options when they don’t know what the options are is a great opportunity for a checklist.  Or our favorite here at Goddess Business School®: the action plan.  An action plan is simply a checklist of the exact steps to create or achieve and outcome.  Clients love checklists!

Blueprints or “Mind Maps.”  Got a big process to share, such as how to find the love of your life or how to lose 50 pounds?  Give them the “big picture” overview in the form of a blueprint.  Especially hot are infographics – illustrative graphics that give the entire process on a single page.  (Again, look to sources like to find graphic designers who can take your process and turn it into an infographic.)

Reports.  Yes, reports are still working!  Once again, the key is ultra-specificity – solving a specific challenge for your specific audience.  Also, be sure to properly format your report so that it is skimmable – i.e., there are headings and subheadings that give your readers the gist without them having to read every word.  Reports are also a great place to insert testimonials to provide proof that your stuff works.

Quizzes and Assessments.  Hot, hot, hot!!  With the right hook, a quiz can quickly spread like wildfire online.   Recently, one of my colleagues got 5000 new opt-ins with her quiz in just a few weeks.  Why?  Because it tapped into her potential clients’ desire and created burning curiosity – they all wanted to know their results, and share them with others.

Don’t make the mistake of discounting any of these options, especially the “small” stuff like checklists and scripts.  What seems like no big deal to you is EXACTLY what is often the most high value to your ideal client.   “More” and “bigger” does not mean “higher value”!  Value is created by providing a real solution to a challenge that is top-of-mind for your clients.

Want to provide even MORE value to your clients?  Create a video or short audio walking them through the “main event” (template, checklist, blueprint, etc).   They opt in for your hot freebie, then discover that you are giving them even MORE than they expected, in the form of your video.  It feels like a big give (think: underpromise and overdeliver) while at the same time, they don’t feel over-burdened, because they get the result you promised in the form of the freebie you advertised.

Regardless of the format of your free item, your goal is to help someone solve a problem in your area of expertise. The reaction you are trying to create is, “Wow, this person really knows what they’re talking about – I want more.”

Also, free offers DO have a “shelf life” on social media sites like Facebook.  If you’ve been using the same free item for a while, consider these suggestions and upgrade.  (You can bring older freebies back after they’ve been out of circulation for a while – provided that they are not dated, they will seem fresh once again.)

The good news – creating a powerful freebie can be really FUN when you come from a place of providing great value.   Use these tips when creating your next free gift and watch the signups roll in!

Some content used under license, © Claire Communications

What To Do When A Client Wants To Back Out


You’ve just signed on a new client, you’re exhilarated and excited to get started, you’re celebrating with your closest peeps, and then…

… then you get… The Email:

“Thank you so much for spending the time with me today! I know this program is just what I need but I just can’t do it right now. Please cancel my enrollment, thanks. I look forward to talking again when the time is right!”

Or something like that.

If you’ve ever received … The Email… you know how frustrating it can be. Especially when you’ve just spent 90 minutes on the phone with someone you know you can help. Even more especially when you were counting on the income. (And yes, we’ve all been there.)

The great news is, even though The Email can seem final… it’s anything but. Indeed, it’s normal. As humans, we are wired to resist change. So when a client has second thoughts – you can bet that her psychology is involved.

What’s more, this situation is a marvelous opportunity to demonstrate your leadership.

When a client wants to back out, they are simply coming up against their own fear. Your role? To walk them through it – it’s what they actually WANT you to do!

So before you accept their withdrawal at face value, here are 5 steps to turning their hesitation right back into their YES, and have them thanking you for it!

  1. Take a deep breath and center yourself. Their fear has nothing to do with you or the value of your program! It’s a normal part of the process. Do not buy into the story your client is bringing forward, but rather lead with curiosity and presence.
  1. Get them into a conversation. If the client sends you an email, insist that you get on the phone to talk about what’s come up for her. You may be tempted to respond via email, but it’s important to move through that resistance and get them on the phone where you can truly connect with this person and listen deeply to discover what’s coming up for them.
  1. Reconnect them with their WHY. This client said yes to your program for a reason… there’s a problem they want to solve, or a vision they want to create. Reaffirming their commitment to that solution is the first step.

If you’ve done your job well in the enrollment conversation, you established a clear vision, a clear cost of not making a change, and a level 10 commitment (or close to it) to solving their problem now. Take this opportunity to remind them of WHY they said yes to the program in the first place and ask them if that is still true. Are they truly committed to solving their problem now, or are they only willing to do what’s comfortable? Ultimately you can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.

  1. Normalize their fear. It’s predictable that the subconscious mind will throw up resistance when you are on the brink of a big transformation. That can be inner doubts and fears, or sometimes even circumstances like an unexpected bill that seem to negate one’s ability to move forward. BUT…. that doesn’t mean this resistance is true.

When you bring their attention to this, they may even recognize that this has been a lifelong pattern that has come between them and their dreams. Spirit doesn’t speak to you through fear, so what they are experiencing cannot be the truth.

Here are some power questions you can ask:

What has come up either inside yourself or in your environment that has you questioning your decision?

How has wavering on decisions impacted you in the past?

Are you ready for this to be different?

What would have to be true for you to stay committed to your path now?

  1. Release attachment. Your job is simply to show up and be of the highest service. It’s not your job to control the outcome. When you show up powerfully for your client in this way, no matter what they decide you’ll know you helped them create a breakthrough on some level.

Super Ninja Tip: The BEST way to reduce the likelihood of clients backing out is a concept from NLP called future pacing. This means taking your new client through what’s likely to happen when they hang up the phone with you.

So before you complete your initial sales conversation, talk to your client a bit about buyer’s remorse and let them know that they may get scared. Pre-educate them that this is a normal part of the process but that it does not mean they’ve made a bad decision and they don’t have to believe those fears. And remind them that working with you is going to increase their confidence in all their decisions going forward exponentially!

Are You Trying To Go It Alone?

Recently one of our Mastermind clients shared a story about a potential client she was interviewing for on her programs. This client was a perfect fit, she knew this program would deliver exactly what she needed, and yet the response she got was this:

“My guides have told me I need to figure it out on my own.”


iStock_000040905914SmallMaybe you’ve heard this from your prospective clients, or maybe it’s something you’ve said to yourself.

It’s one of the most common but also the most frustrating responses we hear, primarily because weknow that it’s inherently false.

So what’s really going on?

Usually, what’s beneath this is shame. Many women have a belief that they should be able to figure it out on their own, and feelings of shame that they’re not further along yet. There’s a sense of needing to prove something to oneself or to others.

And this completely takes women out of their Creative Power.

In addition, this thinking is essentially false, for 3 reasons:

1.  The subconscious likes to masquerade as intuition. The job of the subconscious is to perpetuate patterns and identities and to maintain what’s familiar. In this case, the subconscious is often trying to support a belief that you are all alone in the world, that you can’t or shouldn’t depend anyone else, and that it’s actually nobler or safer to be independent. It’s no wonder you think you “should” be able to do it alone. But this is the very logic that keeps you stuck, because…

2. Nothing in the Universe is created in a vacuum. NOTHING is created alone.  We are all part of the fabric of life. We are creative beings tapped into this infinite vast expanse of creative energy. Everything we create is happening in co-creation with this creative energy field we call Spirit.  Without that there is simply no creation.

We are always in partnership with someone or something else, whether it’s Spirit or nature or another human being.  Just like it takes a male and a female to create new life, it takes more that one person to build a business. By the very nature of being in business you can’t be alone. It requires clients, team, referral sources, and many other people along the way.

3.  Spirit brings things to us through other people. The way Spirit co-creates with is by providing channels through which to operate. You cannot receive a new consciousness, a new awareness, a new experience unless it’s coming through these channels. No people, no channels.

So while the idea of “going it alone” may feel valiant, it’s simply not in alignment with the way the Universe works.

So what is it that you really need to create success in your business?

1.  You need a mentor, someone who has walked the path before you, is absolutely essential to your success. And I’ll share a secret – anyone who IS a mentor has HAD a mentor. They didn’t figure it out on their own either. And they can light the and way help you avoid mistakes and missteps along the way.

2.  You need to surround yourself with invested, supportive community. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely, confusing path at times. Being in the energy of other people who are on the same path and who can hold you in your power, reflect to you your brilliance, and provide resources and support increases your success exponentially.

3.  You need clients. Any vision you have for your business is not complete without clients. And you need to learn and do whatever it takes to get those clients. If you don’t already know, the only way you are going to learn that is through other people.

Bottom line is this: Anything that is worth doing – any vision that you have for yourself – is going to be bigger than you. That’s what makes it so beautiful!

And by it’s very nature, because it’s bigger than you, there’s just no way you can manifest it entirely by yourself, none of us do. And there’s no shame in that.

How To Free Up 2 Hours of Time Each Day In One Step

Itrappedf you’re like 99% of the entrepreneurs out there, you can magically create up to 2 hours of time every work day with a single step.

Are you ready for the magic? Here it is…

Let GO of email.

That’s it. That’s the secret.

Far too many women entrepreneurs give up their power, their time and their life by being at the beck and call of email. How do I know? Because I hear it all the time from my clients, and… I used to be one of them.

Trust me, Goddess, it’s no coincidence that I made my first 6-figures in the same 6-month period that I finally just said NO to the email insanity. If you want to make your next big leap in income and impact, you must get a handle on your email. Here are my 3 favorite tips for taming the email beastie:

1. Stop giving it away.

Be honest, now – how many times have you spent 45 minutes answering a client question that should have been brought to the next session? How about agonizing to get just the right words (read: so you don’t hurt their feelings) in a response to someone else’s emergency or drama? Or when a client asks you to “just have a quick peek at my website” and 2 hours later…

When you give away your time to answering client email – you’re doing exactly that: giving away your time. And you know that once you open that door… your clients are going to ask for more and more. The answer is to set a clear boundary: stop giving away email access, except for your highest level clients.

Taking this ONE action step will literally change your life. Here’s some wording you can model, taken from the invitation to one of my programs:

Priority Email Access For Quick Questions And Feedback

As a Divine Feminine Leader client, you get Elizabeth’s “super secret” email address for burning questions and quick feedback. (Responses within 48 hours, Monday through Thursday.)

Notice how this positioning of my email sets an expectation and a clear boundary, one that I can return to again if issues arise (they rarely do).

2. Create a “super secret” email address – and keep it secret.

Your super-secret email your next clear boundary. By “super secret,” I mean, ONLY for your family, close friends, team and high-end clients. Nobody else.

You can decide if you want to receive newsletters at your super-secret address. If you do, limit it to the top 5 that you read, and filter them into a folder so you can read them once a week or 5 minutes a day. Decide what works for you and stick to it. (And no Facebook notifications!)

Whenever I give my super-secret email to my clients, friends or partners, I am very clear about the rules. When someone violates them, they’re out. Yes, I’m ruthless about this. You should be too!

3. Release control.

All of the mail that comes to your “public email” – whatever you use on your newsletters, website, etc – should be sorted, handled and answered by an assistant.

(Stay with me! Keep breathing!)

Giving up email can feel complicated, but it’s really pretty simple. (Hint: this is a great place for your mind to create confusion and make it seem more overwhelming than it really is.) When you break it down, your business email will fall into these categories:

  • Potential clients
  • Current clients
  • Potential partners (invites for telesummits, speaking gigs, etc)
  • Personal
  • Testimonials / raving fans
  • Newsletters
  • Emails from programs you participate in as a client

Start by creating a simple checklist of what you want your assistant to do for each of these categories.

Yes, you’ll oversee your assistant at first, but very quickly they will learn how to respond on your behalf, leaving you free to put your focus where it belongs: income-producing activities.

3. Set a time… and a time

Respond to email at certain times each day – for example, mid-morning and late afternoon (but definitely not first thing when you wake up!). Set a timer for how long you’ll answer. This takes a bit of discipline at first, but stick with it and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll begin to “keep to time…” and how much time you’ll have left over for the things that really matter.

How To Choose Your Next Business Mentoring Program

So you’re ready to hire a business mentor… congrats!   It’s a huge step, because investing in yourself and your business is absolutely critical to your success.

But now what?

Handshake of two womenThe great news is there are a ton of mentors and programs to choose from. And the bad news is… there are a ton of mentors and programs to choose from.

There are a lot of people out there promising that they can take you and your business to the moon and back.   But with such a big and important investment on the line, how do you evaluate who can actually deliver on those promises, and how do you arrive at the right program for you?

Fortunately, that decision can become very clear when you follow this 10-part checklist:

1. Are YOU ready to take 100% responsibility for your results?

There’s no point in hiring a mentor if you’re not.

A mentor isn’t going to replace what it is that you ultimately need to do for yourself. They can show youwhat to do, but the bottom line is that you’re who is responsible for doing it and for creating the results in your life.

2. What’s the outcome you want to create?

At Goddess Business School®, we call this the magic question.

Are you just starting out and you want to get your first clients?   Do you know that 6-figures is part of your path and you want to set the foundation?  Or have you been at it a while and you’re ready to make the leap into 6-figures?  When you’re clear on your outcome, you’ve just narrowed the playing field to those programs that truly deliver that outcome.

3. What’s the experience you wish to have?

There are big programs and there are 1-1 programs. There are programs with live events or in-person communities and programs you can do virtually.

What kind of an experience do you desire, and what does your lifestyle require right now? Do you want to be one in a big crowd, or do you prefer the intimacy of personal support? These are important considerations when choosing your program.

4. Does the mentor have the results?

This may seem like a basic question, but there are a lot of mentors out there are talking a big game but who haven’t actually done what they profess to teach.

The experience and track record of the mentor is an important factor. Even if they are just a few steps ahead of you, you want to be sure they have actually created the result the are going to be teaching you, preferably over and over.

5. Does the program deliver the results?

How are their past clients doing, and are there great testimonials?   What are past clients saying about the content?  You can’t necessarily get a sample of the content before you step in, but the mentor’s free content can give you a great indication of the quality of content and teaching you’ll receive at the paid level.

6. How tight is the container?

The “container” of a program is the structure of any program and its ability to keep you in the energy you need to be in to achieve results. This can include frequency of contact, space between contact points, level of personal attention, etc. If you’re only connecting with your mentor or community once a month, it can be very hard to stay on track.

For example, at Goddess Business School®, we created our container very intentionally with tons of touch points such as weekly Q&A calls, private coaching, masterminds, and a very active Facebook community (where I participate personally), so there’s always an opportunity for people to be connected and get support. nThat’s a tight container.

7. Private coaching included?

These programs are a significant investment, but very few of them include personal or private support. Yet support and accountability are a must to bust through fear, doubt, overwhelm, confusion and to get clarity on business decisions.

If you really want to take your business to 6-figures, we strongly recommend being in a program where you get ample private coaching from a trained coach, who can cut your learning curve in half, help you avoid costly mistakes and quickly transform the “inner game” that comes up along the way.

8. How much access do you have to the mentor?

Surprisingly, in a lot of programs you see the mentor once at a live event or maybe you have a Q&A call once a month (with potentially hundreds of people). This doesn’t enable you to build a strong relationship between you and the mentor.

That’s why in Goddess Business School® we broke the mold and chose to offer weekly Q&A calls with me, so that I can create real relationships with the clients who choose to participate.

9. Inner game as well as outer game?

Marketing strategy is great – in fact it’s a necessity. But without the inner work and the correct mindset you can end up with a bunch of tools you never apply.   Look for a program that helps you transform as a person, and helps you grow into who you need to BE to have a thriving business.

Can the program integrate into your life?

Your business is not going to build itself – you will need to make it a priority.  What are you willing to say NO to, in order to say YES to the business you really want?

Once you’re clear that your life is going to look differently with your business in it, you can decide: what work flow is REALLY going to be doable for you?   Can devote a big block of time to learning, or does it need to be flexible so that you can work it in between other commitments?

Look for a program that gives you the ability to keep your commitment to your business in a way that allows you to honor your other priorities.  (And ditch what is no longer essential – like mental drama!)

And finally… are YOU ready to take action?  

No business mentoring program will “work” unless you take action.  Are you ready to take the aligned actions required for your success?

If your answer is “no,” you have to ask yourself: what’s it going to take?

If you ARE ready and you DO take action, the right business program can be the best investment you ever made.  With this checklist, you can be certain of your decision.

Now go find your new mentor!

How To Attract JV Partners Who Want To Promote You, Even When You’re Just Starting Out

Ever feel like you’re “left out of the club” when it comes to JV partnerships?

If you’re new, or you don’t yet have a big list – it’s SO common to feel stuck and not know where to start.  Perhaps you’ve been knocking on doors with no response, leaving you feeling frustrated and questioning your own value.

Microphone ladyFirst and foremost, know that it’s not YOU… but it maybe the way you’ve been putting yourself out there to potential partners.  Which is why in my last article, I covered what NOT to do when approaching “JV’s”.

I’m passionate about this hot topic simply because people DO want to support you and there is so much opportunity to get it right. And when you do, you’ll be deeply rewarded with life-long relationships, awesome communities and an increased bank balance.

So how do you attract amazing partners even when you have no list or are just starting out?  When you approach the following steps with an attitude of gratitude and a generous heart, you’ll be in the lead of your game.

1. Think long term.

Your project (and how great it is) is NOT why partners will promote you. Partners promote other partners because of the quality of the relationship they have.  Yet taking the time to authentically build relationships with your colleagues is the ONE thing that most people overlook!

The core mindset behind the partnership game is THIS: make friends, add value. If you just remember (and take action) on this one tip, you’ll look like a rockstar to everybody.  Remember, this is long term deal… an investment of your time and energy. You’re planting seeds for your future.

2. Be Confident

Your confidence impacts every part of your business and in no place is this more apparent than partnerships.  This is good news! Each and every time you reach out to a potential partner you get to workout your confidence muscle.  No one is automatically confident all the time, but the more you flex, the stronger you become.

Confidence is magnetic, and so is a decision.  So make the decision to step into the version of your future self each and every time you connect (and attract) a potential JV partner.  Claim within that yourstuff works and that you rock and that there is no one else on this entire planet who can offer what youuniquely offer.

3. Be Visible

You can’t attract success if you’re not willing to be seen!  So be out in the world doing your brilliance. Have a web presence.  Give teleseminars.  Deliver great service to your clients.  Publish your newsletter and have a presence on social media.

Then it’s time to literally show up in the same space where your partners are. Live events are the best place for connecting with others and nurturing these new relationships.  Look at a live event as an investment, not an expense – and make the decision to connect with at least 5 new potential partners at each event you attend.

4. Add Value

Remember, the core mindset of successful JV partnerships is make friends, add value.  Now you’ve made friends, but are you adding value?

Here’s how – even if you DON’T have a list…

Stop telling yourself you have no value to add.  Bring that whole conversation to a close.  It’s not real, it’s not you and it’s not supportive of what you’re here to do. You have something of value to offer others – everyone does.

Build your Rolodex of resources.  The people behind these new relationships are real people with real problems.  Like you, they’re looking for solutions.  So how can you help?  By building your Rolodex of amazing people, solutions and problem solvers and keep it top of mind for the perfect opportunity to be of service.  Think health coaches, web designers, relationship coaches, software and more.

(Bonus Tip: A great place to start is with trusted technical resources and vendors – the people you admire are ALL looking for the right “techy solutions” because they can be so hard to find!)

Give great advice.  Have you lost 50 pounds and kept it off?  Maybe mastered the art of getting a fussy 2-year old to sleep? You’ve solved many problems in your life – guaranteed.  Keep showing up and youwill have the opportunity to share your wisdom.  When it appears, claim it like a rock star and give freely.  Your potential partners will thank you – and remember you with gratitude.

Adopt the “How do I make myself more valuable” mindset. Your value to others grows as YOU grow.   If you truly desire to be of service in the world, adopting this mindset will teach you about yourself and your purpose in ways you may never have imagined.

And finally…

If you want to quickly attract attention of “bigger players,” adopt a give first strategy.   

Put yourself in the shoes of a busy successful entrepreneur. They are constantly being approached all day, every day with people trying to GET from them. When you give it’s really going to stand out. So put getting in the back seat (where it belongs) and focus on giving.

You can give to your new JV relationships by sending clients their way, even if you have a small community.  Nothing will get a partners attention faster than this – even if it’s just one or two people.

Why?  Because very few people are doing it!

Next time you want to get attention, try THIS approach:

“Thank you for all that you do.  I would love to support you.  Please let me know how I can share your work with the people in my world. I would love to support you even though my community is smaller than yours. How do I send clients your way?”

Give it a try and watch the magic unfold!

Are You Making These Mistakes When Approaching Joint Venture Partners?

By now, you’ve probably heard that one of the very BEST ways to multiply your business quickly is through the power of partnership.  Find someone who has access to your ideal clients and have them promote you.  Simple right?

Uh ohThe problem is, the way that most people approach potential partners is all wrong.  I’ve been receiving a lot of these well-meaning but waaay off-base inquiries lately – especially on Facebook.

So I asked our community if it would be helpful to have a little feedback on what NOT do to when approaching potential collaborators and joint venture partners.  The answer was a resounding YES!

Here, then, are the top 5 biggest TURN-OFFS I see over and over again when being approached to be a joint venture partner. 

Are you making any of these mistakes?

1. “Dear Liz…”

If you’ve been in my world for a while, you may have noticed that I’ve never referred to myself as “Liz”…ANYWHERE.

There’s a reason for this: I hate to be called “Liz.”   (No offense to all the beautiful “Liz”’s out there.)

So when someone opens a message to me with “Dear Liz,” I know that they’ve either failed to do ANY research on me, or they’re in the habit of disregarding basic rules of etiquette.  Or both.  Ouch.

The gal who sent me the “Dear Liz” likely had no idea how unforgiving I am on this one.  You, too, have NO idea of the tripwires you’re walking into when you make assumptions like it’s a-ok to shorten someone’s name.

DO your research. (Hint: names are hidden in plain sight on places like Facebook, and those wild and wacky things called… marketing materials.)  DON’T make assumptions.  The little things matter.

2. Sending long emails / messages when you’ve never met.

Nobody wants to read a long email pitch from someone they’ve never met.  Think: a short, juicy invite note with the ESSENCE.   Here’s a real example from a gal who got it right:

“Hi Elizabeth,

I am getting together a telesummit in January and would love to have you participate. The topic is generating cash flow.   Speakers currently confirmed include [X, Y, Z]…

The interview will be only a half-hour and will be pre-recorded. I’m trying to get everyone’s interview done between the week after Christmas and Jan. 7th.

Are you up for participating? This will only require a half-hour of your time, as I know everyone is really busy right now.

Just send me a note and I’ll send you more details.  I’d be happy to get on the phone as well.”

My favorite line?  The very last.  (Power Tip: be sure to wait for a “yes” response before sending more information.  A quick “did you receive this?” follow-up if you haven’t heard back is very respectful andhelpful.)

3. Trying to bypass the systems if you don’t have a previous relationship.

We know that many of the bigger players are on Facebook, LIVE and in real time.  This doesn’t mean that Facebook is the place to pitch them on your product, service or idea.

For one, Facebook is the place to build relationships, first and foremost.

Second, remember that like you, the people you want to connect with are inundated with information.  If they are professionals, they have systems in place to make sure that all inquiries – including partner invitations – are handled with grace and on time. Trying to bypass those systems only creates more work for everyone.  Never create more work for the people you want to partner with!

Finally, using the Facebook inbox for pitches sends the message that you’re interested in “getting” – including getting around the proper channels – instead of giving real value.

4. Jumping straight to “Will you promote my stuff?”

This is the #1 biggest mistake. “Hey… I love your work and we have similar audiences – want to promote me?”

Or, “I want to bring you an opportunity to promote me…”

Instead ask, “How can I help you?”

Better yet: “Thank you for all you do.  I would love to support you, even though my audience isn’t as big as yours.  Please let me know how I can share your work with the peeps in my world.”

5. Asking “How can I help you?” then jumping straight to “Will you promote my stuff?”

On a recent Facebook “exchange” (it was one-way!) a gal reached out on behalf of an up-and-coming woman entrepreneur and said, “I’d love to know what you’re creating and see where there might be places to connect you with the women I know.”

So far so good.  The problem came when she followed up with my team 3 days later with an extremely  long-winded note that was all about HER and launched into a pitch.


The First Thing You Must Do To Attract Powerful Joint Venture Partners Is Add Value…

What’s the common denominator in all these mistakes?  The energy of getting instead of giving.  Lucrative partnerships come to those who think long term (long-term relationships, that is) and show up to give instead of get.

If you’re saying to yourself, “That’s great, Elizabeth, but what do I have to give?” you can get excited because in our next article, I’ll show you how to give value in a way that has joint ventures lining up to promote you – even if you have a small list or are just starting out.  Stay tuned!  

Client Spotlight – Lisa Page

“I’ve brought in over $19k in the first two months”

When I first came across Elizabeth’s work I was looking for ways to create high-end packages that would truly serve my clients, and give me the time and money freedom I desired, once and for all.

nj115-91482048-8387-4065-80c3-62c367b36b52-v2While I had a successful business doing what I loved, I was totally trapped in the ‘trading time for money’ model which made me feel limited and frustrated, especially because as a full-time Mum, the time I had to trade for the money was limited to part-time hours.

I found Elizabeth’s free programme online and applied what I learned straight away.

As a result I immediately created my first Virtual VIP Programme adding $5397 to my income that month with NO additional overheads. I then went on to double my income that year. That was JUST using her free resources!

I then invested in Platinum Program Secrets and Essentials Training. It was the best decision I’ve ever made for me and my business!

In the first two months, I’ve brought in $19,220. (Still in part-time hours.)

I’m also doing more of what I love OUTSIDE my business, including taking my son on a holiday to New York. (I’m typing this from my hotel room as we speak!)

While I’m truly grateful for the additional income, it’s not just about the money. It’s about creating programmes for my clients that truly serve and satisfy them, that give them results way beyond what they’ve invested, whilst giving me the personal fulfillment, financial abundance and time freedom I’ve been looking for.

Like I said before, I doubled my business last year just by applying what I learned in  Elizabeth’s free training programme. Now that I’m working with her personally, I’m looking forward to doubling my income again next year, with more fun, ease and time for living a life that I truly love!

Lisa Page

Are You An “Accidental Creator” In Your Business?

I’ve long said that entrepreneurship is one of the best magical tools there is, and the reason why is simple: the possibility of money and time freedom.

Ultimately, your business is a means by which you can create your life, exactly as you wish to live it.

Terrified womanProblem is, just because you go into business for yourself doesn’t mean you leave your old stories at the door! One of the biggest challenges you’ll ever face as an entrepreneur is undoing years of conditioning that’s designed to keep you in a JOB, playing small and staying safe. For most women, the old patterns lead to creating some very unpleasant situations: wild swings in their income, clients who push their boundaries, overwhelm, and money drama.

As a woman, you are a master manifestor! But until you switch from creating by accident to creating with deliberation, you’ll continue to create situations you don’t want and wonder how you got there.

How do you get out of “accidental creator” mode? Start with these 3 steps…

1. Get clear – and get real – on your true desires.
For years I denied my desire to write and told myself that I wanted to be a scientist, like my dad. Then when I started my own business, I told myself that I would “do the copywriting thing” to make some money while I pursued fiction writing, which I told myself was the only way to honor my Divine Feminine Gift of Creativity.

Truth was, I woke up every day with a deep desire to create an information marketing empire. I was fascinated and excited by the idea that I could make my own life-changing programs and sell them myself. But that dream was for someone else, not me; and besides, who was I to do something like that?

When I finally got real about my desires and said yes to them, my business took off. Everything got easier. And I’ve experienced immense joy that none of my other jobs or creative hobbies ever came close to matching.

While your business isn’t always going to feel easy, it should ALWAYS be a source of good – as in, “it’s all good.” In my business, even the challenges are great problems to have.

When you feel like all the joy and passion has been sucked out of your business, the first step is to check and see if what you’re doing is actually in alignment with YOUR deep desires. Are you living your dream or someone else’s dream? What deep desire do YOU need to say yes to?

2. Understand that your thoughts alone are not enough.
Open any book on manifestation written in the past 150 years and you’ll see the same core idea: “your thoughts create your reality.”

And it’s true, they do. The problem is, trying to control your thoughts can be dang near impossible. Thanks to biology and conditioning, your mind wants to take you to negative places. Many women spend exhausting amounts of energy trying to avoid negative thoughts and feelings, which only gives them more power.

That’s why when it comes to creating your reality, trying to control your thoughts alone is a recipe for frustration. The great news is, as human beings we’re wired to model whatever’s in our environment.

The solution? Set up systems, including systems of thought, that make your success simple, ease-ful and inevitable.

3. Make decisions instead of setting intentions.
What I’m about to say will undoubtedly piss some people off. But I wouldn’t be the mentor you expect me to be if I didn’t call it like I see it. So here it is: 99.9% of intentions are useless.

The intention behind setting intentions is a positive one, of course. You’re saying, “Hey, I want this.” Thing is, most people make what I call empty intentions. They set the intention, turn it over to Spirit and take a wait-and-see attitude… which of course leaves a big fat OUT if it doesn’t happen. (“Oh, well, it wasn’t meant to be.”)

Decisions, on the other hand, are all-or-nothing. When you make a decision and show up with true conviction, Spirit presents you with opportunities, because you have made a commitment to take aligned action to bring what you want into being.

Your ability to make a decision is one of your many creative superpowers – possibly the most important of all. As our pal Yoda says, “Do, or do not. There is no try.” The next time you want to set an intention, ask yourself, “Am I setting an intention when I really need to make a decision?”

Your Business Will Thrive When You Take Back Your Power To Create…
You were born with the ability to create your life exactly as you want. And that includes a business that truly supports you, your life and your dreams. It starts with a decision to shift out of “accidental creator” mode and reclaim this ability within you. Are you ready to make that decision, or re-commit to it if you’ve made it already? All the good stuff is waiting for you when you take this step!