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How To Make 6 Figures Selling a “Soft And Fuzzy” Service

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One of the most common questions we receive here at Goddess Business School® is “How can I make great money if I’m NOT teaching other people how to make money?”

Maybe you, too, have wondered if providing transformation services like energy work, hands-on healing, pregnancy, fertility work or spiritual counseling was really a legitimate business model that could generate a substantial income.

The answer is yes!

The numbers don’t lie.  In the U.S. alone, the self-improvement market is worth an estimated $11 billion*.  That’s a lot of personal transformation going on… that your potential clients are already paying for.

So how can you effectively sell “soft and fuzzy” services and make great money doing so? These 4 tips will make all the difference:

 1. Loosen your grip.

Most conscious women entrepreneurs are deeply passionate about what they do. They’re on a mission to change their communities and the world. The problem arises when they adopt limiting beliefs about how their business should look.

If you insist on having your business be a certain way or you won’t be “in integrity,” or let a deep fear of having to do things you don’t really want to do (i.e., marketing, sales, charging for your gifts) run the show, you’ll never come close to what’s truly possible for you.

My challenge to you? Ditch this spiritual stubbornness and instead be open to the most effective ways of providing and packaging your service.  Focus on what your client WANTS and loosen your grip on how it all “looks” on the front end.

Warning: You know you’re stuck in spiritual stubbornness if you find yourself thinking or saying things like “[such-and-such] is not authentic for me” or accepting excuses for not taking action because “it didn’t feel right.”   That’s not authenticity, that’s resistance in disguise.

2.  Know the “front door” pain.

 If you want to stand out and get noticed in a saturated market, let your clients know you get them by being the solution to the most pressing top-of-mind problem or concern they REALLY face.

(Not what you WANT them to want – but what they really DO want!)

For example, most women are not walking around wishing they were “more of who they are really are.”   They may not even know that’s what they need!

Instead, they may be wondering why their relationship with their partner is going downhill and worry that if it continues, their marriage will end.

In order to reach the clients who will pay, start with their front door pain. Market first to what people want (relief from their immediate pain or problem) and then, once they are in your world, deliver what they need (the deeper transformation).

For more tips on how to identify your clear “front door” problem, check out this article.

3. Package your magic into a proprietary system, and create a program.

Even if you’re a generalist, even if your clients are different… you have a process that you lead others through.  Yes, really! (Hint: think of the things that your clients DO have in common, and the specific things you do with nearly every client.)

This is the start of your Proprietary Process – your transformation packaged into step-by-step process that is very desirable to your ideal clients.

When you organize your process into steps, you instantly create value for your clients because now they don’t have to figure it out themselves.  When you deliver those steps into a program (instead of “dollars for hours”), you’re now creating even more value because now you’re delivering an outcome, not just selling your time.   Clients invest in outcomes and results.

4. Language, language, language!

Transform soft and fuzzy words, into words of power and clarity. Be situationally specific – let them know you “get it” by describing in their experience in detail. And focus on being direct with your words while striving for pure clarity in your communication. The more clearly you are able to speak to your clients’ real life experience, the more successful you will be.

Ready for a super ninja marketing secret? Name your concepts and terms. No matter what or how you do it, you have a process in which you take people through to get to [X] result. Give it a title! Naming your concepts instantly elevates the value of the process and results you provide.

So what do these tips have in common? They all put your client first.

Ultimately, all conscious business owners are in the compassion business.

Put your client first and you’ll enroll more clients… and they’ll happily pay higher fees.

Put your client first and you’ll get to do what you love… while making phenomenal income.

(*Stats provided by Marketdata Enterprises, Inc.)

The #1 Secret To A Multi 6-Figure Income


I’m often asked if there’s a secret to creating 6-figures and then multi-6-figures and beyond.

The answer is a resounding YES.

In fact, of all the 6-figure business owners we’ve coached (and all those I’ve worked with as colleagues) have all discovered and applied this secret early on … and it’s still an integral part of their business model.

The secret is… start with a high-end offer.

It’s a common misconception that when you’re building a business you want to “start where you are” by providing your services at a reasonable rate and then gradually work your way into higher fees.

And in the online world, it’s also common to want to jump to more advanced strategies such as offering group programs. 

Both are costly mistakes.  If you want to make 6-figures and eventually multi-6 figures, packaging your 1-on-1 services in the right way is what you’ll need to do FIRST. Here’s why…

  1. High-end offers are the fastest path to cash.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. Quite simply, if you’re not making money, you don’t have a business. By definition a business exists to make money for it’s owner.

I know that doesn’t sound very sexy – for most conscious women entrepreneurs we prefer to look at our business as a vehicle for self expression, sharing our transformative gifts, or spreading our message and mission.

And that’s all great and true! But without cash flow none of that is possible.

You can’t give at your highest level when you’re constantly stressed about cash flow. On the other hand…

When you’re financially supported, your energy is freed up to work your magic and contribute in a bigger way. It enables you to give more.  

  1. You’ll make a lot more money in less of your time.

In the “regular” 1-on-1 model, it’s nearly impossible to make 6 figures… unless you want to work your tailfeathers off.

For example, let’s say you’re charging by the hour for single sessions. At $150 / hour, you would have to deliver over 650 sessions in a year to reach 6 figures.

That’s a LOT of sessions – plus you’d have to spend time filling those sessions.

Or let’s say you’re charging $400/ month for private coaching sessions – which many people consider pretty good money. You’d STILL have to attract and enroll over 40 clients and convince them to stick around for an entire 6 months each to cross the 6-figure mark.

And think just about the delivery on that! Early in my business this was a trap I fell into and it led me right into burnout and barely scraping by.

When you start with a high-end offer, it’s a different story.

Let’s say you create a 6-month high-end package and charge $5000 – a great starting point for most coaches, consultants and healers. Just 10 clients at this fee who renew for a second program creates a 6-figure income.

  1. You’ll get your mission out in a bigger way

As we mentioned above, high-end offers give you cash flow and time freedom, while working in an intensive way with a limited number of clients.

And it’s that time that enables you to develop the channels to eventually get your message out to a much bigger audience on a leveraged scale.

Say, for example, you want to develop a group program. In order to do that successfully you need to have content and a process that’s tested and proven.

When you start with high-end you get to develop and refine your process in real time with actual clients (and get paid to do it!) Plus you have the time to create your content, build your list, market your program etc.

  1. You’ll begin to think like a 6-figure business owner.

You may have heard me say that success in business is 90% managing your energy and just 10% execution.

Who you are BE-ing in your business is even more important than what you are doing.

High-end programs help you uplevel “how you BE.” You hold a different energy when you are working with a client at the $5k or $10k level than when you’re billing $150/hour.

Plus, high-end programs attract a different kind of client – a client who is fully invested in their transformation and has skin in the game. These kinds of clients get better results, which is super juicy for both of you.

If you want to create a 6-figure income, you need to start thinking like a 6-figure business owner.

The Secret To Fast Tracking Your Income Is…

… to NOT skip steps.

Of course, high-end programs are not the only strategy you will ever implement in your business. You will get to create those group programs and retreats and get clients online and all those things you want to offer.

But this is where you start. This is step one.

You have to make 6-figures before you can make multi-6-figures, and high-end programs are the shortest, fastest path to get there.

4 Best Practices To Engage Clients On Group Coaching Calls

Close up Young Office Woman Talking to Someone on her Mobile Phone While Looking Into the Distance with Happy Facial Expression.

Confession time…

I used to dread my group coaching calls.

I’ve lead groups for almost as long as I’ve been in business. These days, I get raves for my group calls. But starting out it was VERY uncomfortable.

There were long, awkward silences. Or just a few people on the line.

Or someone would come to a call and I would challenge them just slightly (in that apologetic, I-don’t-want-to-hurt-your-feelings coach-y way) …and POOF. Then they’d vanish, never to show up on a call again.

This set off a chain reaction of doubt and “WTF am I doing?” that sucked all the joy out of getting on the phone – which, as you can imagine, didn’t help. At all.

If you’ve ever tried your hand at group calls, I bet you can relate. And while it may be tempting to just avoid them altogether… this would be a big mistake.

A successful group program (especially a high-end group) requires more than just great content and a private Facebook group that you post in periodically. For your clients to get the big results, group calls are an essential part of the process.

And the way they are facilitated makes all the difference in whether or not your clients show up and get those results.

So here’s the big secret to group coaching calls …

Your clients are looking to you to BE the leader. To take the reigns and guide them – while making them comfortable and safe.

That starts with stepping into their experience, and the inquiry of what would be best for them.

Everything started to change for me when I asked myself the question: “What would really help my clients show up, stay engaged and get the best results from these calls?”

The answer led me to create a set of best practices or simple guidelines that I could share with my clients, to help them get the most from the call.

When I started giving these best practices in our Goddess Business School® calls, it totally changed the game. People started showing up for calls, they stayed engaged, they participated, and of course they got better results. And – juicy bonus – the calls became a LOT more fun to lead!

So would you like to know what they are? 🙂

Here are the 4 best practices that have turned my once awkward and dead into breakthrough-rich coaching calls that our clients happily show up for.

(NOTE: These work with just about any type of program; however, feel free to tweak them to your group by asking yourself the question above.)

  • Best Practice #1 – Come to the call with something you want coaching on.

How do you guarantee that people get value? By having them come with a very clear result in mind. Another way to phrase this is, “What’s the outcome you want to get from this call?”

Whether it’s a question, a challenge, or just a request for feedback, you want your peeps to be prepared to step forward with a specific breakthrough or outcome they want to create. This puts them in the role of active participant rather than passive observer.

It’s all about being intentional, which is a paradigm shift from what most women do which is hang back and wait to be called on (or hope not to be called on). Part of what they’re practicing in your program is taking action and doing something different, and this supports them in doing that. Plus, when you’re clear on what you want, you’re much more likely to get it.

  • Best Practice #2 – Be open to receiving what you’re here to hear.

I always tell my clients: “Whether you’re hearing my voice live or listening in later, it’s no accident that you’re here. There is a reason – something that you’re here to HEAR.”

I refer to these as the “Goddess Winks” – those messages that come through other people that are exactly what we needed to hear in that moment. (We’re all channels for the Divine 😉 )

This is also important because often what comes up on group coaching calls can be a little uncomfortable or confronting. This is true whether one is being coached themself or just listening to someone else’s coaching.

This can naturally kick up resistance or even have people check out completely. By staying open it’s much more likely your clients will be able to truly receive what they need in order to get the breakthrough they came for.

  • Best Practice #3 – Have something to write with and write on.  

This practice layers upon the previous ones in that it’s about being intentional and capturing the Goddess Winks.

Even though group coaching calls aren’t typically content-focused, there’s a TON of learning that happens in every coaching piece. On a well-facilitated call, your participants can get something out of everyone else’s coaching – in fact that’s one of the key benefits.

They’re there to get coaching and learning by way of the other participants, so you want them to be listening for that and capturing it, as it will enhance their results and growth in your program. Just the act of writing alone allows information to penetrate the brain at a much deeper level.

It’s also a great way to keep your participants engaged on the call. If they’re taking notes, they’re much less likely to be distracted by the email or Facebook or fiddling around with other projects. And engaged participants come back for more.

  • Best Practice #4 – End with an action step.

One of my favorite teachers, Eben Pagan, likes to say, “True learning equals a change in behavior.”

There is no transformation without action – i.e., doing something different. One of the best ways you can serve your peeps is by making sure they have action steps before they hang up the phone.

So at the end of the call, ask them what they’re taking away that’s of value and ask them to write down their action step. If time allows you can even ask a few people to share.

This also helps them become conscious of what they’re taking away from the call, which increases their perceived value of your calls and your program.

So how do you use these best practices in your calls?

Start by sharing them at the beginning of every call. Our Goddess Business School® calls are so successful in part because we say them every single time.

You can also include these in your program welcome information, in your call reminders and in your community forum. People learn through repetition, so you really can’t remind them enough.

Whatever you do, play around with these, have fun with them, and get ready to have a LOT more fun with your group calls!