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Monthly Archives: March 2015

How To Get High-End Clients When You DON’T Have A Big List (Yet!)

One of the biggest questions I hear about high-end programs is this: “Can I offer high-end programs even if I don’t have a list?”

The answer is… yes!

Business woman shaking hands in meetingWhether you’re new in business, or just haven’t gotten around to building your list (yet 😉 ), you can still offer high-end programs.

In fact, high-end programs are perhaps THE best way to create significant income without a big list, or even a list at all.

Why?  Because all you need to get new high-end clients is:

a. A well-designed, irresistible program

b. The willingness to be in conversation with a potential client

No matter what business you’re in or where you are in your business right now, you have a tremendous opportunity to create a high-end offer your ideal clients will love.

And while you may be skeptical, it’s well-known in marketing circles that a certain percentage of the clients in every business – sometimes up to 20% – WANT a high-end or premium level of service. In fact they won’t settle for anything less.

Even pizza parlors and dry cleaners have pulled this off.  So can YOU.)

So what do you do when you don’t have a list?

Well, my clients will tell you that I’m a huge fan of hand-inviting – that is, reaching out to people already in your circle and making a personal, heartfelt invitation. Even in this time of online marketing, this is still the BEST way to get clients.

(Indeed, this is the “low hanging fruit” lead generation strategy I start everyone with, whether they have a list or not.  I also give them specific scripts so they know exactly what to say.)

And rather than coming across as “pushy” (which is what so many heart-centered entrepreneurs fear, which keeps them stopped in their tracks), you will be amazed at how much your clients will appreciate  that you thought of them, and cared enough about them to let them know.

So my coach’s request for you for this tip is to think of the people in your circle right now.  Who really needs your help to step into their greatness?  Who would you LOVE to work with in a deeper, richer way?

If you can’t think of anyone, don’t let that take you out.  Get support from a buddy on the brainstorming, because I promise you, they’re there.

At this point, I’ve mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs and I have YET to find a single one who did NOT have ideal clients in their sphere already – even people who live in the proverbial “middle of nowhere.”  That’s why I’m so confident about this one.

So do this simple exercise and see what pops for you, ok? You’re going to get some ideas on how to be of service – and that’s always a good thing.