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The Fastest Way To Grow Your Business When You’re New

So you’ve made the decision to start a transformational business – woohoo!

Now what?

If you look to the online marketing world, you’ll find people telling you all kinds of things you need to do: set up a website, build your list, build a Facebook funnel, etc. etc. etc.

All of these things can work well for you.  However, if you’re not careful they can end creating a ton of confusion and putting time and distance between you and what you really want and need first…  income.

I know because I’ve been there.

When I quit my job cold turkey (which by the way I do not recommend before doing what I’m about to share with you), I spent 2 years swirling in unclarity and chasing all the “shiny marketing objects”, all the while slipping further and further into debt without clients or income.

Finally I hit a wall and realized that if I truly wanted to HAVE a business, I needed to figure out the most important thing and that was how to get clients.

And the answer was really simple:

1. Create something for them
2. Get it in front of them
3. Ask them for the money!

Nothing happens until a sale is made.  So when you’re new, making those sales truly is the first and ONLY thing you need to focus on.  Everything else comes later.

So let’s break this down, step-by-step:

1. Make yourself attractive to clients

This is about what you do and who you do it for. Your first step is to choose a “who” and a “what”.   In other words, choose a specific problem to solve (your “what), and a specific type of person you can solve it for.

A lot of new entrepreneurs resist doing this because they’re trying to be everything to everyone.  But the fact is, clients are attracted to clarity.

Clients ALWAYS hire you to help them solve a specific problem or create a specific outcome.  Know who those clients are, and what you will do for them.

2. Create a simple package or program

Many newbies make the mistake of offering single sessions, under the false belief that they’ll be easier to “sell”.

However, what clients are really investing in are solutions… they want a solution to their problem.  A program takes people down a path toward an outcome.

Your first program doesn’t have to be perfect, but you do need to give people a path. You can start by sketching out a path that will lead your client to the outcome they want, then come up with one or two bits of content for each step along the way.  I recommend you keep it short and simple – a 90-day program is a great place to start.

3. Get in front of people

When they’re just starting out, everyone thinks they don’t have a list. But you actually DO have a list – it’s people you know!

In Goddess Business School® we teach our clients that when you solve a specific problem, everyone you know could either BE a client, or knows someone who could be a client.

All you need to do is share about the problem you solve and ask if there’s anyone they know who would benefit from that.

4. Have a conversation

Another common newbie mistake is giving away “sample sessions”, in other words giving someone a free taste of your services in hopes that they’ll want more.  If you’ve ever tried this you’ve probably realized it doesn’t work, and the reason why is it doesn’t lead people to a decision point.

Instead you want to have a very specific kind of conversation, one in which you listen deeply for what the person is struggling with, what they want, and how you can help them.

In Goddess Business School® we call these “transformational selling conversations” and there’s a whole art to them that goes beyond the scope of this article.

But you can actually get started with just 3 simple questions:

1. “When it comes to [the problem you solve], what are your biggest challenges?”
2. “So what do you want instead?”
3. “If I could show you how to get [what they want], would you like to hear more about it?”

In fact, many of our clients enrolled their first clients by using just these 3 questions.


So What’s KEY To Making This 3-Step System Work For You?

Don’t overthink!

The number one thing that bogs people down is getting caught up in perfection.  The most successful people take action, even imperfect action.

Imperfect action beats perfect in-action, every time.  You can tweak later, once you’ve got it going.

And once you have a steady flow clients and income, that’s a whole lot easier to do!

How To Make 6 Figures Selling a “Soft And Fuzzy” Service

Time to gossip. Two smiling and merry woman using tablet while sitting at the table and drinking coffee

One of the most common questions we receive here at Goddess Business School® is “How can I make great money if I’m NOT teaching other people how to make money?”

Maybe you, too, have wondered if providing transformation services like energy work, hands-on healing, pregnancy, fertility work or spiritual counseling was really a legitimate business model that could generate a substantial income.

The answer is yes!

The numbers don’t lie.  In the U.S. alone, the self-improvement market is worth an estimated $11 billion*.  That’s a lot of personal transformation going on… that your potential clients are already paying for.

So how can you effectively sell “soft and fuzzy” services and make great money doing so? These 4 tips will make all the difference:

 1. Loosen your grip.

Most conscious women entrepreneurs are deeply passionate about what they do. They’re on a mission to change their communities and the world. The problem arises when they adopt limiting beliefs about how their business should look.

If you insist on having your business be a certain way or you won’t be “in integrity,” or let a deep fear of having to do things you don’t really want to do (i.e., marketing, sales, charging for your gifts) run the show, you’ll never come close to what’s truly possible for you.

My challenge to you? Ditch this spiritual stubbornness and instead be open to the most effective ways of providing and packaging your service.  Focus on what your client WANTS and loosen your grip on how it all “looks” on the front end.

Warning: You know you’re stuck in spiritual stubbornness if you find yourself thinking or saying things like “[such-and-such] is not authentic for me” or accepting excuses for not taking action because “it didn’t feel right.”   That’s not authenticity, that’s resistance in disguise.

2.  Know the “front door” pain.

 If you want to stand out and get noticed in a saturated market, let your clients know you get them by being the solution to the most pressing top-of-mind problem or concern they REALLY face.

(Not what you WANT them to want – but what they really DO want!)

For example, most women are not walking around wishing they were “more of who they are really are.”   They may not even know that’s what they need!

Instead, they may be wondering why their relationship with their partner is going downhill and worry that if it continues, their marriage will end.

In order to reach the clients who will pay, start with their front door pain. Market first to what people want (relief from their immediate pain or problem) and then, once they are in your world, deliver what they need (the deeper transformation).

For more tips on how to identify your clear “front door” problem, check out this article.

3. Package your magic into a proprietary system, and create a program.

Even if you’re a generalist, even if your clients are different… you have a process that you lead others through.  Yes, really! (Hint: think of the things that your clients DO have in common, and the specific things you do with nearly every client.)

This is the start of your Proprietary Process – your transformation packaged into step-by-step process that is very desirable to your ideal clients.

When you organize your process into steps, you instantly create value for your clients because now they don’t have to figure it out themselves.  When you deliver those steps into a program (instead of “dollars for hours”), you’re now creating even more value because now you’re delivering an outcome, not just selling your time.   Clients invest in outcomes and results.

4. Language, language, language!

Transform soft and fuzzy words, into words of power and clarity. Be situationally specific – let them know you “get it” by describing in their experience in detail. And focus on being direct with your words while striving for pure clarity in your communication. The more clearly you are able to speak to your clients’ real life experience, the more successful you will be.

Ready for a super ninja marketing secret? Name your concepts and terms. No matter what or how you do it, you have a process in which you take people through to get to [X] result. Give it a title! Naming your concepts instantly elevates the value of the process and results you provide.

So what do these tips have in common? They all put your client first.

Ultimately, all conscious business owners are in the compassion business.

Put your client first and you’ll enroll more clients… and they’ll happily pay higher fees.

Put your client first and you’ll get to do what you love… while making phenomenal income.

(*Stats provided by Marketdata Enterprises, Inc.)

The Secret To Selling “Deep Transformation”

Door to another world

Are you passionate about the deep transformation you provide?  (Overcoming blocks, releasing limiting beliefs, navigating transition… etc.)

You’re darn good at it.   You’re here to help a LOT of people.  So when you hear the marketing “gurus” out there say that you MUST get specific… well, you get a little ticked off.

And yet at the end of the day, despite all the passion, when you STILL don’t have the clients you want…  you secretly start to wonder if those gurus are right.

Here’s the great news: People will pay for deep transformation, and you can do the work you really want to do!

How?  By solving a “front door” problem: a clear problem that people know they have, and are willing to invest in to get solved. They know they have a problem, they know they want to solve it, so it’s an easy way for them to say yes to working with you.

Your “front door” allows your peeps to step into your world, where you can take them on a much deeper journey – where the REAL healing and transformation occurs.  From here, you start to create real momentum – both for your clients, and for yourself as you branch out and do the deeper work you know you’re here to do.

For example, early in my business I got the Divine “kick in the bum-bum” that I’m here to teach magic and manifestation.  At the time I was broke and had zero credibility, so of course my first thought was, “Seriously?! Who’s going to pay me for that?

Instead of resisting or staying stuck, I chose the front door problem of teaching conscious women entrepreneurs how to get clients.  Believe me, I was – and still am – teaching magic and manifestation all day, every day.  The work has transformed into an entire second brand called Feminine Magic®.

So what’s YOUR “front door”?   Here are 3 steps to find it:

  1. Expand your “I am.

We all form identities for ourselves, such as “I am a personal development coach” or “shifter of blocks” that capture the essence of what we do on a deep level.  But sometimes we tend to cling to that and are afraid it’s going to get lost by making a choice.

What if your “I am” was never in question?

For example, I’m a priestess, teacher of magic, a mother, a wife, a business coach, a transformational coach, and so much more.  None of those identities are ever in question.  They just ARE and they all come through in everything I do.  This gives me a lot of freedom to get out of my own way.

If your many different “I am’s just are, what NEW possibilities open up regarding how you frame and offer your service? 

  1. Step into their experience.

Take a moment and think of the people you’d like to work with…

You know what’s possible for them through your transformation, but they’re stuck in the experience of their current problems.

Let’s say your work is to “identify and overcome their limiting beliefs.”  This is great! But what does SHE think she needs to do? What’s running through HER mind that she would instantly recognize?

A great exercise to do is to ask yourself,  “If I was following my ideal client around for a day, what would I see, what would I hear, what are they telling themselves?” You are simply looking to get more specific about the types of problems that your service is the solution to, and how THEY would speak about it.

  1. Go for something proven.

At the end of the day you get to choose your front door, so choose something proven!  A good way to know is if a lot other people are offering help for the same thing.

For example, the weight loss industry is a billion-dollar industry for a reason – because there are a LOT of people who want to lose weight and improve their health!

When there’s a lot of “competition,” you know there are a lot of potential clients already investing to solve the problem.

Bonus tip: To really maximize getting off ground fast, go for a problem in the Big 3: health, relationships or money.

Instead of Limiting You, A Front Door Expands Your Possibilities…

The purpose of your “front door” is to invite clients into your world.  It’s not the end-all, be-all of what you do, it’s simply the gateway people walk through FIRST.   The win-win-win?  The clients will come, your confidence soars… and best of all, you get to do what you love!

3 Ways To Overcome Phone Phobia

Seen from the front a brunette woman in comfortable clothing is standing in a loft living room leaning against the sofa talking on her phone and smiling. Urban chic loft decoration details.

Phone Phobia: An affliction experienced by many entrepreneurs that involves acute avoidance of picking up the phone to call potential clients, normally rooted in fear of rejection or an unwarranted concern about coming across as pushy or sales-y.

Sound familiar?

Besides networking, which we covered in a recent article, picking up the phone to talk to people about what you do is probably the most-avoided business-building task of all.

I’ve seen all kinds of excuses and evasive strategies… from hiding behind email, to becoming extremely “busy” shuffling papers, to getting conveniently sucked into Facebook or the latest episode of Game of Thrones. (No judgement – we’ve all done it!)

The fact remains, however, that the best way to build your business FAST is to personally reach out to potential clients, partners and referral sources via telephone.

Fortunately, there’s a way to move through your resistance and actually start to find this activity fun… and it all has to do with mindset.

Here are 3 powerful mindset shifts that will nip that phone phobia right in the bud…

Mindset Shift #1:

If you’re worried about being pushy, remember that in these days of hyper-busy, social media, and more screen time than real time, people are STARVING for authentic, genuine connection and the kind of intimacy that’s created in a personal conversation, no matter what the outcome.

This means stepping out of your comfort zone for the sake of serving others in an empowered way. Have you ever been offended when someone called you just because they thought of you and wanted to see how you were doing? (I haven’t!) They always have the option to tell you it’s not a good time to talk.

Feminine Leader Mindset: “Someone out there is just waiting to hear from me or receive the blessing of my energy today – I can’t wait to find out who it is!”

Mindset Shift #2:

When you go into a conversation with a goal or any wonky energy around “getting” something, you’re going to feel tension.  This is the whole set-up behind “fear of rejection”, because you’re attached to an outcome and you’re afraid someone is going to say no.

But when you release that attachment and shift your energy to a space of giving and curiosity, there’s nothing to fear.

All you’re doing is having a connecting conversation to see what’s happening with someone and explore if there’s any way you can support them. You’re not trying to “get” anything because even your program or service is something you give.

It also helps to be prepared.

Here are a few expansive, service-oriented conversation starters:

“How ARE you?”

“I thought of you today and wanted to know how it has it been going with XYZ since we last talked.”

“I’m calling with some news, but first I’d love to hear how you’re doing.”

Then, if the person shares a concern or frustration that you can help them with:

Thanks so much for sharing that with me. Are you looking for support with that?

If there was something I could offer that would help you with that, would you like to hear more about it?

Then you can either offer YOUR service or Breakthrough Session, or another resource if it’s not something you can help them with directly.

Feminine Leader Mindset: “I’m reaching out to those I care about with the GIFT of connection and service… and if it’s right for them, the opportunity for more.”

Mindset Shift #3:

People love to be helpful. Even if the person you talk to is not interested in what you offer TODAY (which doesn’t mean they never will be), if you truly showed up with the spirit of service and connection they will have gotten value from your call and will be primed for the influence factor of reciprocity – meaning they will want to do something for you in return.

This is a perfect opportunity to ask them who they know who might benefit from what you do, whether it’s a potential client or someone looking for a speaker on your topic, or someone you could partner with. Ask them to make an introduction, and you’ll actually be giving them the opportunity to experience the joy of giving back!

Feminine Leader Mindset: “Everyone I know could either BE my client, or knows someone who could be my client.”

Finally, I highly suggest getting yourself in a high energetic vibration before picking up the phone. As one my dear friends and rock star sales mentors says, “highest energy wins.”

Now of course this is not a competition by any means, but your energy will set the tone of the conversation, and feel better for you!

Listen to some great music, light a favorite candle, go to an area of your home or office that energizes you, stand up and open up your heart, then pick up the phone and make the call!

So long phone phobia! Now you’re just a master of connection 🙂

Should You Offer A Guarantee?

Female writer working on her new book. ** Note: Visible grain at 100%, best at smaller sizes

To guarantee or not to guarantee
… It’s a question that we get a lot from our clients.

You’ve probably seen other coaches and consultants offering enticing money-back guarantees on various programs – at 7-Figure Goddess we use them for some of our offers too – and perhaps you’ve wondered if that’s something you need to do as well.

Offering a guarantee can certainly build trust and often gives your potential clients the extra boost of confidence they need to make the investment in your program or service. It lets them lean on YOUR confidence that what you provide creates results!

Plus, a guarantee can be a great way to help you reduce the likelihood of refunds, WHEN it’s framed correctly.

But not all guarantees are created equal, and not all programs are right for a guarantee. Without the right framing, you leave yourself at risk for pitfalls such as an increase in refund requests – definitely not what you want!

So when people ask me, “Should I offer a guarantee?” my answer is… it depends.

The first part of deciding about a guarantee has to do with energy.

What’s the energy behind your decision to offer a guarantee? Is it coming from a place of fear that people won’t sign up without one? Is it coming from a belief that you or your work won’t be good enough? Are YOU taking on responsibility for your clients’ results?

Here’s the thing. You can NEVER promise results. Never.

What you can do is create a container – the conditions – in which the client can step up and create results for themselves. And really, that’s all you’re ever required to do.

Nobody can create transformation but the client. Period.

So if there’s ANY form of “results insecurity” coming up, you want to clear that up FIRST.

When offering a guarantee, the energy you want to come from this: to call your clients forward with a positive expectation that 1.) Your program gives them everything they need to be successful, and 2.) You have faith in their ability to do the work.

Once you’re aligned with that, the next step is to decide what kind of guarantee, and on which kind of offer, program or service?

When a guarantee works well:

There are certain types of programs that are very well suited for guarantees – for example programs where you have delivered a proven system, specific teaching, exercises and resources for a client to apply in order to create the desired result in their life.

In this case we find what works well is a conditional guarantee – meaning the client has a certain period of time to apply the material, and must show you proof of the work they put in in order to be eligible for a refund.

Without that accountability – for example the “no questions asked” guarantee – it’s far more likely that a client will back out when things get “hard”.

We have recently moved to 12-month conditional guarantees (meaning they have up to a year to implement everything and show us that they gave it a fair shot) and it is working really well.

You can experiment with different lengths of time depending on the scope of your program and the average time it takes to see results. For example, try a 30-day guarantee on a short, easy to implement program such as an actionable business training. Or your might offer a 90-day or 120-day guarantee on something that takes a little longer to see results, such as a health or relationship transformation program.

When NOT to offer a guarantee:

On high-end programs.

Why?  Because they are designed to deliver massive transformation, and therefore require an “all in” commitment.

When a client signs up for a high-end program, they are investing in making a significant change. To offer a guarantee on that is basically giving them an out, and is ultimately not in service to your client.

This is the #1 reason why we don’t permit our clients to cancel their commitment when they step into Goddess Business School®.

Plus, high-end programs are a bigger commitment for YOU. They often involve private time with you, which has tremendous value. They require you to show up fully as well and to give your absolute best, and you can never get back your time and the expertise you share.

Plus, when you offer a guarantee on private coaching, it’s far too tempting to take responsibility for your client’s success.

One of our community members recently shared, “Instead of [my clients] owning their own power they kept looking to me to *make* it right and I was unconsciously reinforcing that because of the guarantee and it felt very heavy. Now I make it clear that it is up to them to make their dreams happen and that I will do everything in my power to help them get there.”

A guarantee can be a great tool to give your clients confidence and reinforce a container of personal responsibility and accountability, when used wisely.

Ultimately, you get to decide what feels in alignment for you and the service you provide. I guarantee that if you feel good about it, your clients will too!

Networking That Doesn’t Suck

Business Team Meeting Working Talking Concept


For many conscious entrepreneurs that’s akin to a four-letter word. Let’s be real – most women know that they need to network, but very few actually like to do it!

Maybe you feel awkward talking about what you do, or maybe you think it’s a waste of time because you’ve tried it and haven’t gotten clients, or you think it takes too much time, or any number of other reasons to get out of it altogether.

Truth is, even in today’s online world, networking is still an important activity to build your business – especially when you’re just starting out.

Yes, there are ways to make connections online. But if you can’t have a meaningful conversation with someone about what you do in the Real World, you’re unlikely to be able to build those connections from behind your computer.

At its core, business is about relationships – whether you’re at 10k per year (that was me, back in 2007!) or 10 million per year.

So how can you network in a way that feels good AND attracts your ideal clients?

Try these strategies for authentic, magnetic networking without all the weirdness:

  1. YOU lead the conversation.

Yes, YOU start the conversation! This puts you in the driver’s seat, and is of service to others who are just as nervous…. as you used to be. 😉

Extend your hand and start with this CLASSIC Icebreaker question:

“Hi, I’m [NAME]… I don’t think we’ve met yet. What’s your name?”

Followed by “Tell me about your business…”

People will literally be thanking you on the inside for making the first move so they don’t have to. And it always feels more empowering to be in your leadership.

  1. Get curious and be of service.

Instead of approaching networking from the place of what you hope to GET (clients), approach it from what you can GIVE. Get curious and find out how you can help each person you meet. Possible questions:

“What are you looking for next?” (great for social, outside-of-biz events)
“Who makes an ideal client for you?” (great for biz events)
“When it comes to [X], what’s your biggest challenge?”
“What do you need right now to take your biz/life to the next level?

While you’re talking, you’re listening for opportunities to serve, whether it’s your service or someone else you can connect them with.

You do NOT have to solve their problems, fix them on the spot or give them all the answers! You’re listening for opportunities to offer them a tip, a connection, or a resource… including your service if it’s a fit.

If they aren’t a fit themselves, ask them who they know who would benefit from the transformation or result you provide and ask them to make an introduction.

  1. Have a breakthrough session offer ready to go.

Before you go to any event, have a simple offer ready to go to invite potential clients to have a conversation with you. When you meet someone who’s a good candidate for your work, you can say:

“If I could show you how to [X], would you like to hear more about it?”

If they say yes, “Great, I have a special session that I’ve created especially for [WHO] that want [RESULT]. I make a few of these available as a gift each month, and I’d love for one of those to be yours. Would you like to set that up?”

Then, get out your calendars and book the appointment right then and there!

(Don’t know what a breakthrough session is? Check out this article to learn more)

  1. Do your homework.

Research the groups you’re attending before you go. Who are their members? What is their main focus? What kinds of related services or problems are these people likely to invest in? Who else might be there who serves a similar audience who you could collaborate with?

With a little forethought and research, it’s not hard to figure out if your ideal potential clients are likely to be in the room. You don’t have to go to every networking event to be successful, just the right ones!

  1. Grab the mike!

In other words, be visible! If you’re at a networking event in which there’s an opportunity to ask a question or share an insight in front of the group, take it.

Most likely you’ll have an opportunity to introduce yourself before asking your question, and this is a fabulous way to let the whole room know who you are and what you do. This is even more powerful when you have a great “what do you do” statement already written and rehearsed.

  1. Have a sense of adventure.

Networking isn’t jus about getting clients. It’s about meeting people and expanding your field. You could meet fabulous JV partners, referral sources, someone who could connect you with a speaking opportunity, or even just a great friend to be accountability buddies with. When you approach your networking with the mindset “I cant wait to see who I meet today,” there are so many more possibilities.

  1. Be consistent.

It takes more than just one fly-by appearance to build relationships. Timing is everything, and sometimes people aren’t quite ready for what you offer. Once you find a few groups or events that are aligned for you, you want to show up again and again, and use the strategies above to ask new questions and deepen those relationships.

And finally, make your measure of success not how many business cards you collected or how many appointments you booked, but how YOU showed up and added value. That value is always returned to you in one way or another.

5 Ways To Generate A Flood Of Client Conversations

Smiling beautiful business woman with curly red hair talking on mobile phone on workplace in the office

Many women come to us asking, “What does it really take to get clients?”

The answer is… a conversation.

Specifically, a session that’s designed to determine where they are, where they want to be, and if it makes sense to work with you.

At Goddess Business School® we often call this a “Breakthrough Session”, or you may have heard them referred to as Discovery Sessions or Strategy Sessions.

This type of conversation is NOT a “sample session” where you actually give them a taste of your service to solve their problem.  (We recommend that you avoid those.)

Instead, it’s an intentional conversation that leads your potential client to a decision about hiring you.

When you are just starting out, getting really comfortable and skilled at Breakthrough Sessions is THE key business skill you’ll need to focus on first. And to get good at them, you need to have a lot of them.

Here are five of my favorite ways to generate a flood of breakthrough conversations, when YOU choose:

1.Create a “first dibs” offer for current or past clients.

Hands down, the best candidates for your next program are the people you’ve already helped – your past or current clients.

Start by personally reaching out to hand-selected clients, then open the circle wider by sending an email with your breakthrough session offer to all past clients. For past clients, you can send them a “thought of you” email saying “I cherish you!” and offering bonus of a free session, or a “get back on track” session.

2. At a training or workshop

One of the BEST opportunities for transformational entrepreneurs to find new clients is at a training or a workshop. Look for opportunities to make your Breakthrough Session offer in the training or on a community forum associated with the event.

IMPORTANT: Always “follow protocol” here. Most events have rules for promotion, and if the presenter is making an offer, be aware that they have invested a ton of time, energy, and money to fill the room. Stick to networking and simply follow up with your best candidates after the event.

3. At a free class that you give

Instead of offering something for sale at your next workshop, offer free Breakthrough Sessions to the first 10 people. Design an offer that’s a natural “next step” after your class (remember, you can’t teach them everything in 2 hours, or even 2 days) and invite attendees to apply for a Breakthrough Session.

4. Host a House Party

This is a variation on a traditional workshop that you’d offer at a venue like a retreat center or yoga studio. It’s a great way to launch your business to your best friends and colleagues.

Invite 10-12 friends to your house for a party / talk. At the end, simply share openly and sincerely about your business, then make an offer for Breakthrough Sessions.

This also works great if you have a LOCAL clientele and want to introduce them to a new offering. One of our past clients did this and it resulted in a nice $20,000 payday for her.

5.  Offer a Breakthrough Session as a BONUS with someone else’s product or program.

This is HOT. Why? Because the best “prospects” in the world are the ones who have JUST made a purchase.

I know a coach who used this strategy to launch her practice. Her friend had a launch, and she said, “Hey, I would love to offer your peeps value by giving everyone who buys your program a free session.” 40 people bought the program, and she booked sessions with most of those people. Her 1-on-1 coaching quickly sold out, with a 2 month waiting list.

Who has a service complimentary to yours, is “just 2 steps ahead” of you in business and regularly launches new programs? Keep your eye out for them on Facebook and remember, offer to help them FIRST.

What Might Change For You If…

…if you were having 5, 10 or even 20 Breakthrough Sessions per week?

Use these 5 ideas to begin to tap into new opportunities right away. Best part – once you turn on your “Breakthrough Session radar,” more will appear… along with clients, cash and impact.

What To Do When A Client Wants To Back Out


You’ve just signed on a new client, you’re exhilarated and excited to get started, you’re celebrating with your closest peeps, and then…

… then you get… The Email:

“Thank you so much for spending the time with me today! I know this program is just what I need but I just can’t do it right now. Please cancel my enrollment, thanks. I look forward to talking again when the time is right!”

Or something like that.

If you’ve ever received … The Email… you know how frustrating it can be. Especially when you’ve just spent 90 minutes on the phone with someone you know you can help. Even more especially when you were counting on the income. (And yes, we’ve all been there.)

The great news is, even though The Email can seem final… it’s anything but. Indeed, it’s normal. As humans, we are wired to resist change. So when a client has second thoughts – you can bet that her psychology is involved.

What’s more, this situation is a marvelous opportunity to demonstrate your leadership.

When a client wants to back out, they are simply coming up against their own fear. Your role? To walk them through it – it’s what they actually WANT you to do!

So before you accept their withdrawal at face value, here are 5 steps to turning their hesitation right back into their YES, and have them thanking you for it!

  1. Take a deep breath and center yourself. Their fear has nothing to do with you or the value of your program! It’s a normal part of the process. Do not buy into the story your client is bringing forward, but rather lead with curiosity and presence.
  1. Get them into a conversation. If the client sends you an email, insist that you get on the phone to talk about what’s come up for her. You may be tempted to respond via email, but it’s important to move through that resistance and get them on the phone where you can truly connect with this person and listen deeply to discover what’s coming up for them.
  1. Reconnect them with their WHY. This client said yes to your program for a reason… there’s a problem they want to solve, or a vision they want to create. Reaffirming their commitment to that solution is the first step.

If you’ve done your job well in the enrollment conversation, you established a clear vision, a clear cost of not making a change, and a level 10 commitment (or close to it) to solving their problem now. Take this opportunity to remind them of WHY they said yes to the program in the first place and ask them if that is still true. Are they truly committed to solving their problem now, or are they only willing to do what’s comfortable? Ultimately you can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.

  1. Normalize their fear. It’s predictable that the subconscious mind will throw up resistance when you are on the brink of a big transformation. That can be inner doubts and fears, or sometimes even circumstances like an unexpected bill that seem to negate one’s ability to move forward. BUT…. that doesn’t mean this resistance is true.

When you bring their attention to this, they may even recognize that this has been a lifelong pattern that has come between them and their dreams. Spirit doesn’t speak to you through fear, so what they are experiencing cannot be the truth.

Here are some power questions you can ask:

What has come up either inside yourself or in your environment that has you questioning your decision?

How has wavering on decisions impacted you in the past?

Are you ready for this to be different?

What would have to be true for you to stay committed to your path now?

  1. Release attachment. Your job is simply to show up and be of the highest service. It’s not your job to control the outcome. When you show up powerfully for your client in this way, no matter what they decide you’ll know you helped them create a breakthrough on some level.

Super Ninja Tip: The BEST way to reduce the likelihood of clients backing out is a concept from NLP called future pacing. This means taking your new client through what’s likely to happen when they hang up the phone with you.

So before you complete your initial sales conversation, talk to your client a bit about buyer’s remorse and let them know that they may get scared. Pre-educate them that this is a normal part of the process but that it does not mean they’ve made a bad decision and they don’t have to believe those fears. And remind them that working with you is going to increase their confidence in all their decisions going forward exponentially!

How To Choose Your Next Business Mentoring Program

So you’re ready to hire a business mentor… congrats!   It’s a huge step, because investing in yourself and your business is absolutely critical to your success.

But now what?

Handshake of two womenThe great news is there are a ton of mentors and programs to choose from. And the bad news is… there are a ton of mentors and programs to choose from.

There are a lot of people out there promising that they can take you and your business to the moon and back.   But with such a big and important investment on the line, how do you evaluate who can actually deliver on those promises, and how do you arrive at the right program for you?

Fortunately, that decision can become very clear when you follow this 10-part checklist:

1. Are YOU ready to take 100% responsibility for your results?

There’s no point in hiring a mentor if you’re not.

A mentor isn’t going to replace what it is that you ultimately need to do for yourself. They can show youwhat to do, but the bottom line is that you’re who is responsible for doing it and for creating the results in your life.

2. What’s the outcome you want to create?

At Goddess Business School®, we call this the magic question.

Are you just starting out and you want to get your first clients?   Do you know that 6-figures is part of your path and you want to set the foundation?  Or have you been at it a while and you’re ready to make the leap into 6-figures?  When you’re clear on your outcome, you’ve just narrowed the playing field to those programs that truly deliver that outcome.

3. What’s the experience you wish to have?

There are big programs and there are 1-1 programs. There are programs with live events or in-person communities and programs you can do virtually.

What kind of an experience do you desire, and what does your lifestyle require right now? Do you want to be one in a big crowd, or do you prefer the intimacy of personal support? These are important considerations when choosing your program.

4. Does the mentor have the results?

This may seem like a basic question, but there are a lot of mentors out there are talking a big game but who haven’t actually done what they profess to teach.

The experience and track record of the mentor is an important factor. Even if they are just a few steps ahead of you, you want to be sure they have actually created the result the are going to be teaching you, preferably over and over.

5. Does the program deliver the results?

How are their past clients doing, and are there great testimonials?   What are past clients saying about the content?  You can’t necessarily get a sample of the content before you step in, but the mentor’s free content can give you a great indication of the quality of content and teaching you’ll receive at the paid level.

6. How tight is the container?

The “container” of a program is the structure of any program and its ability to keep you in the energy you need to be in to achieve results. This can include frequency of contact, space between contact points, level of personal attention, etc. If you’re only connecting with your mentor or community once a month, it can be very hard to stay on track.

For example, at Goddess Business School®, we created our container very intentionally with tons of touch points such as weekly Q&A calls, private coaching, masterminds, and a very active Facebook community (where I participate personally), so there’s always an opportunity for people to be connected and get support. nThat’s a tight container.

7. Private coaching included?

These programs are a significant investment, but very few of them include personal or private support. Yet support and accountability are a must to bust through fear, doubt, overwhelm, confusion and to get clarity on business decisions.

If you really want to take your business to 6-figures, we strongly recommend being in a program where you get ample private coaching from a trained coach, who can cut your learning curve in half, help you avoid costly mistakes and quickly transform the “inner game” that comes up along the way.

8. How much access do you have to the mentor?

Surprisingly, in a lot of programs you see the mentor once at a live event or maybe you have a Q&A call once a month (with potentially hundreds of people). This doesn’t enable you to build a strong relationship between you and the mentor.

That’s why in Goddess Business School® we broke the mold and chose to offer weekly Q&A calls with me, so that I can create real relationships with the clients who choose to participate.

9. Inner game as well as outer game?

Marketing strategy is great – in fact it’s a necessity. But without the inner work and the correct mindset you can end up with a bunch of tools you never apply.   Look for a program that helps you transform as a person, and helps you grow into who you need to BE to have a thriving business.

Can the program integrate into your life?

Your business is not going to build itself – you will need to make it a priority.  What are you willing to say NO to, in order to say YES to the business you really want?

Once you’re clear that your life is going to look differently with your business in it, you can decide: what work flow is REALLY going to be doable for you?   Can devote a big block of time to learning, or does it need to be flexible so that you can work it in between other commitments?

Look for a program that gives you the ability to keep your commitment to your business in a way that allows you to honor your other priorities.  (And ditch what is no longer essential – like mental drama!)

And finally… are YOU ready to take action?  

No business mentoring program will “work” unless you take action.  Are you ready to take the aligned actions required for your success?

If your answer is “no,” you have to ask yourself: what’s it going to take?

If you ARE ready and you DO take action, the right business program can be the best investment you ever made.  With this checklist, you can be certain of your decision.

Now go find your new mentor!

How To Attract JV Partners Who Want To Promote You, Even When You’re Just Starting Out

Ever feel like you’re “left out of the club” when it comes to JV partnerships?

If you’re new, or you don’t yet have a big list – it’s SO common to feel stuck and not know where to start.  Perhaps you’ve been knocking on doors with no response, leaving you feeling frustrated and questioning your own value.

Microphone ladyFirst and foremost, know that it’s not YOU… but it maybe the way you’ve been putting yourself out there to potential partners.  Which is why in my last article, I covered what NOT to do when approaching “JV’s”.

I’m passionate about this hot topic simply because people DO want to support you and there is so much opportunity to get it right. And when you do, you’ll be deeply rewarded with life-long relationships, awesome communities and an increased bank balance.

So how do you attract amazing partners even when you have no list or are just starting out?  When you approach the following steps with an attitude of gratitude and a generous heart, you’ll be in the lead of your game.

1. Think long term.

Your project (and how great it is) is NOT why partners will promote you. Partners promote other partners because of the quality of the relationship they have.  Yet taking the time to authentically build relationships with your colleagues is the ONE thing that most people overlook!

The core mindset behind the partnership game is THIS: make friends, add value. If you just remember (and take action) on this one tip, you’ll look like a rockstar to everybody.  Remember, this is long term deal… an investment of your time and energy. You’re planting seeds for your future.

2. Be Confident

Your confidence impacts every part of your business and in no place is this more apparent than partnerships.  This is good news! Each and every time you reach out to a potential partner you get to workout your confidence muscle.  No one is automatically confident all the time, but the more you flex, the stronger you become.

Confidence is magnetic, and so is a decision.  So make the decision to step into the version of your future self each and every time you connect (and attract) a potential JV partner.  Claim within that yourstuff works and that you rock and that there is no one else on this entire planet who can offer what youuniquely offer.

3. Be Visible

You can’t attract success if you’re not willing to be seen!  So be out in the world doing your brilliance. Have a web presence.  Give teleseminars.  Deliver great service to your clients.  Publish your newsletter and have a presence on social media.

Then it’s time to literally show up in the same space where your partners are. Live events are the best place for connecting with others and nurturing these new relationships.  Look at a live event as an investment, not an expense – and make the decision to connect with at least 5 new potential partners at each event you attend.

4. Add Value

Remember, the core mindset of successful JV partnerships is make friends, add value.  Now you’ve made friends, but are you adding value?

Here’s how – even if you DON’T have a list…

Stop telling yourself you have no value to add.  Bring that whole conversation to a close.  It’s not real, it’s not you and it’s not supportive of what you’re here to do. You have something of value to offer others – everyone does.

Build your Rolodex of resources.  The people behind these new relationships are real people with real problems.  Like you, they’re looking for solutions.  So how can you help?  By building your Rolodex of amazing people, solutions and problem solvers and keep it top of mind for the perfect opportunity to be of service.  Think health coaches, web designers, relationship coaches, software and more.

(Bonus Tip: A great place to start is with trusted technical resources and vendors – the people you admire are ALL looking for the right “techy solutions” because they can be so hard to find!)

Give great advice.  Have you lost 50 pounds and kept it off?  Maybe mastered the art of getting a fussy 2-year old to sleep? You’ve solved many problems in your life – guaranteed.  Keep showing up and youwill have the opportunity to share your wisdom.  When it appears, claim it like a rock star and give freely.  Your potential partners will thank you – and remember you with gratitude.

Adopt the “How do I make myself more valuable” mindset. Your value to others grows as YOU grow.   If you truly desire to be of service in the world, adopting this mindset will teach you about yourself and your purpose in ways you may never have imagined.

And finally…

If you want to quickly attract attention of “bigger players,” adopt a give first strategy.   

Put yourself in the shoes of a busy successful entrepreneur. They are constantly being approached all day, every day with people trying to GET from them. When you give it’s really going to stand out. So put getting in the back seat (where it belongs) and focus on giving.

You can give to your new JV relationships by sending clients their way, even if you have a small community.  Nothing will get a partners attention faster than this – even if it’s just one or two people.

Why?  Because very few people are doing it!

Next time you want to get attention, try THIS approach:

“Thank you for all that you do.  I would love to support you.  Please let me know how I can share your work with the people in my world. I would love to support you even though my community is smaller than yours. How do I send clients your way?”

Give it a try and watch the magic unfold!