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We believe that awakening conscious women are ready to be rich.

We believe that the world is HUNGRY for new models of wealth, power, influence and success, and that conscious women entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to be the new living examples what it means to make money with integrity.

Imagine the ripple effect if more women around the world decided they were going to create more income so they could have more impact.

Imagine being among transformational coaches, practitioners and healers who have all given themselves permission to make PHENOMENAL money for their gifts.

This is the promise of Goddess Business School®

And this is exactly what’s happened for our clients – hundreds of conscious women entrepreneurs around the globe ­– over the past 8 years.

Goddess Business School® is a 6-month online video-based mentoring program with one core purpose: to hand you the proven path to create a sustainable, 6-figure transformational business that serves YOU and your lifestyle as much as it serves the world. 

It’s the perfect program for conscious business owners who want the shortcuts to go from startup to 6-figures and beyond, on their own terms.

Our past clients have grown into some of the most successful transformational leaders around the world.


There are three primary reasons:

Reason #1 – Results

Our clients have used what they learned in Goddess Business School® to create big income breakthroughs and time freedom. You get a proven step-by-step system that gives you everything you need to create a sustainable 6-figure business, in the right order, without burning out or giving up your life.

Reason #2 – Manifestation and Personal Mastery Training

Your business will only grow to the extent that YOU do.  That’s why we include the Feminine Leadership, manifestation and personal mastery training that is essential to your success. Our clients often refer to it as the “secret sauce” that’s allowed them to magnetize clients, opportunities and income. Without this, even the best marketing strategies in the world won’t take you very far.

Reason #3 – Unparalleled Support

Our program is one of only trainings of its kind that includes private 1-1 coaching PLUS direct access to your mentor throughout the program.  You get our eyes on your business, so you can avoid costly mistakes and missteps, and have the support an accountability you need to take action and create real results.

Imagine, in only 6 months you will have the tools and knowledge to create $8,000-$10,000+ in your business – consistently – while making an impact AND enjoying your life!

We believe that conscious entrepreneurship is one of the most rewarding paths you can choose… not just because of the opportunity it provides to create financial freedom while impacting lives, but because of who you get to become in the process.

In Goddess Business School, you have full permission to claim your YES…

  • YES to creating great income doing what you love
  • YES to your ideal lifestyle including more time with your family and the people, causes and activities you care about
  • YES to expanding your reach and growing your circle
  • YES to your next level of visibility, credibility and leadership
  • YES to growing and expanding personally at an exhilarating pace, while nourishing yourself along the way
  • YES to the ideal clients who truly need you (your people!)
  • YES to making the difference you’re truly here to make
  • YES to growing into a shining example of what it means to be a spiritual, giving human being AND financially successful

Ready to Discover the Proven Path
To A 6-Figure Business You Love?


lisa pageIn first two months, I’ve brought in $19,220. (In part-time hours.)

I’m also doing more of what I love OUTSIDE my business, including taking my son on a holiday to New York. (I’m typing this from my hotel room as we speak!)

While I’m truly grateful for the additional income, it’s not just about the money. It’s about creating programmes for my clients that truly serve and satisfy them, that give them results way beyond what they’ve invested, whilst giving me the personal fulfilment, financial abundance and time freedom I’ve been looking for.

Lisa Page |

carolyn-hauser“From $4k per month to $500k in a year!”

When I first came across Elizabeth I was stuck at about $4000 per month with 1-1 sessions, and starting from zero every month. Within the first month of joining Goddess Business School®, I was able to almost double that, and I made $18,000 within my first two months of the program.  I went on to create a 6-figure business within 6 months, and last year I made my next big leap to $500k (and growing)! Elizabeth’s approach brings both to the table – the inner work and the strategy that it really takes to be successful – it’s like magic!

Carolin Hauser |

lisa michaels“I crossed the 6-figure mark!”

Within 30 days, I’d created over $10,000 – and that was just the start. Within 90 days, my launches brought in over $40,000 combined,  and it wasn’t long before I crossed the six-figure mark.  Goddess Business School® gave me some key pieces I had been searching for to take my business to the next level. I finally feel like I have the tools and training that is making a difference. Thank you Elizabeth!

Lisa Michaels |

About Your Mentor

0054Elizabeth Purvis

Elizabeth Purvis is a mentor to thousands of conscious women entrepreneurs around the world, teaching them how to price, package and market their services so they create extraordinary income and impact.

Elizabeth created her first 6-figure income in under 6 months as a certified coach, then went on to create a total of nearly 2 million in revenue in just 4 years.  Using her systems, Elizabeth’s clients and students have achieved phenomenal results, including quadrupling their incomes in just a few short weeks, multiple 5-figure launches, launching and filling their own high-end programs, and more.

Above all, Elizabeth is a stand for the creative and financial empowerment of women through conscious entrepreneurship.  She is dedicated to creating a world where conscious women are the new models for wealth, influence, power and success.

If you’re ready for a totally unique, well-designed mentorship experience to help you take the fast track to creating your next level of income and impact… to align your spirit with the energy of money so you can experience true abundance while being a model for others to do the same… you’re in exactly the right place.

Our commitment at Goddess Business School® is to give you the training, coaching, strategy and loving support you need to succeed, so that years from now, you’ll look back on your experience as one of the best decisions you’ve ever made in your business and your life.

Ready to Discover the Proven Path
To A 6-Figure Business You Love?