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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Client Spotlight: Carolin Hauser

“I learned everything I needed to know about how to find, attract and enroll clients.”

nj115-339e3f57-ac59-4d15-a03f-b603f79a89de-v2Thanks to Elizabeth’s teaching and support, I learned everything I needed to know about how to find, attract and enroll clients. I generated 16 Strategy sessions and increased my sales by 50% in the first month of the program. Using the skills I learned, I have been able to repeat this consistently. So far I have generated $18k from what I learned from Elizabeth. She is the best coach ever!

The energy of my business has completely changed. Now my ideal clients are finding their way to me, bigger opportunities are coming to me, and I am well on my way to six figures this year!

Carolin Hauser 

How To Manifest The Money To Invest In Your Business

One of most disempowering choices I see people make when it comes to investing in their businesses is using the phrase, “I can’t afford it.”

In fact, it’s probably the biggest reason many conscious entrepreneurs fail to create the business or life they want.

When you tell yourself you don’t have the money, not only does it stop you dead in your tracks from moving your business forward, it keeps your special brand of transformation from the people who need it most.

The good new is, if it’s money you desire for that next step in your business, whether it’s mentoring, support, training, a retreat, or whatever it may be, it’s already here.

If you are longing to invest in your business and play a bigger game, but find yourself saying, “I’d love to BUT,” here is a special video I made for you in which you’ll learn exactly how to manifest the money for whatever it is you desire.


Never forget that you are a powerful creator! With Universal Law and these manifestation tools on your side, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

Client Spotlight: Michelle Leath

“3 VIP clients, $5000 in income and 7 speaking gigs in the first couple of months – the best decision I’ve ever made!”

Just a couple of months into Elizabeth’s program, I created my first Food Freedom VIP Day program and quickly enrolled 2 clients at $1000 each. Soon I was enrolling clients in programs at several thousand dollars up front, where before I was struggling to get people to pay me $200 per month. Before the program was over I had my first $5000 month – a milestone for me!

MichelleLeathImgI also created my signature talk, and learned how to make a strategy session offer from the stage that people enthusiastically raise their hands for.   As a result I booked 7 highly-targeted speaking engagements in an 8-week period, started holding teleseminars, and have watched my list grow ever since. In that year, I doubled my list and doubled my income!  Joining Goddess Business School® was the best business decision I’ve ever made.

Michelle Leath
Eating Psychology Coach 

5 Ways To Use Speaking To Build Your Business Fast

One of the biggest questions I hear from coaches, practitioners and healers with a big mission and message is, “Elizabeth, how do I find the clients who will pay, and build my business quickly?”

Answer: Speak.

Why is speaking such a powerful way to market your business?

nj115-1391e6c7-0688-4420-b654-fe0e5b952f73-v2Speaking gives you instant credibility. Grab the mic, give good content and you instantly become the Empowered Expert.

YOU are the one on stage, which positions you as the Divine Feminine Leader you are.

Speaking can dramatically shorten the time to get to “know / like / trust,” which leads to new high-paying clients quickly.

Speaking is highly leveraged. Instead of marketing 1-to-1, you can present your offers to an entire group.

If you think you need to host a big workshop or wait by the phone for someone to book you, think again. Whether you’re brand new or you’ve been in business for years… with speaking, you create your own opportunities. (And if you’re a hider-outer like I was, you don’t even have to speak in person to get started.) Here are 5 ways to build your business fast with the power of speaking:

1. Regular teleseminars, hosted by you.

Back in the day I was really self-conscious and dreaded being “seen.” So my ONLY two marketing tools were teleseminars and my newsletter. Nonetheless, with every teleseminar I put on, I grew my community (a.k.a my list) by 75-100 people – without having others promote me. How did I do it? I found groups and communities where promotion was welcome (Ladies Who Launch, In Good Company, various NING forums, etc) and became a regular presence, providing great content and tips to members in between teleseminars. You can do the same.

2. Regular teleseminars, hosted by others.

Once you start hosting your own teleseminars and are out there promoting them regularly on Facebook, Twitter and online forums, guess what happens next? Opportunities to share your message with other communities start coming to you. Make it easy for others to book you by posting a list of your talks on a “speaking” page on your website.

3. Local in-person speaking gigs.

Every city or town has groups or venues that need speakers who provide high-quality content and value to their peeps. If you struggle when it comes to finding networking groups, think outside the box: fitness centers, yoga studios, corporate lunch and learns, membership clubs, libraries, metaphysical centers,… the possibilities are endless.

4. Live 2-3 hour workshops, hosted by you. (Also known as a “preview event.”)

Still not convinced that groups in your town need YOU as a speaker? Create your own opportunity by hosting your OWN 2-3 hour “preview” workshop. Tip: Select venues that have active communities and will help you promote, even if you need to invest a small fee for their mailing list. (Though don’t let a lack of experience or perceived promo opportunities stop you – I know one career coach who launched her practice from her living room, by giving a workshop to her friends. You can do this!)

5. Online event, such as a telesummit.

Don’t believe the rumors that telesummits are dead – these virtual speaking platforms are still a fast track to creating credibility, building your community and enrolling high-end clients quickly. Why? Hearing you as host on a series of talks will give your clients a chance to experience your energy and positions you as the go-to expert. (I easily filled an 8-person high-end mastermind immediately after my 6-Figure Secrets Of Divine Feminine Entrepreneurs program – not bad for 12 interviews, which I loved doing!)

Hosting a telesummit is a significant investment of time, energy, attention and money, but it can totally pay off. The key to making yours successful is to have a tightly niched hot topic that your clients want more information about, plus great speakers giving valuable content.

POWER TIP: With a few modifications, you can use your Signature Talk in all of these opportunities, making it one of the most highly leveraged tools in your marketing medicine bag.

Don’t Wait For Permission To Get Your Message Out…

With just these 5 speaking avenues, you can attract all the awesome high-end clients you’ll ever want or need for a lifetime. There are literally thousands of dollars in income and impact waiting here for you! And… the true transformative power of speaking is that of self-appointment.

So many women are waiting for someone else to deem them “worthy” or “good enough” to speak their truth, share their message, make their dreams come true, whatever. Goddess, just get out there and do it. My coach’s request to you: schedule YOUR next speaking opportunity within the next 48 hours. Someone who needs you is waiting for you!

Want more strategies to attract high-paying clients fast – even if you don’t have a list?  Grab your copy of my brand new free report, 5 Simple Ways To Attract High-Paying Clients This Week.  It’s full of 10+ proven ideas for attracting new clients in 7 days or less, including scripts and checklists my clients have been using to enroll clients quickly at higher fees than they ever thought possible.  When you download your report, you’ll also get a seat on my upcoming Livestream training where I’ll be sharing even more tools to attracting awesome clients at higher fees.   Go here to get instant access to the report now.

Client Spotlight: Julee Duessing

“One of the most important things I learned in the program was how to take imperfect action and make decisions.”

I had been allowing perfectionism and procrastination to keep me in overwhelm. Elizabeth provided great tools for each step to take to attract clients and build my business. The templates and processes she shared are priceless –I have already made back what I invested in them 10 times over!

Julee DuessingBy diving in and allowing myself to take risks, my business is blossoming! I am now confident in what I am offering and I am working with my ideal clients who are committed to transformation. I have people so hungry for this work and I love using my creativity and intuitive gifts to midwife them through their transformation.  I have created more income in a few short months than all of last year with more opportunities all around me.

Elizabeth’s approach melding spiritual principals with creative core business knowledge is a heavenly match that aligns with my values and resonates deep in my soul. I am now ready to take my business to the next level and expand my reach through the Essentials Training. I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to take the next step without Elizabeth and her team!

Julee Duessing 

Client Spotlight – Melody LeBaron

“Within 6 months I had tripled my income from the year before! And I’m channeling my own sacred body of work.”

Before working with Elizabeth, I was scared that I was not going to make it.  My business had been adversely affected by the economy and I was doing backbreaking clutter-clearing that barely paid the bills – the complete opposite of the expert I know myself to be now.

Melody LebaronWe have 3 kids in college and my daughter said, “Mom, I think you’re going to need to get a JOB.”   That was so depressing to me, because I love what I do.

When I found Elizabeth, I was astounded by all that she was sharing.  I have deep training in metaphysical and spiritual work, but… these concepts applied to business?   It was a new door into a new world, opening up to me.

Signing up for Elizabeth’s program was a huge leap of faith.  But within two weeks, I’d created my first success – four high-end clients.  Within six weeks I’d made $16,000.

Finally, I had claimed my expertise.   Finally, I had a way to package my gifts, and bring everything I had to the table in service of incredible transformation.  Even the clients who I had worked with in the “old” way started seeing me as the expert.  And my high-end clients were getting amazing results.  I was offering exactly what they needed and it was such a joy to see my work having an impact.

Just 6 months after starting with Elizabeth, I had tripled my income from the year before.  My husband was astounded when he looked at the numbers – make that ecstatic!

A year later, I have refined my niche and I now have a solid internet presence.  I’m launching new online programs and I’m experiencing leverage in my business for the first time.  And I continue to bring in clients at the new rates.  As I create these new programs and content, I’m aware that I’m channeling a new body of work, my own sacred body of work that I am just so excited about.

I know that I would not be at this place without Elizabeth’s coaching and mentoring.   I experience Elizabeth as the mother who provides incredible containment, structure and support, along with incredible love and compassion.  I’ve been supported every step of the way.

Melody LeBaron

A Simple Formula To Set Your Fees (And Make Sure You Don’t Undercharge)

Are you undercharging for your services?

If so, you’re not alone.   Your school or training program probably didn’t teach you how to set your fees, so what are you left to do?   Look around at what everyone else is charging and follow suit.

Problem is, when everyone around you is stuck in dollars-for-hours mode (we’re all conditioned to think this way) and undercharging, it’s all too easy to form a belief that you can’t charge what you’re really worth or really want.

nj115-9443163e-a084-4edb-83ca-4e229348f534-v2Remember, in your business, you’re the boss. You get to design your business to support the life you desire.  And it all starts with how you set your fees.

You might be thinking, “That’s great Elizabeth, but how can I charge what I really want?  Nobody would pay me!”

Goddess, that’s the wrong question!  Instead, ask yourself,

“Who would I have to BE in order to charge that amount, and attract the clients who will pay?”

Here’s a simple 7-step formula to set your fees this new, empowered place:

Step 1.  Decide on your number.

How much do you need to make each month to live the life you want?  Be sure to include everything: all of your annual expenses, specific purchases you want to make, insurance payments, taxes – everything.

Big Hint: One of the big reasons why entrepreneurs fail when it comes to manifesting money is that they shoot too high, too soon.  If you’re barely paying your bills right now, focus on creating enough to cover your basic expenses.  Once you create that success, you can quickly move on to the next.

Step 2.  Decide what the money is FOR.

Money is neutral; it has no meaning in and of itself.  What gives it meaning is your emotion.  When your number actually means something to you, you’re much more motivated to put in the energy required to create it (including asking for what you want).

Step 3.  Decide how many hours you want to work.

All actions in your business have a cost, especially serving clients. You can’t create the income you want and the lifestyle you want without getting clear on exactly what you’re willing to pay in time.

Step 4.  Determine the number of clients you want to serve.

The number of private clients you take is determined by the total number of hours you want to work divided by the time it takes to serve them.  Take care to NOT over-extend yourself – you need time to work ON your business, too!

Step 5.  Design your program or package.   

Remember, clients invest in outcomes and results, not time.  What will your client get from working with you?  Your offer needs to have ONE clear core outcome that speaks to your clients’ immediate needs, plus you need to determine the value of that result to the client.

To save time (and in the future, leverage your time) and help your clients get even better results, organize your process into a series of steps, or unique system, that you can walk your clients through.  To further increase the value to your client, kick off your program or package with an intensive-style experience (like a VIP day) that helps them create a result quickly.

Step 6.  Determine the value.

Ask yourself, “When they have [X] result, what’s that worth to them?”  Be sure to look at the impact of the result on their finances, health, relationships and future potential.  Then look at the cost of them NOT having the result: how will NOT solving the problem cost them, in the areas of finances, health, relationships and future potential?

Don’t skip this step!  It’s this uncovering of the true value of the results to the client that ultimately determines what you can (and should) charge.

Step 7. Decide your price.

This is simple math.  To get your fee, take your desired number and divide it by the number of clients you must enroll into your new package.  If the number makes you gasp (!), do NOT lower your fee!  Instead, focus on creating value.  Ask yourself:

“What kind of value do I have to provide in this program in order to charge that amount?”

Who You’re BE-ing Determines How Much You’re Charging

Your fee reflects your confidence in your skill set.  If you’re feeling a lack of confidence in yours, ask yourself: is that doubt really about your skills, or are you taking on the responsibility for your clients?  (“I don’t want to promise results…”)

Remember that your modality – be it coaching, massage, acupuncture, Reiki – has a lineage of transformation behind it, one you can draw on to boost your confidence when you doubt that your stuff really works.  Remember, you’re not the first person to create success doing what you do!

When you are BE-ing the feminine you truly are (instead of doubting or taking on their stuff), your clients will feel it, giving them the confidence they need to get the transformation they truly want – at the rates you desire and deserve.

How to price your programs and services is one of the key components we cover in depth in The Essentials Training. To get on the early bird list for Essentials, just go to and sign up to get two no-cost reports we have for you.  And stay tuned!

How To Automate Your Client Attraction

“Where is my next client going to come from?”
It’s a question a lot of newer entrepreneurs face, and one that can easily spin you into overwhelm, especially when it feels like you’re working too hard, constantly “doing” in a quest for clients that may not always deliver results. (Burnout alert!)

The great news is that when you have a system, you can turn your website into a client-attracting machine that does a lot of the work for you, 24/7.  With just a few things in place, you can automate your marketing in a way so that clients eagerly come to YOU to talk about your programs.

nj115-1c31c86c-34f4-4f0e-92d7-ed38dc2aabbb-v2If the idea of automating your client attraction sounds complicated, or you’re not sure how to make it work for you, it’s actually quite simple.  Here are 5 easy steps to set up your own client attraction engine and help you break out of feast-or-famine mode for good:

1)   Discover the right words.

No marketing will work without the right words.  First, you must be clear: who are you helping, what are you helping them with, and what words resonate and draw them in?

Here’s a hint: These are the words they are telling themselves.  If you were a fly on the wall of their mind for a day, what are they thinking?

Great marketing (the kind that’s effective) echoes the conversation that’s going on in your potential client’s mind.  Make a list of the key words and phrases they use to describe what they’re struggling with.

2)   Create an “Easy Yes” free offer.  (AKA an “irresistible freebie.”)

Your “easy yes” free offer is what brings people into your world, and gives them the first taste of what it’s like to work with you.  A free report, short video, eBook or checklist are all great free offers, as are teleclasses that are highly results-focused.

These days, people are more info-overloaded than ever.   So make your “Easy Yes” free offer high value and easy to consume.  Think: highly actionable content that speaks to a specific pain point or outcome your clients WANT.

3)   Get your free offer out there with an opt-in that works.

Add your opt-in to your current website, or create a stand-alone web page. Whichever you choose, your opt-in must lead right to the offer and tell potential clients exactly what to do (enter their name and email).

Make it as easy as possible for your peeps to claim your offer!  On a main website, opt-in boxes generally work best in the upper right corner, whereas the top center of the page is great for a stand-alone (no scrolling or searching required).

4)   Create trust and increase desire with nurturing emails.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their free offers is what comes afterward: someone opts in, gets the goody and then… crickets.   

Your opt-in is the beginning of a relationship.  Deliver great content and even more value in a series of follow-up emails.  You emails should give more tips that help them solve their problem and also address whatever potential “yeah buts” (objections) are coming up.

Great content delivered consistently and over time creates the experience of “I feel like I know you!” Plus, you’re staying “top of mind,” making it much more likely that the client will invest with you when they’re ready.

TIP: When selecting an email management program, make sure it’s one where emails can be delivered over time, completely automated.  (Some email systems only allow for broadcasts, so be sure to check before making your final decision.)

5)   Offer a high value breakthrough session.

After you’ve nurtured your client with a series of high value emails, you can then make your invitation to take the next step.  Offer a Breakthrough Session where you’ll help them get clear on where they are, where they want to be, what’s standing in their way and whether it makes sense to work together.

Remember that your Breakthrough Session itself is an offer, so you need to “sell” that session. Give it a juicy title, describe what they’re going to get out of the conversation, and tell them exactly how to respond to claim their session (reply to the email, go to a different link, etc.)

With These 5 Steps In Place, You’re Ready to Attract Clients On Autopilot

Now you’re ready to “turn on the faucet” and send potential clients to your offer.

You can post it on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, guest blogs that you write for, You Tube videos, referrals from JV partners, etc… Start using every channel available to send people to your opt-in, and when they get there, they’ll go right into your automated marketing system.  Sweet!

With this simple system, a potential client will never slip through the cracks, and you’ll always have a list of people who have raised their hand to hear from you.

Want 1-on-1 help implementing your own automated marketing system?  How to turn your website into a client attracting machine is one of the key components we cover in detail in The Essentials Training, where private, 1-on-1 coaching is included as part of your benefits.   To get on the early bird list for Essentials, just go to and sign up to get two no-cost reports we have for you.  And be sure to mark your calendar for our Livestream coming up on June 6th as I’ll be sharing all the details on Essentials then.