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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Client Spotlight – Fon James

Over $20k in just one month! 

Before joining The Essentials Training, my business was sporadic at best. I didn’t have a consistent way to get clients. I had experienced some success, but I didn’t know how to make it consistent.

Fon JamesSince starting the program, I have made the most money I have ever made in my business, period! I made over $20k in one month, and that was just from the first couple of modules of the program!

Since joining Essentials I have helped more clients than ever to replace their job income with clients. My prices have increased with confidence and I have sold programs at my new price.

What has shifted for me the most is my ability to believe ALL that is possible for me and my business, and Essentials is the blueprint that can be used over and over in my business forever. Now I feel like I OWN my business and I am the kick ass coach that I always knew I could be.

Fon James
The Emergency Business Coach

What Are Your Money Rituals?

As a priestess, of course I’m big on rituals.  I love the intentional action, the connection to Divine and, of course, the magic that results.  There is no more powerful way to shift one’s consciousness than throughintentional ritual.

??????????????????????????I say “intentional” very, well, intentionally, because while we all have rituals (habits is another word for them), most of them are unconscious.   Especially around money.

The bills paid late – or never opened.  The purchases made on autopilot.   The unawareness around current balances.  For women especially, unconsciousness around money masks feelings of unworthiness, deep shame and more.

And how does all that money neglect show up in the outer world?   As with any relationship, your relationship with money needs attention in order to thrive.   Money not attended to will NOT stick around!

When the money drama starts, most women think that the solution is to just make more money.  But until you start giving money loving, conscious attention, any money you make will right out the door again.

The solution?  Money Rituals: simple, intentional, habitual actions to bring you out of unconsciousness and into a loving, supportive relationship with your money.

Here are my top Money Rituals that can powerfully impact the flow of money in your life, through consistent, deliberate and loving attention.

  • Track all of the money that comes in.  (Daily) – The guideline here is that it all counts. Whether it’s your spouse’s income, a gift, a surprise savings on something, it’s ALL money coming into your life and needs to be included.
  • Track all of your expenses. (Daily) – You need to know what’s going out, and this can also help you spot patterns that you may decide you want to shift.
  • File your bills (Daily) – Don’t leave them lying around! This creates money clutter, which blocks the flow and space through which money can come in.
  • Pay yourself first (Weekly) – This is mission critical, even if it’s just a small amount to start. Decide on an amount and frequency, whether it’s weekly or biweekly, that you can meet consistently and just do it!
  • Review your bills (Weekly)  Before you pay, make sure they’re correct.
  • Pay your bills (Weekly) – Many women feel dread around this.  Instead, I invite you to make a ritual out of it. Bless the money, bless the service/experience/value/items that you received in exchange for your money, and most of all, allow yourself to feel gratitude that it’s in your life.
  • Review bank balances and credit card balances (Weekly)
  • Balance your checking accounts (Monthly)
  • Check in with taxes (Monthly) – Keep a current estimate of your income to determine if you need to set money aside.
  • Check in on your Lifestyle Money Goal, or set a new goal (Monthly) – How much money do you need to be bringing in to support your essential needs and allow you to enjoy the life you desire? Set money goals and hold yourself accountable to them through aligned action.

These actions can feel extremely uncomfortable at first – usually because there is some shame underneath. Be courageous and stick with these practices!  They will get easier over time, and you’ll be amazed at what a difference these simple actions make in the amount of money you’ll make, keep and enjoy in your life.

At the end of the day, your relationship with money is really a reflection of your relationship with yourself.  And that always deserves loving attention.