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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Client Spotlight – Veronica Iglesias & Rasa Lila

“We filled our first 90-day program in just 2 days!”

Before working with Elizabeth, we were charging by the session and struggling to find the right kind of clients for us.

nj115-416523d8-23cc-4d9c-bcd9-c1f8f3825054-v2With what we learned in Get Clients in 30 Days we created and filled our first 90-day program just two days after launching it!

Thanks to Elizabeth, we now have clarity in how we work with potential clients. It’s easier to communicate the outcome that we are offering, and our Breakthrough Sessions make it easy to see if the program is a good fit for both parties.

We have successfully repeated the process now a couple of times and can replicate it again and again with different topics and audiences!

Veronica Iglesias & Rasa Lila

How To Use Your Intuition To Make Business Decisions

Running a successful business means that you’re going to be making a lot of decisions on a daily basis.   Some are big (who to hire?), some are fun (what to put in the goody bags?), and some are tricky (how to handle this client who keeps missing her payments?).  All require energy and attention.

nj115-53f3e2e3-7e3a-4e41-81bb-572cf851475a-v2Inability to make a decision is one of the top reasons why entrepreneurs fail.  Without the ability to make decisions quickly, your business will come to a halt, maybe even before it really begins!

Luckily, you have a gift for making decisions quickly – your Divine Feminine Gift of Intuition.   Most spiritual women entrepreneurs ?value their intuition and would agree that when they use it, both life and business “just flows.”  But here’s the problem…

It’s easy to trust your intuition when it’s the little stuff. But what about the BIG stuff, like hiring the right person, investing in a mentor, or investing time, energy and money in an event?  These kinds of decisions can trigger doubt, fear, second-guessing and other static created by the ego – which can take you way off course and waste even years of your time.

Be the decision big or small, your intuition can ALWAYS be counted on to guide you in the right direction.  Using your intuition is a skill that you can master with practice.

Here, then, are my top tips on how to use your Divine Feminine Gift of Intuition to make the right decision, every time:

1. Learn to listen.
You don’t need a ton of information to make every decision, but you do need the key information.  When you’re in “discovery” mode (such as on the phone with a client, vendor,? potential hire or mentor), be truly open, fully present and listening, so that you receive exactly what you need to know.

And don’t forget to create space in your life for meditation and quiet time every day.  Connecting to your intuition in this neutral space creates trust over time, so you can follow your inner guidance in the moment.

2. Know how your intuition shows up.
For years, my intuition used to show up as a very clear, firm voice in my head.  (That voice has saved my life – literally – more than once.)  Then, a couple of years ago, something changed and now my intuition shows up on the physical plane as a specific sensation in my body.  Intuition can take as many forms as we have senses: auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and beyond.  Know how it shows up for you so you can recognize it in an instant.

3.  Is it intuition or is it fear?
This is the biggie – is it intuition or is it fear?  Remember, whenever you grow, your ego is going to be challenged.  It will throw up everything it can to stop you – that’s its job!  Your job is to learn to tell the difference between true intuition and fear/ego masquerading as intuition to stop you in your tracks.

How do you tell the difference?  Practice.   In the moment, “first thought, best thought” usually applies.  Regardless of the situation, make a quick mental note of your first thought or “flash.”  You can act on it or not – either way, you’ll be able to go back to the decision later and see how accurate that first thought was.

4. Take action quickly.
Intuition is like a muscle – the more you act on the guidance you receive, the easier the guidance will come and the harder it is for the ego to take you out.  Successful people are quick to decide and slow to change their minds.  Make your decision quickly and keep moving!

Client Spotlight: Amy Brucker

It’s so much easier to make more money than less money!”

I’ve been a self-employed healer and marketing coach since 2008 and although I had many successes, my business model meant working long, hard hours. As a result, I was constantly overwhelmed and my finances suffered because of it.

In Get Clients in 30 Days, I learned how to turn everything I knew into a high-end program and that made all the difference. Within 30 days of launching my new program, I signed on 3 new clients for $10,800.  (In the past, 3 clients would have meant $1350!).

I now have a simple step-by-step system in place for keeping my practice filled. I feel a deep sense of trust in the process because I am able to blend my expertise into a series of programs that creates great results for my clients and consistent (phenomenal) income.

The money is great, but even better is the peace I feel when I go about my day.  I have successfully reduced my overwhelm by about 85%. It is so much easier to make more money than less money!

Amy Brucker

How To Get Clear On Your Perfect Profitable Niche

If you’ve ever struggled to get clients to invest in your services, or if you’re hearing a lot of “I can’t afford it,” you’ve likely stumbled on a key problem that holds spirit-driven entrepreneurs back from making the money they deserve: an unclear (or unprofitable) niche. 
Young woman thinking with question marks over headYour niche is the combination of the people you serve, and the situation-specific problem you solve for them.  While you don’t need to have the “perfect” niche to start getting clients (and indeed, you don’t want to wait!), it’s no secret that to create a 6-figure business, your niche has to be compelling. 
When it comes to niche, spiritual entrepreneurs are often in a tailspin of over- thinking.  But getting clear on your niche is almost always about your mindset more than anything else!   Before you spend one more minute trying to “figure it out” in your head, use these tips to uncover what you’ve been missing… and gain the clarity you seek! 
1. Look to your life experiences.

One of the biggest questions I hear is, “What do I have that they will PAY for?”  My answer: first, look to your life! 
Spiritual entrepreneurs – especially women – are notorious for discounting and undervaluing their life experiences and keeping their personal stories under wraps in their marketing.  But it’s these things that your clients want the most. 
Clients want to work with someone who has walked in their shoes.  What challenges have you personally overcome in your life?  What big problems were you struggling with, and came out the other side? When you find yourself saying, “Nobody wants to hear about that,” take that as a sign – you might be looking at a very profitable niche opportunity. 
2. Think outside of the box. 
One of the biggest things that keeps entrepreneurs stuck in the “niche loop” is getting attached to what they THINK it’s going to look like.  Truth is, your magic (the deep work) can be applied to dozens of different scenarios you likely haven’t even thought of yet.   What groups of people are already investingto solve a specific challenge you could specialize in? 
3. Go with the flow. 
Are your ideas/services already present within the culture of the group of people you are considering?  Are they already investing money in what you’re offering?   Changing minds in your marketing is a major uphill battle.  You want to be “in the flow” of the mindset that already exists. 
4. Get into action.

The only way to know if you have a profitable niche (one that you love) is to TEST – i.e., get out there and get a client or two! 
You don’t need a website or a big list.  You DO need to create a short program on your topic and tap into an opportunity to connect with your ideal potential clients, such as a networking meeting, speaking opportunity or small local workshop.  (Hint: you don’t “find” the opportunity as much as you become aware of it and say yes.
Outlining your program, connecting with potential clients and having conversations will tell you so much more about the potential of your niche than you could ever figure out on your own, churning in front of the computer. 
Above All, Get Support 
It can be very difficult to pinpoint your perfect niche opportunities, especially if you’ve been struggling with it for a while.  Enlist the support of a coach, mentor or mastermind partner who can be your “fresh eyes.”  (This is especially important when considering your life experiences.) 
With the help of your support team and a commitment to move forward, you’ll quickly move through the discomfort of choosing your niche and finally get to the fun part – working your magic for people who love you and will pay you richly for it.

Client Spotlight: Devora Gila Berkowitz

It’s so much fun to use Elizabeth’s proven system because it makes me feel like a pro”

Before enrolling in Get Clients in 30 Days, I taught transformative voice coaching by the hour. The clients I had trickled in through word of mouth because I didn’t have a system for attracting or enrolling them, and they often cancelled at the last minute or didn’t pay on time, costing me time, energy and money.  I spent a lot of time researching online marketing but had no idea how put it into practice in an effective way.

Elizabeth taught me how to identify what clients really want, which has led me to a whole new direction in my coaching. Now I feel more invigorated after my sessions and more appreciative of the value I offer my clients, and it gave me the confidence to double my fees.

My self-image as a feminine leader and professional solopreneur has skyrocketed, and I am finally giving myself permission to play full-out in my business. And it is so much fun to use Elizabeth’s proven system because it makes me feel like a pro!  This is the first time I’ve had the confidence to speak to people about my services and hear their enthusiasm for what I am doing.

Now I take myself seriously and use my time wisely, which allows me to feel like business is fun.  Getting clients is more like a game and doesn’t feel like a struggle. I feel deeply supported by Elizabeth’s leadership and the network of amazing women in the program, and I am ready to upgrade my family’s lifestyle so that my husband, children and I can enjoy thriving together.

Devora Gila Berkowitz
Transformation Specialist

3 Secret Reasons Why Clients Say “I Can’t Afford It”

So there you are, on the phone with your latest potential client.  You’ve had a transformative conversation.  You both know that working with you is the best next step for them, so you make the offer of your services. And then it comes… “I’d love to, but… I just don’t have the finances right now.” 
Uh oh – the door of possibility has been slammed shut by the money concern. Or has it? 

Many conscious women coaches, mentors and practitioners hear concerns like “I can’t afford it” and take them at face value.  And of course you don’t want to be pushy or try to get your client to do something against their best interest.  But here’s the problem… most of the time (think 80-90%), the words 

“I can’t afford it…” 
“I don’t have time…” 
“I have to think about it…” 
… are a smokescreen. 
So there’s something else going on, and it’s one of 3 things. 
1. It’s not a fit.  They truly don’t need what you have right now.  This one is pretty unlikely, especially if you’ve gotten to the point in the conversation where you’re making an invitation. (Indeed, you wouldn’t be making it in the first place if it wasn’t a fit, right?) But it happens. 
2. They haven’t seen the value – yet.  In other words, they don’t really know why they need it, or why they should invest with you.  That doesn’t mean that they don’t need you, just that they don’t understand how what you do will help relieve pain or solve a pressing challenge that they are experiencing – yet. 🙂  (Closely related: they don’t know why they should invest with you right now.) 
3. Some form of fear.  Now this is the biggie.  Stepping up, going out on a limb, making a powerful shift – even when your client sincerely wants to change her life, it’s still going to trigger fear.  That part of her that wants the safety of the status quo will kick in – you can count on it. 
And then there are other fears: fear of turning you down, fear that they can’t get the results, fear of not being liked, fear of being judged… the fears go on and on. 
So how do you uncover the REAL issue… without being pushy?  The answer is to get curious, stay detached, and ask questions. 
When your client is standing at the threshold of changing their life, their “squishymind” is doing everything in its power to sabotage them.  They need you to take a strong stand for their truth. 
And this is soooo important, because when people give into their fear, they miss out getting your help to get what they really want.  And you miss out on – literally – thousands and thousands of dollars in income over time… not to mention living your purpose. 
The Next Time You Hear “I Can’t Afford It,” Try This Script… 
“I hear that [finances, time, etc] is a concern for you. May I ask you a question about that?” 
People are rarely challenged when they bring up the money concern.  You’re going into uncomfortable territory when you bypass the socially acceptable move.  So before going there, you want to be respectful.  Otherwise, you may lose your potential client’s trust (and the sale). 
At this point, you want to find out if it’s really about the money.  If it’s about value, back up in the conversation and return to their problem and the cost of not getting it solved.  If it’s truly about the money, you can refer them to someone else, or help them find the money. 
nj115-88c2faba-7dcf-4c23-a9a7-7e6971e599f4-v2It’s easy to take “I can’t afford it” personally or break the tension to ease some discomfort.  But remember, this conversation is about your client’s decision to truly change their life.  By not buying into their excuses, you take a strong stand for them and empower them to make a different choice, the next step along their journey to health, wealth and happiness.