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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Client Spotlight – Tara Travis

“I went ‘high-end’ and created over $20k (and growing) with less stress!”

Prior to working with Elizabeth, I had a thriving coaching practice; however, my service delivery was given primarily through 1-Day Intensives. The problem I was experiencing was overwhelm from over-delivering because I was trying to give ALL of my knowledge and coaching within the 7 hours I had with my clients.

Tara TravisReceiving the training, templates and step by step system from Elizabeth allowed me to create 90-day and 6-month High-End Programs which supports both my clients and myself at a much higher level. PLUS I was still able to include the adored 1-Day Intensives in my new packages.

To date, I have created an additional $20K (and growing) in new income with less stress since implementing new strategies, and the best part is my clients are receiving amazing results in income, influence and impact as well!

Thank you, Elizabeth, for empowering me in my divine mission of “Living Into Your Greatness, Making Fabulous Income and Creating an Extraordinary Lifestyle that fully supports me (and my clients) in creating a spiritually AND financially rich life.” You are a Goddess!

Tara L. Travis
Personal Growth & Business Design Expert 

The Truth About What High End Clients Are Really Paying For

Are you intrigued by the idea of offering a high-end program, but secretly wonder if you could create one that’s “worth it”?

One secret to banishing doubt around offering high-end programs (and the old “who am I to charge that much”) is to understand what high-end clients are REALLY investing in at this level.

nj115-ca2db437-ee1d-4f75-8ba1-1d994031acde-v2Many heart-centered, spirit-driven solopreneurs feel like there’s sooo much riding on what they put IN to their programs – number of sessions, time spent, their personal service, et cetera. And yes, those things are important, but they are only a percentage of what creates massive value for your clients.

What are clients REALLY paying for? The answer may surprise you…

60% (that’s over half!) of what makes YOUR program worth that much to your clients is client commitment.

In other words, they are INVESTING with you to be held accountable to what they want, deep in their heart. To have someone in their lives who will take a stand for what’s really important to them, so they can stay strong, even when they want to quit. To have a caring person to turn to when they’re scared. (Can you relate?)

And when you design your program correctly, you can build some of that accountability right INTO your program, so it happens automatically. I call this “creating a container of support” for my peeps, and I consciously design it into of all my high-end offers.

Here are a few simple tips to boost your platinum program results:

1. Solve ONE clear, compelling problem your clients WANT solved.

Your success begins with knowing what you are truly offering! It’s not coaching, single sessions, or other “doo-dads” that your clients want, but a specific transformation that they have been unable to achieve on their own.

Clients are always investing to achieve a particular result or outcome, so choose ONE problem to solve, and design your entire program around that. (The problem you solve makes the difference between quickly filling your program and not selling a single one. If you’ve tried to fill a program in the past and it didn’t work, look here first.)

2. Include CONTENT.

The old model for programs consisted of single sessions (or a bundle of single sessions) where clients show up with a particular complaint or challenge and the mentor or practitioner followed their lead, coaxing the solution OUT of them. These days, clients are actively looking for solutions. They want YOU to take the reins and walk them through, step by step, how to get that specific outcome.

That’s why it’s so important to package your process (that “thing you do”) into a step-by-step system – i.e., your Signature System. Your system provides a framework for both your process AND your how-to information. It’s great for them because they can practically predict their success, and great for YOU because you have a structure to lead them to get a result – no more feeling like a fraud!

3. Use a deadline.

Many conscious women don’t like deadlines with marketing promotions because they seem forced at best, manipulative at worst. So why are deadlines actually of service to your clients? Because they support them in making a decision. Again, it’s about accountability.

Nothing happens without a decision. The longer a person chooses to suffer with their problem, the longer they miss out on all that’s waiting for them when they solve it. Deadlines give your clients a valid reason to take action now. (Meanwhile, deadlines support YOU because when you have a firm deadline to fill your program, your cash flow is secured and your energy is freed up to move on to other projects.)

4. “Seal the deal” with simple stick strategies.

It’s one of those situations that women entrepreneurs dread most – to sign on a client, only to have them call or email the next day saying, “I’ve changed my mind.” Why does it happen? Because they get scared!

It’s entirely natural for clients to feel fear and start to have second thoughts. So natural, in fact, that you need to anticipate it! (This isn’t negative thinking, it’s an understanding of human nature.) Simple steps such as taking their credit card information on the phone and processing their deposit right away will go a long way to securing their commitment. Then, immediately have your assistant follow up with a personal phone call to welcome them to the program.

5. Build in accountability.

One of my favorite strategies for creating client commitment is including an “accountability journal” in your program. This simple list of questions can be delivered to your clients periodically throughout your program for them to report in on their celebrations, challenges, breakthroughs and opportunities. It gives both you and your client a barometer of their progress, and knowing that they are going to be held accountable for reporting to you on a regular basis increases their level of dedication and results!

The good news is that when you have a well-designed program with built-in accountability, all YOU have to do is care deeply and show up powerfully as your AWESOME brilliant self. In other words, YOU can DO this!

How To Free Up 60+ Minutes A Day To Build Your Business

One of the hottest commodities for conscious entrepreneurs is TIME. It’s all too easy to let a perceived lack of time become an obstacle that stops you dead in your tracks.

How can you possibly build your business when it already feels like you have soooo much on your plate and not enough hours in the day?

Here’s the most important thing to understand: this is more a MINDSET issue than a TIME issue.

time in womans handsThe reality of time is that it’s the great equalizer – we all have the same amount of it.  You and I have the same amount of time in a day as the president, Oprah, and every other insanely busy person on the planet.

However, most people let their day happen to them instead of having control over their day.  And if you continue to do that, nothing will change for you.

So first and foremost, you need two critical Feminine Leader mindsets:

1.  Building your business is a mission-critical priority.  Oprah is very on-mission.  She’s willing to put up with some discomfort because she is doing her bigger work in the world.

2. Nobody controls my day but me. Chances are you’re spending far too much time on activities that do not produce income and that are taking care of other people.  You’re letting other people dictate how your day goes – their needs, their demands and their drama.

Then you simple practices to eliminate leaks and reclaim your time for what truly matters.

Here are 2 simple steps you can take to free up an hour or more of time each day for your business, even if you are still in a full time job:

Step 1:  Take out your calendar and list all of your commitments for 7 days.

Do a “time audit” of all the leaks.  Where is time going to other people’s needs, requests or dramas? Then ask yourself this magic question: what do you have to say NO to, in order to say YES to the business you really want?

For example, if you’re in a full-time job, here is what you may have to say NO to:

No to working on your lunch break for your boss when you could be working on your lunch break for your business OR relaxing
No to the idea that you’re going to get fired if you you’re not working 24×7 for them
No to any form of “I have to or I won’t get money”
No to checking and responding to emails constantly throughout the day.
No to doing everything for everyone else before you do for you.

Step 2: Clear the decks.

Make a list of the distractions, interruptions and time stealers you identified and begin to implement boundaries. This may look like unsubscribing to mailing lists you never read, cutting the time you spend on social media or watching TV in half, even pulling back from relationships that drain you.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to reclaim an hour or more per day just by setting boundaries. This may be a little uncomfortable at first, but this is about creating YOUR reality.  Remember… mission-critical.

Bonus tip: If you already have team in place, let GO of email. Create a super-secret email just for your most personal inner circle, and release all the public/business email to be sorted, handled and answered by an assistant. Seriously, this can free up multiple hours per day for most entrepreneurs!

Step 3: Create a framework for your day.  

Choose the days you work, choose the hours you work, and then choose what happens during those hours.  Hour by hour, write out a template for yourself.

Now don’t get me wrong, there will be crunch times, but always remember that this is an investment in your future.  When you have a step-by-step path and when you KNOW what you need to be focusing on and what you can let go of – all of a sudden that investment gets a LOT easier.

An added benefit is that when you embrace these mindsets and take these steps you can apply them to your life as well as your business. The things that are keeping you from creating a business you love are the same things that are chewing up the time you could be spending on enjoyable activities.

Take these steps this week and discover that you actually DO have time for your business AND for having a life!

How To Automate Your Business & Free Up Your Time is just one of the in-depth modules we cover in the all-new Essentials Training. No matter where you are in your business, you’ll learn more strategies to structure your day so your time is protected and you’re getting the most done in the time you do have. Enrollment is closed, but you can get on the waiting list by going to and signing up to get two no-cost reports we have for you.

Client Spotlight – Kelley Joyce

“I increased my monthly income from $5k to over $8k!”

Before working with Elizabeth, my business lacked focus. I was re-creating the wheel for each client with custom offerings, and underpricing my fees by 25-50%.

Kelley JoyceElizabeth provided the support and guidance I needed to get really clear on the direction of my business. I was able to create, market, sell, and deliver my signature coaching program “The Exec Whisperer,” and I increased my monthly income from $5k to $8k+!

I’ve had a significant increase in my self-worth and how I express it through higher expectations, higher prices, better boundaries, and more confidence and joy in servicing my clients. My business is much less chaotic, more financially steady, has defined service offerings and pricing models, and serves clients who are happy, successful and send me business referrals.

I now have what I need to hit the $10k/month mark on a regular basis, start to build my business toward the goal of $250K, and create systems for sales and marketing that enable me to work a 40-hour workweek and take a vacation!

Thank you!

Kelley A Joyce, MBA, CPC 

How To Make The Right Business Decision, Every Time

Running a successful business means that you’re going to be making a lot of decisions on a daily basis.   Some are big (who to hire?), some are fun (what to put in the goody bags?), and some are tricky (how to handle this client who keeps missing her payments?).  All require energy and attention.

Inability to make a decision is one of the top reasons why entrepreneurs fail.  Without the ability to make decisions quickly, your business will come to a halt.

nj115-8a0246e5-f035-4ab8-a30c-4e7c35203158-v2Luckily, you have a gift for making decisions quickly – your Divine Feminine Gift of Intuition.   Most spiritual women entrepreneurs value their intuition and would agree that when they use it, both life and business “just flows.”  But here’s the problem…

It’s easy to trust your intuition when it’s the little stuff.  But what about the BIG stuff, like hiring the right person, or investing time, energy and money in a mentor or training program?  These kinds of decisions can trigger doubt, fear, second-guessing and other static created by the ego – which can take you way off course and waste even years of your time.

Be the decision big or small, your intuition can ALWAYS be counted on to guide you in the right direction.  Using your intuition is a skill that you can master with practice. Here, then, are my top tips on how to use your Divine Feminine Gift of Intuition to make the right decision, every time:

1. Learn to listen.

You don’t need a ton of information to make every decision, but you do need the key information.  When you’re in “discovery” mode (such as on the phone with a client, vendor, potential hire or mentor), be truly open, fully present and listening, so that you receive exactly what you need to know.

And don’t forget to create space in your life for meditation and quiet time every day.  Connecting to your intuition in this neutral space creates trust over time, so you can follow your inner guidance in the moment.

2. Know how your intuition shows up.

For years, my intuition used to show up as a very clear, firm voice in my head.  (That voice has saved my life – literally – more than once.)  Then, a couple of years ago, something changed and now intuition shows up on the physical plane as a specific sensation in my body.  Intuition can take as many forms as we have senses: auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and beyond.  Know how it shows up for you so you can recognize it in an instant.

3.  Is it intuition or is it fear?

This is the biggie – is it intuition or is it fear?  Remember, whenever you grow, your ego is going to be challenged.  It will throw up everything it can to stop you – that’s it’s job!  Your job is to learn to tell the difference between true intuition and fear/ego masquerading as intuition to stop you in your tracks.

How do you tell the difference?  Practice.   In the moment, “first thought, best thought” usually applies.  Regardless of the situation, make a quick mental note of your first thought or “flash.”  You can act on it or not – either way, you’ll be able to go back to the decision later and see how accurate that first thought was.

4. Take action quickly.

Intuition is like a muscle – the more you act on the guidance you receive, the easier the guidance will come and the harder it is for the ego to take you out.  Successful people are quick to decide and slow to change their minds.  Make your decision quickly and keep moving!

It all comes down to permission.

If you’re not manifesting the results you want in your business, undoubtedly there is a decision that you need to make somewhere.

And whatever decision you are facing in your business, the bottom line is that you MUST give yourself permission to go for what you want, which means that at some point you have to just say, “This is who I am.  This is what I’m going to do.  Nothing will get in the way of creating this outcome.”

All successful entrepreneurs that I’ve studied have one thing in common — every single one of them made an “all or nothing” decision to live their purpose, to achieve their goal, or to do whatever it took to have what they want. They followed their intuition, and gave themselves permission.

My coach’s request to you today is to trust your intuition, give yourself permission and make the decision you need to make.

When you do this, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish, how your life will transform… and who you will become in the process!

Any decision to create a business doing what you love is best supported when you have a proven system.  I’m sharing that system to attract clients & cash flow in your business, quickly and consistently, in my all new online video workshop, The Passion To Profit Formula: 7 Steps To Creating A 6-Figure Business Doing What You Love, and the final replay is happening TOMORROW! You’ll get some of my best templates and scripts as a bonus when you attend live, plus you’ll create a personalized action plan that you can implement immediately.  Go here to register and join our community for the workshop.