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Monthly Archives: November 2014

My Favorite (And Fastest) Six-Figure Strategies

All solo businesses go through different stages.

There’s the beginning stage, otherwise known as “taking the leap” or “OMG am I really going to do this crazy thing?!”

money treeThen there’s what I affectionately call the blundering-around-trying-to-find-your-way stage, a.k.a. “I’m not sure what I do or who I do it for” (lots of experimenting and course-correcting here)…

Then there’s the “chugging along” stage. You’ve begun to hit your stride, you’re starting to make money… hey, this “crazy thing” just might work! You hang out there for a while because, well, things are good.

And that’s when you nudge up against the sick-and-tired-of-being-at-the-same-level stage. You’re getting restless. The desire for expansion, what Wallace Wattles of Science Of Getting Rich fame calls “more life,” hits… and it’s time to step it up to the next level of income, impact and satisfaction.

I love that stage because it’s such a gift. That tug on your heart is your invitation to make the all-or-nothing decision to break through to a 6-figure income and impact.

The great news is, once you reach this point, you’re not starting from scratch! You’ve been going for a while, so chances are you have everything you need to make the transition quickly and gracefully, with just a few simple actions.

1. Tighten up your niche. Moving to your next level quickly (as opposed to the long and slow road) requires that you focus on a specific problem that people are motivated to invest in to get solved. This means releasing any attachment you may have to your process of deep transformation and getting really focused on what your clients want. Now is the perfect time to look at your niche again, to hone and refine. Are you thinking like a client would? How would they describe the problem you solve?

2. Transition to several levels of service, including a high-end offering. To create 6-figures in your business requires you to stop giving away all of your time in 1-on-1 sessions and instead transition to offering service at different levels of investment and availability. Your 1-on-1 time goes at the highest level, in a premium or high-end service such as a high-end program or private 1-day intensive.

3. Raise your fees. Once you’ve transitioned to different service levels, thinking in terms of “dollars for hours” and pricing your services at a low hourly rate simply doesn’t work. Instead, get very connected to the value of your new packages and price accordingly – in other words, raise your fees!

One of my favorite exercises for this is to make a list of at least 30 results that are possible for your clients when they work with you. This will force you to get very specific and will keep you connected to all the ways you positively impact your clients’ lives.

4. Systematically grow your list. Now that you’ve repositioned, repackaged and re-priced your services to support more people, it’s time to reach more people. Create a campaign to increase your list, including a clear goal (25% is a good number to start) and a “by when” date (shoot for 30-60 days). One way to do this is to create a new irresistible free offer and launch it as you would a new program, using social media and your current peeps to get the word out.

Remember, growing your business means growing yourself. (Entrepreneurship is not known as “the best personal development course on the planet” for nothing.)

Simple as they may be, these actions are bound to push a few of your buttons. And that’s okay. Think of them as stepping up to a whole new level of service and creating value for your clients – which they are!

5 Elements Of A Kick-Ass Group Program

Group programs are hot these days, no question about it.  After all, everyone loves the idea of making more money with less time!

Group programs have a ton of other benefits too.  There are only so many people you can help with 1-1 work, but with group programs you can expand your reach to 10’s 20’s or even 100’s at a time.

iStock_000040905914SmallPlus, the level of transformation for your clients can be greatly enhanced by the element of community that group programs bring to the table.

The problem is, many entrepreneurs try to offer group programs without knowing what itreally takes to make them successful.

They waste a ton of energy trying to fill them… only to end up with a few signups.  Or they create an awesome program and enroll a good group, but they don’t know how to facilitate end up with a lot of unhappy clients.

The good news is group programs are hot, people want them, and they are totally doable when you know how to go about it and what makes a kick-ass program.

Here are 5 elements that every group program must have in order to provide awesome transformation for your clients AND a nice boost of cash flow (and raving fans) for you:

1. A Hot Topic

Just like with 1-1 programs, your clients are always investing in a result.  A hot topic makes your program easier to fill, and it creates synergy and community among the participants, as they are all working toward a common goal.

2. A Step-By-Step Process

Rather than just meandering around, clients want to know you’ve got a solid plan and path to deliver the result they desire.

A clearly laid out process – your Signature System – gives your clients a high level of confidence in you as their leader, and their own ability to get results.   It also makes it easier for you to create and deliver the program.

3. A Solid Container, Including Shared Agreements

When clients enter your program, they are stepping into the next version of themselves.  You can count on their “stuff” coming up in the process!  So it’s extremely important to create the environment that allows them to be successful – what I call the container.

Your container includes the tone of the group, as well as a clearly defined set of expectations, shared agreements and ways of being that help your clients stay in the energy of success as they go along.  Without a solid container, you risk client issues that shake your confidence and impact the coherence of the group.

4. Transformational Experiences

While high-value content and how-to information will show your clients the way, what really creates success for your clients (and rave reviews for you!) is the integration and implementation of the material.

Clients need to get an embodied sense of knowledge to integrate the learning. It’s essential that they not just hear what you are teaching, they also need to feel it.

Transformational experiences give your clients just that – an experience.  Experiences ultimately create change.

5. A Marketing System

The fastest route to failure with group programs?   Not enrolling enough people!

You can have the most kick-ass program in the world, but without a way to fill it… you know the rest.   And yet one of the biggest mistakes coaches, practitioners and healers make is deciding to offer a group when they have no idea how they’re going to fill it.

You must have a rock-solid marketing system to attract and enroll the perfect clients for your group.

Note: This does not mean you need a big list.  Early on in my business, I sold out a 28-person group program with a list of about 650 people.   It’s not the quantity, it’s the strategy that’s most important.

So there you have it – the 5 elements of a kick-ass group program.  And the best part about all of these is that they are totally within your control and you can start right away.  With these 5 elements in place, you can create a group experience that your clients will rave about for years to come.

So when will you offer your first (or next) group program?