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Monthly Archives: May 2015

How To Choose Your Next Business Mentoring Program

So you’re ready to hire a business mentor… congrats!   It’s a huge step, because investing in yourself and your business is absolutely critical to your success.

But now what?

Handshake of two womenThe great news is there are a ton of mentors and programs to choose from. And the bad news is… there are a ton of mentors and programs to choose from.

There are a lot of people out there promising that they can take you and your business to the moon and back.   But with such a big and important investment on the line, how do you evaluate who can actually deliver on those promises, and how do you arrive at the right program for you?

Fortunately, that decision can become very clear when you follow this 10-part checklist:

1. Are YOU ready to take 100% responsibility for your results?

There’s no point in hiring a mentor if you’re not.

A mentor isn’t going to replace what it is that you ultimately need to do for yourself. They can show youwhat to do, but the bottom line is that you’re who is responsible for doing it and for creating the results in your life.

2. What’s the outcome you want to create?

At Goddess Business School®, we call this the magic question.

Are you just starting out and you want to get your first clients?   Do you know that 6-figures is part of your path and you want to set the foundation?  Or have you been at it a while and you’re ready to make the leap into 6-figures?  When you’re clear on your outcome, you’ve just narrowed the playing field to those programs that truly deliver that outcome.

3. What’s the experience you wish to have?

There are big programs and there are 1-1 programs. There are programs with live events or in-person communities and programs you can do virtually.

What kind of an experience do you desire, and what does your lifestyle require right now? Do you want to be one in a big crowd, or do you prefer the intimacy of personal support? These are important considerations when choosing your program.

4. Does the mentor have the results?

This may seem like a basic question, but there are a lot of mentors out there are talking a big game but who haven’t actually done what they profess to teach.

The experience and track record of the mentor is an important factor. Even if they are just a few steps ahead of you, you want to be sure they have actually created the result the are going to be teaching you, preferably over and over.

5. Does the program deliver the results?

How are their past clients doing, and are there great testimonials?   What are past clients saying about the content?  You can’t necessarily get a sample of the content before you step in, but the mentor’s free content can give you a great indication of the quality of content and teaching you’ll receive at the paid level.

6. How tight is the container?

The “container” of a program is the structure of any program and its ability to keep you in the energy you need to be in to achieve results. This can include frequency of contact, space between contact points, level of personal attention, etc. If you’re only connecting with your mentor or community once a month, it can be very hard to stay on track.

For example, at Goddess Business School®, we created our container very intentionally with tons of touch points such as weekly Q&A calls, private coaching, masterminds, and a very active Facebook community (where I participate personally), so there’s always an opportunity for people to be connected and get support. nThat’s a tight container.

7. Private coaching included?

These programs are a significant investment, but very few of them include personal or private support. Yet support and accountability are a must to bust through fear, doubt, overwhelm, confusion and to get clarity on business decisions.

If you really want to take your business to 6-figures, we strongly recommend being in a program where you get ample private coaching from a trained coach, who can cut your learning curve in half, help you avoid costly mistakes and quickly transform the “inner game” that comes up along the way.

8. How much access do you have to the mentor?

Surprisingly, in a lot of programs you see the mentor once at a live event or maybe you have a Q&A call once a month (with potentially hundreds of people). This doesn’t enable you to build a strong relationship between you and the mentor.

That’s why in Goddess Business School® we broke the mold and chose to offer weekly Q&A calls with me, so that I can create real relationships with the clients who choose to participate.

9. Inner game as well as outer game?

Marketing strategy is great – in fact it’s a necessity. But without the inner work and the correct mindset you can end up with a bunch of tools you never apply.   Look for a program that helps you transform as a person, and helps you grow into who you need to BE to have a thriving business.

Can the program integrate into your life?

Your business is not going to build itself – you will need to make it a priority.  What are you willing to say NO to, in order to say YES to the business you really want?

Once you’re clear that your life is going to look differently with your business in it, you can decide: what work flow is REALLY going to be doable for you?   Can devote a big block of time to learning, or does it need to be flexible so that you can work it in between other commitments?

Look for a program that gives you the ability to keep your commitment to your business in a way that allows you to honor your other priorities.  (And ditch what is no longer essential – like mental drama!)

And finally… are YOU ready to take action?  

No business mentoring program will “work” unless you take action.  Are you ready to take the aligned actions required for your success?

If your answer is “no,” you have to ask yourself: what’s it going to take?

If you ARE ready and you DO take action, the right business program can be the best investment you ever made.  With this checklist, you can be certain of your decision.

Now go find your new mentor!

How To Attract JV Partners Who Want To Promote You, Even When You’re Just Starting Out

Ever feel like you’re “left out of the club” when it comes to JV partnerships?

If you’re new, or you don’t yet have a big list – it’s SO common to feel stuck and not know where to start.  Perhaps you’ve been knocking on doors with no response, leaving you feeling frustrated and questioning your own value.

Microphone ladyFirst and foremost, know that it’s not YOU… but it maybe the way you’ve been putting yourself out there to potential partners.  Which is why in my last article, I covered what NOT to do when approaching “JV’s”.

I’m passionate about this hot topic simply because people DO want to support you and there is so much opportunity to get it right. And when you do, you’ll be deeply rewarded with life-long relationships, awesome communities and an increased bank balance.

So how do you attract amazing partners even when you have no list or are just starting out?  When you approach the following steps with an attitude of gratitude and a generous heart, you’ll be in the lead of your game.

1. Think long term.

Your project (and how great it is) is NOT why partners will promote you. Partners promote other partners because of the quality of the relationship they have.  Yet taking the time to authentically build relationships with your colleagues is the ONE thing that most people overlook!

The core mindset behind the partnership game is THIS: make friends, add value. If you just remember (and take action) on this one tip, you’ll look like a rockstar to everybody.  Remember, this is long term deal… an investment of your time and energy. You’re planting seeds for your future.

2. Be Confident

Your confidence impacts every part of your business and in no place is this more apparent than partnerships.  This is good news! Each and every time you reach out to a potential partner you get to workout your confidence muscle.  No one is automatically confident all the time, but the more you flex, the stronger you become.

Confidence is magnetic, and so is a decision.  So make the decision to step into the version of your future self each and every time you connect (and attract) a potential JV partner.  Claim within that yourstuff works and that you rock and that there is no one else on this entire planet who can offer what youuniquely offer.

3. Be Visible

You can’t attract success if you’re not willing to be seen!  So be out in the world doing your brilliance. Have a web presence.  Give teleseminars.  Deliver great service to your clients.  Publish your newsletter and have a presence on social media.

Then it’s time to literally show up in the same space where your partners are. Live events are the best place for connecting with others and nurturing these new relationships.  Look at a live event as an investment, not an expense – and make the decision to connect with at least 5 new potential partners at each event you attend.

4. Add Value

Remember, the core mindset of successful JV partnerships is make friends, add value.  Now you’ve made friends, but are you adding value?

Here’s how – even if you DON’T have a list…

Stop telling yourself you have no value to add.  Bring that whole conversation to a close.  It’s not real, it’s not you and it’s not supportive of what you’re here to do. You have something of value to offer others – everyone does.

Build your Rolodex of resources.  The people behind these new relationships are real people with real problems.  Like you, they’re looking for solutions.  So how can you help?  By building your Rolodex of amazing people, solutions and problem solvers and keep it top of mind for the perfect opportunity to be of service.  Think health coaches, web designers, relationship coaches, software and more.

(Bonus Tip: A great place to start is with trusted technical resources and vendors – the people you admire are ALL looking for the right “techy solutions” because they can be so hard to find!)

Give great advice.  Have you lost 50 pounds and kept it off?  Maybe mastered the art of getting a fussy 2-year old to sleep? You’ve solved many problems in your life – guaranteed.  Keep showing up and youwill have the opportunity to share your wisdom.  When it appears, claim it like a rock star and give freely.  Your potential partners will thank you – and remember you with gratitude.

Adopt the “How do I make myself more valuable” mindset. Your value to others grows as YOU grow.   If you truly desire to be of service in the world, adopting this mindset will teach you about yourself and your purpose in ways you may never have imagined.

And finally…

If you want to quickly attract attention of “bigger players,” adopt a give first strategy.   

Put yourself in the shoes of a busy successful entrepreneur. They are constantly being approached all day, every day with people trying to GET from them. When you give it’s really going to stand out. So put getting in the back seat (where it belongs) and focus on giving.

You can give to your new JV relationships by sending clients their way, even if you have a small community.  Nothing will get a partners attention faster than this – even if it’s just one or two people.

Why?  Because very few people are doing it!

Next time you want to get attention, try THIS approach:

“Thank you for all that you do.  I would love to support you.  Please let me know how I can share your work with the people in my world. I would love to support you even though my community is smaller than yours. How do I send clients your way?”

Give it a try and watch the magic unfold!