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The Fastest Way To Grow Your Business When You’re New

So you’ve made the decision to start a transformational business – woohoo!

Now what?

If you look to the online marketing world, you’ll find people telling you all kinds of things you need to do: set up a website, build your list, build a Facebook funnel, etc. etc. etc.

All of these things can work well for you.  However, if you’re not careful they can end creating a ton of confusion and putting time and distance between you and what you really want and need first…  income.

I know because I’ve been there.

When I quit my job cold turkey (which by the way I do not recommend before doing what I’m about to share with you), I spent 2 years swirling in unclarity and chasing all the “shiny marketing objects”, all the while slipping further and further into debt without clients or income.

Finally I hit a wall and realized that if I truly wanted to HAVE a business, I needed to figure out the most important thing and that was how to get clients.

And the answer was really simple:

1. Create something for them
2. Get it in front of them
3. Ask them for the money!

Nothing happens until a sale is made.  So when you’re new, making those sales truly is the first and ONLY thing you need to focus on.  Everything else comes later.

So let’s break this down, step-by-step:

1. Make yourself attractive to clients

This is about what you do and who you do it for. Your first step is to choose a “who” and a “what”.   In other words, choose a specific problem to solve (your “what), and a specific type of person you can solve it for.

A lot of new entrepreneurs resist doing this because they’re trying to be everything to everyone.  But the fact is, clients are attracted to clarity.

Clients ALWAYS hire you to help them solve a specific problem or create a specific outcome.  Know who those clients are, and what you will do for them.

2. Create a simple package or program

Many newbies make the mistake of offering single sessions, under the false belief that they’ll be easier to “sell”.

However, what clients are really investing in are solutions… they want a solution to their problem.  A program takes people down a path toward an outcome.

Your first program doesn’t have to be perfect, but you do need to give people a path. You can start by sketching out a path that will lead your client to the outcome they want, then come up with one or two bits of content for each step along the way.  I recommend you keep it short and simple – a 90-day program is a great place to start.

3. Get in front of people

When they’re just starting out, everyone thinks they don’t have a list. But you actually DO have a list – it’s people you know!

In Goddess Business School® we teach our clients that when you solve a specific problem, everyone you know could either BE a client, or knows someone who could be a client.

All you need to do is share about the problem you solve and ask if there’s anyone they know who would benefit from that.

4. Have a conversation

Another common newbie mistake is giving away “sample sessions”, in other words giving someone a free taste of your services in hopes that they’ll want more.  If you’ve ever tried this you’ve probably realized it doesn’t work, and the reason why is it doesn’t lead people to a decision point.

Instead you want to have a very specific kind of conversation, one in which you listen deeply for what the person is struggling with, what they want, and how you can help them.

In Goddess Business School® we call these “transformational selling conversations” and there’s a whole art to them that goes beyond the scope of this article.

But you can actually get started with just 3 simple questions:

1. “When it comes to [the problem you solve], what are your biggest challenges?”
2. “So what do you want instead?”
3. “If I could show you how to get [what they want], would you like to hear more about it?”

In fact, many of our clients enrolled their first clients by using just these 3 questions.


So What’s KEY To Making This 3-Step System Work For You?

Don’t overthink!

The number one thing that bogs people down is getting caught up in perfection.  The most successful people take action, even imperfect action.

Imperfect action beats perfect in-action, every time.  You can tweak later, once you’ve got it going.

And once you have a steady flow clients and income, that’s a whole lot easier to do!

How To Make 6 Figures Selling a “Soft And Fuzzy” Service

Time to gossip. Two smiling and merry woman using tablet while sitting at the table and drinking coffee

One of the most common questions we receive here at Goddess Business School® is “How can I make great money if I’m NOT teaching other people how to make money?”

Maybe you, too, have wondered if providing transformation services like energy work, hands-on healing, pregnancy, fertility work or spiritual counseling was really a legitimate business model that could generate a substantial income.

The answer is yes!

The numbers don’t lie.  In the U.S. alone, the self-improvement market is worth an estimated $11 billion*.  That’s a lot of personal transformation going on… that your potential clients are already paying for.

So how can you effectively sell “soft and fuzzy” services and make great money doing so? These 4 tips will make all the difference:

 1. Loosen your grip.

Most conscious women entrepreneurs are deeply passionate about what they do. They’re on a mission to change their communities and the world. The problem arises when they adopt limiting beliefs about how their business should look.

If you insist on having your business be a certain way or you won’t be “in integrity,” or let a deep fear of having to do things you don’t really want to do (i.e., marketing, sales, charging for your gifts) run the show, you’ll never come close to what’s truly possible for you.

My challenge to you? Ditch this spiritual stubbornness and instead be open to the most effective ways of providing and packaging your service.  Focus on what your client WANTS and loosen your grip on how it all “looks” on the front end.

Warning: You know you’re stuck in spiritual stubbornness if you find yourself thinking or saying things like “[such-and-such] is not authentic for me” or accepting excuses for not taking action because “it didn’t feel right.”   That’s not authenticity, that’s resistance in disguise.

2.  Know the “front door” pain.

 If you want to stand out and get noticed in a saturated market, let your clients know you get them by being the solution to the most pressing top-of-mind problem or concern they REALLY face.

(Not what you WANT them to want – but what they really DO want!)

For example, most women are not walking around wishing they were “more of who they are really are.”   They may not even know that’s what they need!

Instead, they may be wondering why their relationship with their partner is going downhill and worry that if it continues, their marriage will end.

In order to reach the clients who will pay, start with their front door pain. Market first to what people want (relief from their immediate pain or problem) and then, once they are in your world, deliver what they need (the deeper transformation).

For more tips on how to identify your clear “front door” problem, check out this article.

3. Package your magic into a proprietary system, and create a program.

Even if you’re a generalist, even if your clients are different… you have a process that you lead others through.  Yes, really! (Hint: think of the things that your clients DO have in common, and the specific things you do with nearly every client.)

This is the start of your Proprietary Process – your transformation packaged into step-by-step process that is very desirable to your ideal clients.

When you organize your process into steps, you instantly create value for your clients because now they don’t have to figure it out themselves.  When you deliver those steps into a program (instead of “dollars for hours”), you’re now creating even more value because now you’re delivering an outcome, not just selling your time.   Clients invest in outcomes and results.

4. Language, language, language!

Transform soft and fuzzy words, into words of power and clarity. Be situationally specific – let them know you “get it” by describing in their experience in detail. And focus on being direct with your words while striving for pure clarity in your communication. The more clearly you are able to speak to your clients’ real life experience, the more successful you will be.

Ready for a super ninja marketing secret? Name your concepts and terms. No matter what or how you do it, you have a process in which you take people through to get to [X] result. Give it a title! Naming your concepts instantly elevates the value of the process and results you provide.

So what do these tips have in common? They all put your client first.

Ultimately, all conscious business owners are in the compassion business.

Put your client first and you’ll enroll more clients… and they’ll happily pay higher fees.

Put your client first and you’ll get to do what you love… while making phenomenal income.

(*Stats provided by Marketdata Enterprises, Inc.)

The #1 Secret To A Multi 6-Figure Income


I’m often asked if there’s a secret to creating 6-figures and then multi-6-figures and beyond.

The answer is a resounding YES.

In fact, of all the 6-figure business owners we’ve coached (and all those I’ve worked with as colleagues) have all discovered and applied this secret early on … and it’s still an integral part of their business model.

The secret is… start with a high-end offer.

It’s a common misconception that when you’re building a business you want to “start where you are” by providing your services at a reasonable rate and then gradually work your way into higher fees.

And in the online world, it’s also common to want to jump to more advanced strategies such as offering group programs. 

Both are costly mistakes.  If you want to make 6-figures and eventually multi-6 figures, packaging your 1-on-1 services in the right way is what you’ll need to do FIRST. Here’s why…

  1. High-end offers are the fastest path to cash.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. Quite simply, if you’re not making money, you don’t have a business. By definition a business exists to make money for it’s owner.

I know that doesn’t sound very sexy – for most conscious women entrepreneurs we prefer to look at our business as a vehicle for self expression, sharing our transformative gifts, or spreading our message and mission.

And that’s all great and true! But without cash flow none of that is possible.

You can’t give at your highest level when you’re constantly stressed about cash flow. On the other hand…

When you’re financially supported, your energy is freed up to work your magic and contribute in a bigger way. It enables you to give more.  

  1. You’ll make a lot more money in less of your time.

In the “regular” 1-on-1 model, it’s nearly impossible to make 6 figures… unless you want to work your tailfeathers off.

For example, let’s say you’re charging by the hour for single sessions. At $150 / hour, you would have to deliver over 650 sessions in a year to reach 6 figures.

That’s a LOT of sessions – plus you’d have to spend time filling those sessions.

Or let’s say you’re charging $400/ month for private coaching sessions – which many people consider pretty good money. You’d STILL have to attract and enroll over 40 clients and convince them to stick around for an entire 6 months each to cross the 6-figure mark.

And think just about the delivery on that! Early in my business this was a trap I fell into and it led me right into burnout and barely scraping by.

When you start with a high-end offer, it’s a different story.

Let’s say you create a 6-month high-end package and charge $5000 – a great starting point for most coaches, consultants and healers. Just 10 clients at this fee who renew for a second program creates a 6-figure income.

  1. You’ll get your mission out in a bigger way

As we mentioned above, high-end offers give you cash flow and time freedom, while working in an intensive way with a limited number of clients.

And it’s that time that enables you to develop the channels to eventually get your message out to a much bigger audience on a leveraged scale.

Say, for example, you want to develop a group program. In order to do that successfully you need to have content and a process that’s tested and proven.

When you start with high-end you get to develop and refine your process in real time with actual clients (and get paid to do it!) Plus you have the time to create your content, build your list, market your program etc.

  1. You’ll begin to think like a 6-figure business owner.

You may have heard me say that success in business is 90% managing your energy and just 10% execution.

Who you are BE-ing in your business is even more important than what you are doing.

High-end programs help you uplevel “how you BE.” You hold a different energy when you are working with a client at the $5k or $10k level than when you’re billing $150/hour.

Plus, high-end programs attract a different kind of client – a client who is fully invested in their transformation and has skin in the game. These kinds of clients get better results, which is super juicy for both of you.

If you want to create a 6-figure income, you need to start thinking like a 6-figure business owner.

The Secret To Fast Tracking Your Income Is…

… to NOT skip steps.

Of course, high-end programs are not the only strategy you will ever implement in your business. You will get to create those group programs and retreats and get clients online and all those things you want to offer.

But this is where you start. This is step one.

You have to make 6-figures before you can make multi-6-figures, and high-end programs are the shortest, fastest path to get there.

Why We’re A Stand For 6-Figures

A few weeks ago, I came across an article in my Facebook feed, calling out coaches and mentors who teach “how to create 6-figures.”  Which we do, at Goddess Business School®.

The article really made me think.

I’ve been in this industry for a while, now – since 2008.

The “6-figures” message has gone in and out of style.

When it’s in style, it’s a cliché.  “Make 6-figures and change your life!”  I’ve often been coached by my mentors to ditch the message because it’s so overused.

Meanwhile, for every “Make 6-figures!” coach… there are the people who call them out on the carpet for everything from making big promises they can’t keep, to funneling all of their clients through the same “blueprint,” to pushing an agenda that’s more about money and ego than impact.

“6-figures” is a number that people kinda love to hate.

Now, truth be told – the naysaying lands with me.  I hear it.  And I feel the frustration of the “anti-6-figure” crowd.  (“Anti-6-figure” being too simplistic, of course, but for simplicity’s sake.)

Nonetheless, when I created Goddess Business School®, nearly 8 years ago… I chose the “how to make 6-figures” positioning (and designed our program to deliver that outcome) very intentionally and deliberately.

And I take a strong stand for 6-figures, to this day.

At Goddess Business School®, we believe, hand-to-heart, that your 6-figure income breakthrough matters.  Here’s why.

1. You’re financially supported. 6-figures certainly doesn’t go as far as it used to. But it’s fair to say that, barring unusual circumstances (8 kids, anyone?) one can have their basic financial needs covered – and then some – on a 6-figure income.

In other words, at 6-figures, you’re starting to make some real money – money for things above and beyond your basic living expenses like self-care, vacations, education fund, saving for the future, etc.

Provided that you’re managing that money well, with a 6-figure income you are firmly OUT of wondering how you’re going to pay your bills.  Your energy is freed up to focus on what matters.

2. You’re reaching your people. What I’m about to say may trigger you, but here is what I know after working with hundreds of women over the years:

If your business is not at 6-figures or higher, you are not having much of an impact… yet.

No question that your work can change lives!  But it’s not changing many lives… yet.

We all know that money is NOT the end-all, be-all!  But in the transformation fields (coaching, healing, workshop facilitation, etc), it’s a fantastic measurement for the impact you’re having.  You have to be reaching and helping a certain number of people, either directly or indirectly (through your clients) in order to receive that income.

3. Who you BECOME in the process.  As the saying goes, what got you here won’t get you there. 6-figures as a self-employed person requires entirely different ways of thinking, acting and BE-ing than what you need in the 9-to-5.  And that’s a great thing.

There’s a reason they say being an entrepreneur is the best personal development curriculum on the planet!

So much of creating a thriving business is about the inner game – and when you reach that milestone you know you’ve worked through some stuff and come out shining.

4. It’s the first step to creating something greater than yourself. One way to create lasting impact is through legacy – what we create that lasts longer than ourselves and touches the lives of so many more than we could reach on our own.

You may never want to create a multi-6-figure business or 7-figure business, and that’s fine.  (Your path is YOUR path.)

But if you DO feel called to “go big or go home”… 6-figures is your first step to whatever your endgame is.

5. Because it’s really possible. Fact is, it’s really not that much harder to make 6-figures than $25k.  Yes, creating a 6-figure a business is hard work at times, but if you’re going to be working hard, why not do it for more money than less?

And the great news is, it doesn’t have to be hard.  The main reason people DO end up working too hard is because they don’t have systems and structures in place – like the ones we teach in Goddess Business School®.

When you have those systems, making great money can actually be easy.   (We have GBS graduates who make 6-figures and multi 6-figures in 20 hours a week.)

Money may not be the end-all, be-all… but it will always be important.  We believe that having more money in the hands of women who are modeling generosity, compassion, service and personal mastery is going to go a long way toward healing the money wounds of the collective.

And that starts with a thriving business – 6-figures in income and impact.

Are you ready for 6-figure breakthrough? Join us for a special LIVE training where I’ll share the proven path to creating a thriving 6-figure business without burning out or giving up your life!  Your 6-Figure Impact: Why Now Is The Time To Create A Thriving Business That Changes Lives

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Which Of These “Money Leaks” Do You Need To Clean Up? (Part 1)

One thing that keeps so many women stuck in a pattern of playing small, working too hard, and on the edge financially is poor boundaries with money,  or what I call “Money Leaks.”

???????????????????????Money Leaks are those places where you’re allowing money to literally slip through the cracks.  They come from outdated beliefs like“I’m not worthy” or “there’s never enough.”

The great news is, cleaning up even a few of these leaks can have a huge positive impact on your time, your energy, your ability to create freedom in your business, and (of course!) your cash flow.

As always, change begins with awareness.  First you have to spot the leaks, then take empowered action to clean them up.

In this 2-part series, we’ll look at the 10 most common Money Leaks that affect conscious women entrepreneurs.  Let’s start with 1-5:

1.  Not paying yourself regularly.

When you don’t pay yourself, say “I can’t afford it,” “There’s no money left” or anything else that puts you last, you’re sending the message to the Divine that you don’t deserve to receive any of the money you’ve created.  And that will continue to be your experience.

In order to receive more, you must allow yourself to receive what you already have.  So no matter what you’re making now, put a date on your calendar that is your personal payday, starting today.

I know what you may be thinking:  “There’s not enough money coming in to pay myself regularly.”

Yes, you do.  Start small – even if it’s just five dollars!  The amount doesn’t matter.  The action does.

2.   Clients who drain you. 

We’ve all had the experience of working with less-than-ideal clients.  They’re a huge drain on your time and energy, making them one of the biggest money leaks out there.  Yet why do we take on these clients in the first place?  A fear of not having money!

Every client you take on takes up energetic space in your world, and your energy fuels your prosperity.  So there’s a tremendous cost to working with clients who drain you.

Never take on a client who you intuitively know is not a fit because you “need the money.”  They will cost you far MORE in lost time, energy and opportunities than they could ever pay you.   If you’re suffering under clients who drain you now, it’s time to put the boundaries in place – even if that means letting them go.

3.  Clients who owe you money. 

This money leak occurs when you don’t have a clear payment policy in writing before your work begins, including a process for exactly what happens when a payment declines.

Clients who owe you money require a conversation that will call on your courage.  Instead of avoiding, stand in your power and address the situation head on.  Then put your payment policies in writing so that expectations are clear from the get-go.

4.  Discounting. 

Discounting services because you’re afraid someone won’t hire you is lack-based thinking.  It’s a huge money leak for conscious women entrepreneurs, and does your clients a disservice.

People value what they pay for, so the act of investing in the transformation through your services is a statement of commitment.  When you discount, you take that opportunity away and diminish the value exchange for both you and your client.

Remove ‘discount’ from your vocabulary, starting today!   If you are offering a “fast action” or “empowered decision” savings as an incentive for clients to make a decision, use the word “savings” or “incentive.”

And the next time someone asks for a discount, simply decline. You can say, “I’m sorry, I’m unable to do that.”    No other explanation is needed!

5. Low Fees.

Low fees are literally a money leak!   The simplest, easiest and fastest way to start making more money without working harder is raise your fees.  And the key to raising your fees is to be really clear and connected to the value of the results you provide.

When you truly own the value of your work, raising your fees loses its charge for you. And when it loses it’s charge for you, the higher fee stops having the charge for your clients as well.

Your clients are always a beautiful mirror for what’s going on with you energetically, and you’re automatically going to start to attract better clients once you gain confidence in your higher fees. Go here for tips on how to gracefully raise your fees without losing your best clients.

I’ve got 5 more money leaks to share in Part 2 of this article.  For now, my coach’s challenge to you is to see how many of these money leaks you can clean up in a single week!

Which Money Leak do you have the most resistance to?  Clean up that leak first.   Notice how you feel (hint: it’s going to feel awesome), then notice what happens to your income, in even a short period of time.

What Are Your Money Rituals?

As a priestess, of course I’m big on rituals.  I love the intentional action, the connection to Divine and, of course, the magic that results.  There is no more powerful way to shift one’s consciousness than throughintentional ritual.

??????????????????????????I say “intentional” very, well, intentionally, because while we all have rituals (habits is another word for them), most of them are unconscious.   Especially around money.

The bills paid late – or never opened.  The purchases made on autopilot.   The unawareness around current balances.  For women especially, unconsciousness around money masks feelings of unworthiness, deep shame and more.

And how does all that money neglect show up in the outer world?   As with any relationship, your relationship with money needs attention in order to thrive.   Money not attended to will NOT stick around!

When the money drama starts, most women think that the solution is to just make more money.  But until you start giving money loving, conscious attention, any money you make will right out the door again.

The solution?  Money Rituals: simple, intentional, habitual actions to bring you out of unconsciousness and into a loving, supportive relationship with your money.

Here are my top Money Rituals that can powerfully impact the flow of money in your life, through consistent, deliberate and loving attention.

  • Track all of the money that comes in.  (Daily) – The guideline here is that it all counts. Whether it’s your spouse’s income, a gift, a surprise savings on something, it’s ALL money coming into your life and needs to be included.
  • Track all of your expenses. (Daily) – You need to know what’s going out, and this can also help you spot patterns that you may decide you want to shift.
  • File your bills (Daily) – Don’t leave them lying around! This creates money clutter, which blocks the flow and space through which money can come in.
  • Pay yourself first (Weekly) – This is mission critical, even if it’s just a small amount to start. Decide on an amount and frequency, whether it’s weekly or biweekly, that you can meet consistently and just do it!
  • Review your bills (Weekly)  Before you pay, make sure they’re correct.
  • Pay your bills (Weekly) – Many women feel dread around this.  Instead, I invite you to make a ritual out of it. Bless the money, bless the service/experience/value/items that you received in exchange for your money, and most of all, allow yourself to feel gratitude that it’s in your life.
  • Review bank balances and credit card balances (Weekly)
  • Balance your checking accounts (Monthly)
  • Check in with taxes (Monthly) – Keep a current estimate of your income to determine if you need to set money aside.
  • Check in on your Lifestyle Money Goal, or set a new goal (Monthly) – How much money do you need to be bringing in to support your essential needs and allow you to enjoy the life you desire? Set money goals and hold yourself accountable to them through aligned action.

These actions can feel extremely uncomfortable at first – usually because there is some shame underneath. Be courageous and stick with these practices!  They will get easier over time, and you’ll be amazed at what a difference these simple actions make in the amount of money you’ll make, keep and enjoy in your life.

At the end of the day, your relationship with money is really a reflection of your relationship with yourself.  And that always deserves loving attention.

5 Planning Steps To Guarantee Your Cash Flow

I see it all the time… an entrepreneur sets an intention at the beginning of the year to create a certain amount of income. In January, she’s excited for her money breakthrough; by March she’s stressed out, flying by the seat of her pants, looking for clients (instead of attracting them) and feeling slightly desperate. What’s going on?

cashflow175Visioning, setting intentions and goals are all important to the creation process, but without a plan, your chances of success are slim. Problem is, many women get overwhelmed by the planning process and confused by all the seemingly endless detail that goes into creating a marketing calendar.

The solution? Let go of perfection and stick to my simple, streamlined process that helps you fill your programs and practically guarantees your cash flow.

Step 1: Choose your Lifestyle Money Goal for the year

First things first: decide how much money you want to make! Seems obvious, right? Yet so many spiritual entrepreneurs skip this step. Don’t leave your income to chance! Consciously choosing puts YOU in the driver’s seat.

Your Lifestyle Money Goal should be a stretch and something you can believe in. To truly set yourself up for success in 2015 and the years to come, choose a goal that stretches you outside of your comfort zone and requires you to step into a new way of thinking and being in your business.

Bonus tip: Also decide on a bold list building goal. Remember that your list represents your future impact and income, so it’s important to give lots of attention to growing your list every year.

Step 2: Choose your time off

Most entrepreneurs “barrel through” the year, allowing for little or no time off. But a packed schedule will squelch your creativity and leave you feeling drained and exhausted. Remember, you’re designing your business to fit your life… so put your life first by scheduling the time off you need to relax and recharge.

Here’s another reason why putting your time off first will pull you forward: like a Lifestyle Money Goal, making the commitment to honoring your time off will mean acting and being in your business from a whole different place – one that allows for business success and honors your needs as a Feminine Leader.

Step 3: Plan your high ticket offers

This is it – the secret to guaranteeing your cash flow and ending the cycle of chasing after the next client. Start by creating a high-end program and plan on filling a number of spots all at once. Using this strategy will boost your confidence and create some much-needed “breathing room” for other projects, so you’re not constantly worried about where your cash is coming from.

Step 4: Fill in the gaps to set yourself up for high-end success

Once you have your high-ticket offers set, you’ll have some gaps to fill. Here’s where you schedule lower price point programs such as information products and teleseminars. Choose offers that support your big paydays, such as a teleseminar series that would make a good “lead in” to your private coaching, or a listbuilding campaign.

Step 5: Include systematic listbuilding

Listbuilding may not be as exciting as filling a program with new clients, but systematically building your list throughout the year will ensure your future cash flow. Be sure to include 2-4 listbuilding activities every year, such as a free teleseminar, a new free gift giveaway, or speaking engagements where you can collect new leads.

With these 5 steps in place to form a solid roadmap, you then get to show up in your business day to day and focus on what you do best – creating awesome content and transformation for your peeps!


20+ Ways To Make An Extra $10k Before The Year Ends (Or Any Other Time!)

One of the most common questions I hear from our clients this time of year is, “Is December a good month to launch my program, or are people all checked out for the holidays?”

nj115-5a77423e-dff2-4eab-9a92-8909707c5a68-v2The answer: Contrary to what you might think, the holidays are the perfect time to activate new business.  Here’s why:

  • Money is flowing.   This is the busiest shopping season of the year, which means you’re part of a conversation that isalready happening.  If people are buying presents for others, it’s only a short leap for them to invest in themselves, too.
  • New year, new beginnings.  Your most high-achieving clients will be thinking about lining up coaches, mentors and teachers (like you!) to support their success in the new year.

All this means that you have the opportunity to make December one of your best income months of the year, while being of service in the highest way.

So how will YOU create an income breakthrough in December?  Make a clear decision on the amount of money you wish to make, then decide the “how” using these proven ideas as a starting point:

  1. Make a juicy Breakthrough Session offer to your list (limit the time to apply and number of spots available)
  1. Pre-sell a teleseminar course, homestudy program or group 1-Day Intensive and include a 30-minute Breakthrough session with you (perfect for making a high-end offer)
  1. Have a holiday sale of any homestudy courses, past teleseminars or recordings you have  (hint: include trainings “hiding on your hard drive” – not currently available on your site – and make them available for that sale only)
  1. Open up just 1-2 spots for high-end private mentoring/coaching with you (6 months or 12 months)
  1. Create and offer a quick 30-60 day program, to start at the beginning of the year (include a special bonus session or ½ 1-Day intensive as a bonus for clients who sign up early)
  1. Make an offer for limited 1-Day intensive spots, focused on a specific topic that solves a pressing problem for your peeps
  1. Offer a 1-Day intensive workshop, either in person or virtual (again, focused on a specific pressing problem)
  1. Reach out to past teleseminar, group or workshop clients and offer a 1-Day intensive or shorter program
  1. Raise your fees!
  1. Go to all of your clients on payment plans and give them a special bonus or savings for bringing their accounts current
  1. Collect all unpaid money still owed to you by past clients
  1. Offer a juicy bonus for clients who pay in full (versus payments)
  1. Partner with a colleague who offers a complimentary service; offer a free Breakthrough Session to all of their current or past clients (a well-known mentor followed this strategy to launch her business with no list and no website; she was booked 2.5 months in advance selling dozens of her $2k program)
  1. Offer a ½ day training for a small group, paid now and delivered in the new year
  1. Let your current clients know you’re opening spots for 1-3 new clients and ask for referrals (you’d love to serve clients just like them)
  1. Invite friends, colleagues and clients to your home or office for an intimate 1-day event and make a private Platinum offer (one of my clients created a 5-figure payday by implementing this strategy)
  1. Call past and current clients to present an additional service, such as a 1-Day intensive or ½ day group workshop
  1. Call past and current clients and make a “first dibs” offer on your latest program or teleseminar course
  1. Call at least 5 of your colleagues or mastermind partners and let them know you’re accepting referrals
  1. Host a teleseminar right after Christmas and before New Year’s (when things have slowed down, peeps are just chilling and getting caught up – they’re paying attention!); offer Breakthrough sessions or a new program
  1. Follow up with all potential client inquiries from the past 90 days and offer your latest program
  1. Follow up with everyone you’ve met at an event or networking meeting in the past 90 days; make them an offer or ask for a referral

Remember, the best time to get new clients is when YOU want. While there are natural ebbs and flows in the calendar year, the perfect time to launch a program, product or service is when YOU decide, not what you think the calendar dictates.

Making the decision to hold off on your launch because you think “it’s slow right now” or “people aren’t buying” is a great way to give up your power or hold yourself back based on misleading or “grapevine” information.

Fact is, when you make a firm decision to create a certain amount of income, the money is always there.

So, as you were reading that list, which one of those jumped out at you as a really cool idea to implement?  My coach’s request is for you to take action on it NOW, instead of waiting.  You can do this!

My Favorite (And Fastest) Six-Figure Strategies

All solo businesses go through different stages.

There’s the beginning stage, otherwise known as “taking the leap” or “OMG am I really going to do this crazy thing?!”

money treeThen there’s what I affectionately call the blundering-around-trying-to-find-your-way stage, a.k.a. “I’m not sure what I do or who I do it for” (lots of experimenting and course-correcting here)…

Then there’s the “chugging along” stage. You’ve begun to hit your stride, you’re starting to make money… hey, this “crazy thing” just might work! You hang out there for a while because, well, things are good.

And that’s when you nudge up against the sick-and-tired-of-being-at-the-same-level stage. You’re getting restless. The desire for expansion, what Wallace Wattles of Science Of Getting Rich fame calls “more life,” hits… and it’s time to step it up to the next level of income, impact and satisfaction.

I love that stage because it’s such a gift. That tug on your heart is your invitation to make the all-or-nothing decision to break through to a 6-figure income and impact.

The great news is, once you reach this point, you’re not starting from scratch! You’ve been going for a while, so chances are you have everything you need to make the transition quickly and gracefully, with just a few simple actions.

1. Tighten up your niche. Moving to your next level quickly (as opposed to the long and slow road) requires that you focus on a specific problem that people are motivated to invest in to get solved. This means releasing any attachment you may have to your process of deep transformation and getting really focused on what your clients want. Now is the perfect time to look at your niche again, to hone and refine. Are you thinking like a client would? How would they describe the problem you solve?

2. Transition to several levels of service, including a high-end offering. To create 6-figures in your business requires you to stop giving away all of your time in 1-on-1 sessions and instead transition to offering service at different levels of investment and availability. Your 1-on-1 time goes at the highest level, in a premium or high-end service such as a high-end program or private 1-day intensive.

3. Raise your fees. Once you’ve transitioned to different service levels, thinking in terms of “dollars for hours” and pricing your services at a low hourly rate simply doesn’t work. Instead, get very connected to the value of your new packages and price accordingly – in other words, raise your fees!

One of my favorite exercises for this is to make a list of at least 30 results that are possible for your clients when they work with you. This will force you to get very specific and will keep you connected to all the ways you positively impact your clients’ lives.

4. Systematically grow your list. Now that you’ve repositioned, repackaged and re-priced your services to support more people, it’s time to reach more people. Create a campaign to increase your list, including a clear goal (25% is a good number to start) and a “by when” date (shoot for 30-60 days). One way to do this is to create a new irresistible free offer and launch it as you would a new program, using social media and your current peeps to get the word out.

Remember, growing your business means growing yourself. (Entrepreneurship is not known as “the best personal development course on the planet” for nothing.)

Simple as they may be, these actions are bound to push a few of your buttons. And that’s okay. Think of them as stepping up to a whole new level of service and creating value for your clients – which they are!

3 Secret Reasons Why Clients Say “I Can’t Afford It”

So there you are, on the phone with your latest potential client.  You’ve had a transformative conversation.  You both know that working with you is the best next step for them, so you make the offer of your services. And then it comes… “I’d love to, but… I just don’t have the finances right now.” 
Uh oh – the door of possibility has been slammed shut by the money concern. Or has it? 

Many conscious women coaches, mentors and practitioners hear concerns like “I can’t afford it” and take them at face value.  And of course you don’t want to be pushy or try to get your client to do something against their best interest.  But here’s the problem… most of the time (think 80-90%), the words 

“I can’t afford it…” 
“I don’t have time…” 
“I have to think about it…” 
… are a smokescreen. 
So there’s something else going on, and it’s one of 3 things. 
1. It’s not a fit.  They truly don’t need what you have right now.  This one is pretty unlikely, especially if you’ve gotten to the point in the conversation where you’re making an invitation. (Indeed, you wouldn’t be making it in the first place if it wasn’t a fit, right?) But it happens. 
2. They haven’t seen the value – yet.  In other words, they don’t really know why they need it, or why they should invest with you.  That doesn’t mean that they don’t need you, just that they don’t understand how what you do will help relieve pain or solve a pressing challenge that they are experiencing – yet. 🙂  (Closely related: they don’t know why they should invest with you right now.) 
3. Some form of fear.  Now this is the biggie.  Stepping up, going out on a limb, making a powerful shift – even when your client sincerely wants to change her life, it’s still going to trigger fear.  That part of her that wants the safety of the status quo will kick in – you can count on it. 
And then there are other fears: fear of turning you down, fear that they can’t get the results, fear of not being liked, fear of being judged… the fears go on and on. 
So how do you uncover the REAL issue… without being pushy?  The answer is to get curious, stay detached, and ask questions. 
When your client is standing at the threshold of changing their life, their “squishymind” is doing everything in its power to sabotage them.  They need you to take a strong stand for their truth. 
And this is soooo important, because when people give into their fear, they miss out getting your help to get what they really want.  And you miss out on – literally – thousands and thousands of dollars in income over time… not to mention living your purpose. 
The Next Time You Hear “I Can’t Afford It,” Try This Script… 
“I hear that [finances, time, etc] is a concern for you. May I ask you a question about that?” 
People are rarely challenged when they bring up the money concern.  You’re going into uncomfortable territory when you bypass the socially acceptable move.  So before going there, you want to be respectful.  Otherwise, you may lose your potential client’s trust (and the sale). 
At this point, you want to find out if it’s really about the money.  If it’s about value, back up in the conversation and return to their problem and the cost of not getting it solved.  If it’s truly about the money, you can refer them to someone else, or help them find the money. 
nj115-88c2faba-7dcf-4c23-a9a7-7e6971e599f4-v2It’s easy to take “I can’t afford it” personally or break the tension to ease some discomfort.  But remember, this conversation is about your client’s decision to truly change their life.  By not buying into their excuses, you take a strong stand for them and empower them to make a different choice, the next step along their journey to health, wealth and happiness.