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Frequently Asked Questions

“When does the program start?”

It starts as soon as you say yes! 

All content is pre-recorded and you get instant access to the Kickstart Modules when your application is accepted and you register.  You can also start attending weekly Q&A calls right away. Then the following Monday, you’ll get Module 1.  From then on you’ll receive a new Module every other Monday for 6 months (12 Modules in total).

While you’re working on your modules, you’ll attend weekly LIVE Q+A calls, led by Elizabeth and our lead Goddess Business School® coach, Shannon McLean.  (You’ll have plenty of access to Elizabeth – keep reading for more.)


“How many hours per week should I allot for completing course work?”

We’ve made sure to break down the curriculum into manageable, easy-to-digest chunks. If you watch all the videos and show up to the Q&A calls, you can plan on about 3-5 hours per week for the curriculum and live coaching.  We recommend clearing a minimum of 8-10 hours total per week from your schedule, so you can devote the time required for growing a 6-figure business.

(Feeling short on time? Go here for a powerful exercise to free up your time for what matters most.)


“Can I do this program while working a full time job or being a full time parent?”

YES! Absolutely. This program was designed specifically for busy women! If you only want to work part time, then that’s your choice and you can build a wildly successful business while working part-time.

I (Elizabeth) am living proof.  I’ve used all the strategies I teach in Goddess Business School® to create what is now a 7-figure business while working part time from home and raising my 3-year old daughter.


“Are there any opportunities to connect with fellow students?”

Yes! Goddess Business School comes with a robust and thriving Facebook community, where you can connect and share with our students and alumni around the world.

Once you are in the program, provided that you remain a client in good standing – i.e., you pay your invoices for GBS and any other program of ours – you will be IN the community for as long as we keep running the program!  (And no, we don’t plan on stopping or slowing down anytime soon. 😉 )

Our clients consistently tell us that the community is one of the most valuable aspects of the program. Many have formed long-term friendships and partnerships through their experience in Goddess Business School®.


“I’m not clear on my niche.  Will this program help?”

Yes.  In fact, you’ll actually get paid to discover your niche. Here’s how…

You simply cannot discover your niche in your head.  Clarity comes from taking action.  In this program, you will work with your coach to help you determine the best starting place for your niche, or if you have an existing niche, your coach will help you refine if needed.  In either case, your first course of action is to take action to attract high-paying clients!


“Can I make my investment back right away?”

Yes!  You’ll get instant access to training that shows you exactly how to get your first – or next – 3 high-paying clients immediately, no “perfect” niche or website required.


“Will I have access to Elizabeth?”

Yes!  You’ll have the ability to get live coaching from Elizabeth twice per month for the entire length of the program, plus another monthly call with our lead coach, Shannon McLean.  What that means for you is you’ll get the brilliance of TWO master coaches working on YOUR business.


“I need 1-on-1 support. Is private coaching included?”

YES!  We know you need expert eyes on your situation, personalized help, plus accountability to stay on track.  Which is why we’ve included private coaching for everyone – included in the investment.

All of our Goddess Business School® coaches have been through our programs, have been personally trained by Elizabeth and have been coaching for us for over two years.  Our clients love them!


“What if I fall behind on the content?”

You’ll get lifetime access to the content including all updates, plus we’re giving you 4 additional months of weekly group coaching calls as a bonus.  What this means for you is that you can safely take this program at the pace that’s right for you.


“I’m already in another program.  I want to finish that one first.”

Here’s the question: do you have the support and accountability you need to keep moving forward?

If your plan is to do it on your own… straight up: you WILL drop the ball.  (It’s not you – it happens to all of us because we humans NEED a strong container of support and accountability to keep going.)

If you’re trying to  “implement the content” in another business program (including one of ours), you need support.

OR – this could be a case of doing the wrong things in the wrong order, in which case waiting is definitely going to be costly.

Either way, if Goddess Business School® is calling to you, we definitely recommend having a conversation with one of our success strategists to find out if this really is the right time – so you don’t take yourself out and put more distance between now and your dreams.


“I don’t teach others how to make money… can I really create a $100,000+ business?”

According to Forbes Magazine, the personal development industry was at $11 billion dollars in the US alone… back in 2008. 

Back in 2008, we only had a fraction of the personal growth resources available to us today!  And that’s not counting other countries, and definitely not counting the multi-trillion dollar health & wellness industry.

The market for personal growth & wellness have exploded as more and more people are waking up and seeking REAL alternatives to the current level of consciousness in our sped-up, stressed-out, disconnected, unhealthy world.  This means that your people want what you have… and are willing to pay for it.

We’ve worked with feminine empowerment mentors, love & intimacy coaches, health coaches, hands-on healers and bodyworkers, feng shui coaches… the list goes on.  What’s required is a willingness to take action, make a plan and follow the plan, with our help and support.


“I’ve been in programs before and they didn’t work out… how will this time be different?”

Goddess Business School® has been meticulously designed to fill the gaps we’ve seen in other programs out there for transformational, service-based entrepreneurs in the new-and-emerging stage, which is why so many people come to us when they are tired of messing around and are ready to get serious about making money.

We’ve poured all of our experience into creating what we believe is the BEST training for where you are now.  If you’re willing to take the leap to create a different experience, we have the systems, personal support and accountability to help you make it happen.

If you need a little extra reassurance from other women like you who have used this system to create big income breakthroughs, check out the success stories of our clients here.


“Does it Work?”

Yes.  This program will absolutely work for you when you decide and take action.

Of course, YOU have to be ready, and you have to be set up for success.  (This is something you’ll discuss at length with your coach in your interview for the program.)

Are YOU an ideal client for us?  Consider this…

Our clients are ambitious, heart-centered women on a mission.

They come to us when it’s time to stop messing around with “shiny objects” and start doing what works.  When they’re done with programs that make big promises and then fall flat.  When they’re ready to release the inner resistance that has kept them playing small and take a proven path to success.

Let’s be clear: there is no “magic pill” and your business is not going to create itself.   You will get out of Goddess Business School® exactly what you put into it.  If you’re too busy, or if you make all the reasons why you can’t more important than why you CAN… the income and impact you seek will pass you by.

On the other hand, if you show up fully and allow yourself to be supported… if you make decisions consistently, take action and course-correct… then with our help, there is no way you can fail.

You should also know that we are very selective in our application process.  Unlike other programs who will accept anyone who can pay, you will ONLY be accepted into Goddess Business School® if we are clear that you have everything you need to succeed.  Because we WANT you to succeed!


“What’s the investment?”

Your coach will share the investment with during your interview.  WHY?  Because we want to make sure it’s the right fit for you. After doing this for years working with 1000’s of women – this is what we find works best.

While Goddess Business School® IS an investment, we are excited about how affordable it really is. Plus you’ll get everything you need to make your investment back very quickly – think 60 days or less.

If you and your coach determine that it’s a fit for you, we’ll share all of the investment and payment plan options with you at that time.

Get all the details and apply here.


Got More Questions?

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