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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Are You Making These Mistakes When Approaching Joint Venture Partners?

By now, you’ve probably heard that one of the very BEST ways to multiply your business quickly is through the power of partnership.  Find someone who has access to your ideal clients and have them promote you.  Simple right?

Uh ohThe problem is, the way that most people approach potential partners is all wrong.  I’ve been receiving a lot of these well-meaning but waaay off-base inquiries lately – especially on Facebook.

So I asked our community if it would be helpful to have a little feedback on what NOT do to when approaching potential collaborators and joint venture partners.  The answer was a resounding YES!

Here, then, are the top 5 biggest TURN-OFFS I see over and over again when being approached to be a joint venture partner. 

Are you making any of these mistakes?

1. “Dear Liz…”

If you’ve been in my world for a while, you may have noticed that I’ve never referred to myself as “Liz”…ANYWHERE.

There’s a reason for this: I hate to be called “Liz.”   (No offense to all the beautiful “Liz”’s out there.)

So when someone opens a message to me with “Dear Liz,” I know that they’ve either failed to do ANY research on me, or they’re in the habit of disregarding basic rules of etiquette.  Or both.  Ouch.

The gal who sent me the “Dear Liz” likely had no idea how unforgiving I am on this one.  You, too, have NO idea of the tripwires you’re walking into when you make assumptions like it’s a-ok to shorten someone’s name.

DO your research. (Hint: names are hidden in plain sight on places like Facebook, and those wild and wacky things called… marketing materials.)  DON’T make assumptions.  The little things matter.

2. Sending long emails / messages when you’ve never met.

Nobody wants to read a long email pitch from someone they’ve never met.  Think: a short, juicy invite note with the ESSENCE.   Here’s a real example from a gal who got it right:

“Hi Elizabeth,

I am getting together a telesummit in January and would love to have you participate. The topic is generating cash flow.   Speakers currently confirmed include [X, Y, Z]…

The interview will be only a half-hour and will be pre-recorded. I’m trying to get everyone’s interview done between the week after Christmas and Jan. 7th.

Are you up for participating? This will only require a half-hour of your time, as I know everyone is really busy right now.

Just send me a note and I’ll send you more details.  I’d be happy to get on the phone as well.”

My favorite line?  The very last.  (Power Tip: be sure to wait for a “yes” response before sending more information.  A quick “did you receive this?” follow-up if you haven’t heard back is very respectful andhelpful.)

3. Trying to bypass the systems if you don’t have a previous relationship.

We know that many of the bigger players are on Facebook, LIVE and in real time.  This doesn’t mean that Facebook is the place to pitch them on your product, service or idea.

For one, Facebook is the place to build relationships, first and foremost.

Second, remember that like you, the people you want to connect with are inundated with information.  If they are professionals, they have systems in place to make sure that all inquiries – including partner invitations – are handled with grace and on time. Trying to bypass those systems only creates more work for everyone.  Never create more work for the people you want to partner with!

Finally, using the Facebook inbox for pitches sends the message that you’re interested in “getting” – including getting around the proper channels – instead of giving real value.

4. Jumping straight to “Will you promote my stuff?”

This is the #1 biggest mistake. “Hey… I love your work and we have similar audiences – want to promote me?”

Or, “I want to bring you an opportunity to promote me…”

Instead ask, “How can I help you?”

Better yet: “Thank you for all you do.  I would love to support you, even though my audience isn’t as big as yours.  Please let me know how I can share your work with the peeps in my world.”

5. Asking “How can I help you?” then jumping straight to “Will you promote my stuff?”

On a recent Facebook “exchange” (it was one-way!) a gal reached out on behalf of an up-and-coming woman entrepreneur and said, “I’d love to know what you’re creating and see where there might be places to connect you with the women I know.”

So far so good.  The problem came when she followed up with my team 3 days later with an extremely  long-winded note that was all about HER and launched into a pitch.


The First Thing You Must Do To Attract Powerful Joint Venture Partners Is Add Value…

What’s the common denominator in all these mistakes?  The energy of getting instead of giving.  Lucrative partnerships come to those who think long term (long-term relationships, that is) and show up to give instead of get.

If you’re saying to yourself, “That’s great, Elizabeth, but what do I have to give?” you can get excited because in our next article, I’ll show you how to give value in a way that has joint ventures lining up to promote you – even if you have a small list or are just starting out.  Stay tuned!  

Client Spotlight – Lisa Page

“I’ve brought in over $19k in the first two months”

When I first came across Elizabeth’s work I was looking for ways to create high-end packages that would truly serve my clients, and give me the time and money freedom I desired, once and for all.

nj115-91482048-8387-4065-80c3-62c367b36b52-v2While I had a successful business doing what I loved, I was totally trapped in the ‘trading time for money’ model which made me feel limited and frustrated, especially because as a full-time Mum, the time I had to trade for the money was limited to part-time hours.

I found Elizabeth’s free programme online and applied what I learned straight away.

As a result I immediately created my first Virtual VIP Programme adding $5397 to my income that month with NO additional overheads. I then went on to double my income that year. That was JUST using her free resources!

I then invested in Platinum Program Secrets and Essentials Training. It was the best decision I’ve ever made for me and my business!

In the first two months, I’ve brought in $19,220. (Still in part-time hours.)

I’m also doing more of what I love OUTSIDE my business, including taking my son on a holiday to New York. (I’m typing this from my hotel room as we speak!)

While I’m truly grateful for the additional income, it’s not just about the money. It’s about creating programmes for my clients that truly serve and satisfy them, that give them results way beyond what they’ve invested, whilst giving me the personal fulfillment, financial abundance and time freedom I’ve been looking for.

Like I said before, I doubled my business last year just by applying what I learned in  Elizabeth’s free training programme. Now that I’m working with her personally, I’m looking forward to doubling my income again next year, with more fun, ease and time for living a life that I truly love!

Lisa Page

Are You An “Accidental Creator” In Your Business?

I’ve long said that entrepreneurship is one of the best magical tools there is, and the reason why is simple: the possibility of money and time freedom.

Ultimately, your business is a means by which you can create your life, exactly as you wish to live it.

Terrified womanProblem is, just because you go into business for yourself doesn’t mean you leave your old stories at the door! One of the biggest challenges you’ll ever face as an entrepreneur is undoing years of conditioning that’s designed to keep you in a JOB, playing small and staying safe. For most women, the old patterns lead to creating some very unpleasant situations: wild swings in their income, clients who push their boundaries, overwhelm, and money drama.

As a woman, you are a master manifestor! But until you switch from creating by accident to creating with deliberation, you’ll continue to create situations you don’t want and wonder how you got there.

How do you get out of “accidental creator” mode? Start with these 3 steps…

1. Get clear – and get real – on your true desires.
For years I denied my desire to write and told myself that I wanted to be a scientist, like my dad. Then when I started my own business, I told myself that I would “do the copywriting thing” to make some money while I pursued fiction writing, which I told myself was the only way to honor my Divine Feminine Gift of Creativity.

Truth was, I woke up every day with a deep desire to create an information marketing empire. I was fascinated and excited by the idea that I could make my own life-changing programs and sell them myself. But that dream was for someone else, not me; and besides, who was I to do something like that?

When I finally got real about my desires and said yes to them, my business took off. Everything got easier. And I’ve experienced immense joy that none of my other jobs or creative hobbies ever came close to matching.

While your business isn’t always going to feel easy, it should ALWAYS be a source of good – as in, “it’s all good.” In my business, even the challenges are great problems to have.

When you feel like all the joy and passion has been sucked out of your business, the first step is to check and see if what you’re doing is actually in alignment with YOUR deep desires. Are you living your dream or someone else’s dream? What deep desire do YOU need to say yes to?

2. Understand that your thoughts alone are not enough.
Open any book on manifestation written in the past 150 years and you’ll see the same core idea: “your thoughts create your reality.”

And it’s true, they do. The problem is, trying to control your thoughts can be dang near impossible. Thanks to biology and conditioning, your mind wants to take you to negative places. Many women spend exhausting amounts of energy trying to avoid negative thoughts and feelings, which only gives them more power.

That’s why when it comes to creating your reality, trying to control your thoughts alone is a recipe for frustration. The great news is, as human beings we’re wired to model whatever’s in our environment.

The solution? Set up systems, including systems of thought, that make your success simple, ease-ful and inevitable.

3. Make decisions instead of setting intentions.
What I’m about to say will undoubtedly piss some people off. But I wouldn’t be the mentor you expect me to be if I didn’t call it like I see it. So here it is: 99.9% of intentions are useless.

The intention behind setting intentions is a positive one, of course. You’re saying, “Hey, I want this.” Thing is, most people make what I call empty intentions. They set the intention, turn it over to Spirit and take a wait-and-see attitude… which of course leaves a big fat OUT if it doesn’t happen. (“Oh, well, it wasn’t meant to be.”)

Decisions, on the other hand, are all-or-nothing. When you make a decision and show up with true conviction, Spirit presents you with opportunities, because you have made a commitment to take aligned action to bring what you want into being.

Your ability to make a decision is one of your many creative superpowers – possibly the most important of all. As our pal Yoda says, “Do, or do not. There is no try.” The next time you want to set an intention, ask yourself, “Am I setting an intention when I really need to make a decision?”

Your Business Will Thrive When You Take Back Your Power To Create…
You were born with the ability to create your life exactly as you want. And that includes a business that truly supports you, your life and your dreams. It starts with a decision to shift out of “accidental creator” mode and reclaim this ability within you. Are you ready to make that decision, or re-commit to it if you’ve made it already? All the good stuff is waiting for you when you take this step! 

Are You Creating Marketing That Matters to High-End Clients?

I hear it over and over again: “Elizabeth, I’m Tweeting, I’m Facebook-ing, I’m updating my blog, I put myself out there… and I’m still not attracting the clients.”

It’s frustrating.  I get it.  Can I let you in on a little secret?

The question is NOT “Are you marketing?”

The question is, are you creatingmarketing that matters?  Specifically, marketing that matters to high-end clients?

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Truth is, if you’re getting out there like crazy and yet not attracting the clients you want, chances are you’re sinking a lot of time and energy into stuff that, when the rubber meets the road, simply doesn’t have as much of an impact on your clients’ buying decisions as you might think.

Remember, your clients seek your help to solve the hard challenges they face in their lives.  While having a presence and “getting out there” is important, the secret question your clients want answered – the one they don’t even realize they’re thinking about –  is this: “Can this person really help me get what I want?”

Does YOUR marketing answer that critical question?  To see where you stand, here’s a quick checklist of the 5 marketing essentials that matter most to high-end clients who are ready to take action.

1. Copy that’s rich with problems, results & benefits.

To attract the right clients, you must learn to think like a client – which means getting into their world of challenges and struggles.   For the conscious entrepreneur, this is a place of highest service.  What’s going on for them, in their own words?  What can unfold for them when they work with you – in language that they understand?  (I.e., not your process.)

2. Your Proprietary System of Transformation.

Remember, your clients want to know that you can help them.  They want to know that you have it all figured out!  Packaging your deep process in a clear, step-by-step fashion instantly conveys that you have the magic to take them from where they are to where they want to be in the simplest and most elegant way possible.  Your Proprietary System of Transformation also gives you enormous credibility, whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years.

3. Your expertise.

High-paying clients want you to BE the expert, not a buddy or peer.  As an entrepreneur, you ARE that expert.  But are you claiming it?  Your credibility is within your control, so you can always be taking actions to build it, such as being interviewed, getting published, or creating an information product or teleseminar.

4. Testimonials and case studies.

Neglecting case studies and testimonials is a classic symptom of heart-centered hiding out.

Nothing proves that you can help people better or more persuasively than benefit-rich case studies and testimonials.  We all hear the blah-blah-blah about listbuilding all day long, but truth is, if you have a bit list but NO results-based testimonials, you will still have a very tough time attracting clients who will pay high fees.  Start – or update – your testimonials collection today.

5.  Regular, consistent follow-up with free content that demonstrates your expertise.

If you want to get clients and fill your programs, you need to be publishing a newsletter or some kind ofconsistent follow-up – like a blog that people actually read.  (Big hint: there’s a reason why top bloggers use email to keep their peeps informed of posts.)

Why is regular follow-up so important?  Your clients are asking themselves things like “can this person be counted on?” and “are they a legit business?”  Staying in touch will go a long way to easing these subconscious questions.  Plus, there’s that all-important relationship.  Not everyone is going to buy from you right away!

So if you’re not publishing a newsletter now – start now. The payoff is priceless: freedom and doing what you love.

Remember, your business is NOT about you…

You are in business to help your clients.  You can’t help them until they say yes.  And they won’t say YES until they know you can help them.

My coach’s request to you?  Stop wasting time on the “marketing churning” and take a strong stand with the 5 essentials above – your high-end clients are waiting