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Why We’re A Stand For 6-Figures

A few weeks ago, I came across an article in my Facebook feed, calling out coaches and mentors who teach “how to create 6-figures.”  Which we do, at Goddess Business School®.

The article really made me think.

I’ve been in this industry for a while, now – since 2008.

The “6-figures” message has gone in and out of style.

When it’s in style, it’s a cliché.  “Make 6-figures and change your life!”  I’ve often been coached by my mentors to ditch the message because it’s so overused.

Meanwhile, for every “Make 6-figures!” coach… there are the people who call them out on the carpet for everything from making big promises they can’t keep, to funneling all of their clients through the same “blueprint,” to pushing an agenda that’s more about money and ego than impact.

“6-figures” is a number that people kinda love to hate.

Now, truth be told – the naysaying lands with me.  I hear it.  And I feel the frustration of the “anti-6-figure” crowd.  (“Anti-6-figure” being too simplistic, of course, but for simplicity’s sake.)

Nonetheless, when I created Goddess Business School®, nearly 8 years ago… I chose the “how to make 6-figures” positioning (and designed our program to deliver that outcome) very intentionally and deliberately.

And I take a strong stand for 6-figures, to this day.

At Goddess Business School®, we believe, hand-to-heart, that your 6-figure income breakthrough matters.  Here’s why.

1. You’re financially supported. 6-figures certainly doesn’t go as far as it used to. But it’s fair to say that, barring unusual circumstances (8 kids, anyone?) one can have their basic financial needs covered – and then some – on a 6-figure income.

In other words, at 6-figures, you’re starting to make some real money – money for things above and beyond your basic living expenses like self-care, vacations, education fund, saving for the future, etc.

Provided that you’re managing that money well, with a 6-figure income you are firmly OUT of wondering how you’re going to pay your bills.  Your energy is freed up to focus on what matters.

2. You’re reaching your people. What I’m about to say may trigger you, but here is what I know after working with hundreds of women over the years:

If your business is not at 6-figures or higher, you are not having much of an impact… yet.

No question that your work can change lives!  But it’s not changing many lives… yet.

We all know that money is NOT the end-all, be-all!  But in the transformation fields (coaching, healing, workshop facilitation, etc), it’s a fantastic measurement for the impact you’re having.  You have to be reaching and helping a certain number of people, either directly or indirectly (through your clients) in order to receive that income.

3. Who you BECOME in the process.  As the saying goes, what got you here won’t get you there. 6-figures as a self-employed person requires entirely different ways of thinking, acting and BE-ing than what you need in the 9-to-5.  And that’s a great thing.

There’s a reason they say being an entrepreneur is the best personal development curriculum on the planet!

So much of creating a thriving business is about the inner game – and when you reach that milestone you know you’ve worked through some stuff and come out shining.

4. It’s the first step to creating something greater than yourself. One way to create lasting impact is through legacy – what we create that lasts longer than ourselves and touches the lives of so many more than we could reach on our own.

You may never want to create a multi-6-figure business or 7-figure business, and that’s fine.  (Your path is YOUR path.)

But if you DO feel called to “go big or go home”… 6-figures is your first step to whatever your endgame is.

5. Because it’s really possible. Fact is, it’s really not that much harder to make 6-figures than $25k.  Yes, creating a 6-figure a business is hard work at times, but if you’re going to be working hard, why not do it for more money than less?

And the great news is, it doesn’t have to be hard.  The main reason people DO end up working too hard is because they don’t have systems and structures in place – like the ones we teach in Goddess Business School®.

When you have those systems, making great money can actually be easy.   (We have GBS graduates who make 6-figures and multi 6-figures in 20 hours a week.)

Money may not be the end-all, be-all… but it will always be important.  We believe that having more money in the hands of women who are modeling generosity, compassion, service and personal mastery is going to go a long way toward healing the money wounds of the collective.

And that starts with a thriving business – 6-figures in income and impact.

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