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Should You Offer A Guarantee?

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To guarantee or not to guarantee
… It’s a question that we get a lot from our clients.

You’ve probably seen other coaches and consultants offering enticing money-back guarantees on various programs – at 7-Figure Goddess we use them for some of our offers too – and perhaps you’ve wondered if that’s something you need to do as well.

Offering a guarantee can certainly build trust and often gives your potential clients the extra boost of confidence they need to make the investment in your program or service. It lets them lean on YOUR confidence that what you provide creates results!

Plus, a guarantee can be a great way to help you reduce the likelihood of refunds, WHEN it’s framed correctly.

But not all guarantees are created equal, and not all programs are right for a guarantee. Without the right framing, you leave yourself at risk for pitfalls such as an increase in refund requests – definitely not what you want!

So when people ask me, “Should I offer a guarantee?” my answer is… it depends.

The first part of deciding about a guarantee has to do with energy.

What’s the energy behind your decision to offer a guarantee? Is it coming from a place of fear that people won’t sign up without one? Is it coming from a belief that you or your work won’t be good enough? Are YOU taking on responsibility for your clients’ results?

Here’s the thing. You can NEVER promise results. Never.

What you can do is create a container – the conditions – in which the client can step up and create results for themselves. And really, that’s all you’re ever required to do.

Nobody can create transformation but the client. Period.

So if there’s ANY form of “results insecurity” coming up, you want to clear that up FIRST.

When offering a guarantee, the energy you want to come from this: to call your clients forward with a positive expectation that 1.) Your program gives them everything they need to be successful, and 2.) You have faith in their ability to do the work.

Once you’re aligned with that, the next step is to decide what kind of guarantee, and on which kind of offer, program or service?

When a guarantee works well:

There are certain types of programs that are very well suited for guarantees – for example programs where you have delivered a proven system, specific teaching, exercises and resources for a client to apply in order to create the desired result in their life.

In this case we find what works well is a conditional guarantee – meaning the client has a certain period of time to apply the material, and must show you proof of the work they put in in order to be eligible for a refund.

Without that accountability – for example the “no questions asked” guarantee – it’s far more likely that a client will back out when things get “hard”.

We have recently moved to 12-month conditional guarantees (meaning they have up to a year to implement everything and show us that they gave it a fair shot) and it is working really well.

You can experiment with different lengths of time depending on the scope of your program and the average time it takes to see results. For example, try a 30-day guarantee on a short, easy to implement program such as an actionable business training. Or your might offer a 90-day or 120-day guarantee on something that takes a little longer to see results, such as a health or relationship transformation program.

When NOT to offer a guarantee:

On high-end programs.

Why?  Because they are designed to deliver massive transformation, and therefore require an “all in” commitment.

When a client signs up for a high-end program, they are investing in making a significant change. To offer a guarantee on that is basically giving them an out, and is ultimately not in service to your client.

This is the #1 reason why we don’t permit our clients to cancel their commitment when they step into Goddess Business School®.

Plus, high-end programs are a bigger commitment for YOU. They often involve private time with you, which has tremendous value. They require you to show up fully as well and to give your absolute best, and you can never get back your time and the expertise you share.

Plus, when you offer a guarantee on private coaching, it’s far too tempting to take responsibility for your client’s success.

One of our community members recently shared, “Instead of [my clients] owning their own power they kept looking to me to *make* it right and I was unconsciously reinforcing that because of the guarantee and it felt very heavy. Now I make it clear that it is up to them to make their dreams happen and that I will do everything in my power to help them get there.”

A guarantee can be a great tool to give your clients confidence and reinforce a container of personal responsibility and accountability, when used wisely.

Ultimately, you get to decide what feels in alignment for you and the service you provide. I guarantee that if you feel good about it, your clients will too!