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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Client Spotlight: Stephanie Pedersen

“4 new clients paying my new rate (in just two weeks!)”

I signed on with Elizabeth a few months before I received my certification from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. My plan was to be a holistic health counselor so that I could help women create massive health and irresistibility.

Stephanie PedersenInstinctively I knew that I would need tons of support around marketing and business, but also around mindset. As a writer who was raised in a family of musicians, scientists and farmers, I did not have good business models. Equally challenging, I am married to an artist-slash-musician. I’ve got the starving artists’ money story all around me.

Soon after I started Goddess Business School®, I got four clients. That in itself seemed huge to me, but what was really fantastic was the fees. The health coaching program I went through suggested starting clients out at $100 to $200 a month! I signed up two three-month program clients at $1559 and two six-month program clients at $3990. And my fees have just kept going up.

Since I began working with Elizabeth I’ve raised my rates to $3000 for my 3-month program. Even better, is that in two weeks I had four new clients paying my new rate.

Clients have come to me effortlessly and without yucky, sales-y or manipulative selling. In fact, my last client was an acquaintance who had called me up to talk about her upcoming move and blurted out “I want you to be my mentor. I have to work with you.”

My success would be unthinkable without Elizabeth’s cheerleading, her instruction, her gentle kicks in the backside, and her fierce devotion to making sure I have the tools to do what I need to do to make six figures.

Under her example, I have learned the importance of mindset and how essential it is to surround myself with women who are just as ambitious and committed as I am. Some of my best support comes from the other entrepreneurs in Elizabeth’s programs.

Thank you so much, Elizabeth! I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Stephanie Pedersen
Holistic Nutritionist and Cookbook Author

7 Essential Business Systems to Make 6-Figures Without Burning Out

Running your own business involves a zillion details and moving parts.  If you’re relying on yourself to remember all of these, you WILL get burned out.  Things WILL fall through the cracks.

Make no mistake: you need systems.

A system is simply a series of steps for a particular task or project.   The cool part?  You shouldn’t be the one executing the system.  Once you have systems documented, you can hand them off to key team members – this is how you begin to create a business that runs without you.

nj115-a432e6d4-d13b-41f1-991b-fc125a7da0a8-v2If you’ve never systematized anything in your business before, take heart – if you take the same steps to achieve particular tasks in your business more than once, you already have the makings of a system for that task.

The key is to hone, refine and ultimately delegate the RIGHT systems that are going to grow your business.

Which systems should you implement FIRST?  Below are my top 7 systems that I used to create over $500k in revenue in just two years: Continue reading 7 Essential Business Systems to Make 6-Figures Without Burning Out

Client Spotlight: Amy Sedgwick

“3-5 new clients per month at 4 times my old fees!”

Before working with Elizabeth, I was charging by the hour, one session at a time.  My sister and I ran a retail shop where I offered my services, and it was a struggle to get clients who would pay me.  Closing our doors was a monthly concern and we were borrowing money left, right and center just to stay afloat.
Thanks to Elizabeth’s teaching, I learned a valuable system for generating leads and converting them into clients. I created a free gift that has become an integral and highly effective part of my enrollment process, and it essentially does the work itself!

I also learned how to package my services into programs that create amazing value and results for my clients without creating more work for me. This new way of working enabled my sister and I to move our business fully online without any loss of clients. Today I am easily registering 3-5 new clients per month without having to do almost anything and my program fees are 4 times what I used to charge for my services!

Elizabeth also showed me how essential it was to allow myself to be supported in my business and the importance of freeing up my time and energy to serve more fully. As a result of what Elizabeth taught us about hiring team, I brought on a client care assistant so that I can focus on what I do best – serving my clients!

I now have the skills and tools to set and reach my income goals so our business can thrive!

Amy Sedgwick


How To Safely Invest In Your Business When You Have Debt

nj115-b5f64bd1-6b9f-40f4-b502-bd649695d556-v2Should you use debt to build your business?

It’s a question that’s surrounded by controversy, especially in our society with its strong anti-debt bias.

Instead, I like to consider the question of disempowered vs. empowered debt. Disempowered debt is using debt to fill a void or to obtain outside validation or gratification, whereas empowered debt is using debt strategically to get you where you want to go, while having a clear plan to pay it off.

If you’re longing to invest in your business but find yourself saying, “I’d love to BUT,” here are 6 questions help you make an decision about whether using empowered debt is right for you:

1. Is there another way to make this investment without going into debt?

There are no shortage of ways to create money. The question is, are you willing? What are your options? Could you ask someone for help, create an offer for your services, or sell something on eBay?

If you absolutely HAD to come up with the amount of money in question, what would you do? (Yes, it’s a question of extremes, but it’s a great way to see what you haven’t been willing to do… yet. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are not the truth. What action do you really need to take?)

2. Am I letting shame impact this decision?

Because our society places such a negative view on debt, it’s all too easy to make yourself wrong for having it, even if you took it on with your eyes wide open. For many women, being in debt means living with feelings of intense shame and self-judgment – two very difficult places to take resourceful action from.

Notice if you’re letting shame over past debts cloud your vision now. What is the judgment you have of yourself for having that debt? What is another possibility that exists in that story, that is more accurate and empowering?

3. Will I be able to take resourceful action?

Some mentors will ask you to go into debt down to your last dollar, under the guise of overcoming your resistance or creating a breakthrough.

What I’ve found after coaching hundreds of women is that being “on your last nickel” is not a resourceful place to be when building your business. It’s hard to market yourself and take action in a way that attracts clients when you’re constantly worried about your debt.

We all have a tolerance level when it comes to money. Being an entrepreneur WILL stretch your money comfort zone, and that’s a good thing. But you don’t want to be stretched so far that you can’t take action from an empowered place.

Now here’s the key…

If that’s the case for you, instead of saying no outright – simply ask, “How ELSE can I make this happen, in a way that helps me grow?” There is always a way!

4. What’s my plan for paying it off?

Debt can be an excellent tool to build your business, WHEN when you use it consciously and responsibly.

So what’s your plan for paying it off?

For example, if you’re investing in a training program to get clients, decide what portion of each new client fee you’ll set aside to pay off the debt and how long it’ll take. Be realistic about your time frame, so you can honor your commitment to yourself.

This way, you’re going in with a plan and your eyes wide open – by crunching the numbers, you’ll see exactly what you’ll need to do and by when. In many cases, you’ll be happily surprised at how doable it really is, and inspire you to get out there and make it happen.

POWER Tip: As an entrepreneur, your income potential is limited ONLY by your consciousness. So after you’ve crunched the numbers on the investment in question, keep going and see how joining that program or hiring that team can help you create income for the rest of your debt. Create a payment plan now for the full amount of your debt, if you don’t have one already.

5. How will I create accountability?

Whatever your plan, be sure you have a container for accountability – doing the work in your program, using all the program benefits, setting aside the money for repayment, keeping the money shame gremlins at bay, or whatever you need.

As a transformation professional you know that accountability is where it’s at, so be sure to give yourself the same support you would a client.

When It Comes To Your Business, Debt Is A Tool.

Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t let the views of others cloud YOUR vision or make you wrong when it comes to debt.

We bring OUR feelings to money, not the other way around. Which means you can release all the shame, guilt and judgment around the debt you currently have and use these 5 questions to make an empowered decision about whether using debt is right for you.

Client Spotlight: Linda Bard

“From a one-and-done service provider to doubling my fees and becoming a Visionary Business Leader!”

Since working with Elizabeth, I now have a ton of clarity about the direction of my business – helping women entrepreneurs claim their soul vision and find their creative voice in their marketing message. I’ve doubled my fees and am working with clients who are truly committed to their growth, to the point where enrolling them in my programs and VIP days is easy.

Linda BardShortly after Goddess Business School®, I took a huge leap and entered a contest called ‘The Next Great Visionary Business.’  I put into practice what I had learned to create a compelling video and to host my first teleseminar. Thanks to my impactful message and the community I had built, I was named runner up  in the competition, delivered my signature talk before an audience of 120 people, and received amazing exposure for my work.  That day, I gained three new ideal clients and two amazing joint venture partners!  Using what I learned from Elizabeth gave me the confidence and know-how to pull all of this together!

Through my work with Goddess Business School®, I stepped into my leadership. I’ve transitioned from being a service provider to a community builder. Today, I have increased my expert status and presence exponentially, am speaking regularly and enjoying juicier and juicier collaborative partnerships.  Next month, I’m holding my first live 2-day workshop retreat in collaboration with a remarkable colleague. It just keeps getting better!

I’m so grateful to Elizabeth and Goddess Business School® for giving me the powerful foundation to shape the growth of a business I absolutely love.

Linda Bard

5 Ways You’re Helping Clients Even When You’re “Not There Yet”

One of the most common concerns we hear at GBS is, “How can I go out and get clients when I haven’t healed my own challenges?”

Deep inside, you know you can help clients, but how can you possibly get out there in a bigger way when YOU still have more healing to do?

Because I’d bet a milkshake that the following are already true for you:

Hands openYou’re at least two steps ahead of your clients.
You have a steadfast commitment to your own growth.
Newsflash: if I’d waited around in my own business until ALL of my “money stuff” was cleaned up, I wouldn’t have brought in over $2m in revenue over a 4 year period, while helping thousands of women make thousands of dollars (sometimes hundreds of thousands) along the way.

You don’t have to be perfect.  You just have to be on the path.

If you’ve been holding back because of the Fraud Factor, it’s time to turn that around.  Here are 5 ways in which you are already helping your clients – even when you’re not “perfect”:

1. You’re an inspiration.

The #1 objection people have to making a change is NOT money, or even time.  It’s “Can I do this?”

Your clients want you to show them that it’s possible for them.  Because you’re already 2 steps ahead, you’re doing just that…. when you show up and market yourself, that is.

And you’re only going to get better and better, because you’re already on the path.  Right?  Right.

2. You STILL know more than they do!

Back in the day, I helped metaphysical consultants get clients.  Even though *I* was struggling at the time, I still knew more about marketing and sales than they did. I was still able to provide value and guidance that furthered them along their path.

Truthfully?  They didn’t care that I was struggling. They read my newsletter and saw that I had a bit of a clue about marketing – more than they did.  A few people put my tips into action and got some incredible results.  More soon followed.

Even at 2 steps ahead, you can reach a hand back to the people behind you with what you have already learned to pull them forward.

3. You’re creating a space. 

The highest-value way to offer your services is to create a program.  In a program, you’re creating a space – an environment of growth – for your people to step into.

We all need a container of support to create lasting change.  The people you’re helping don’t have that!  That’s why they’ve been stuck where they are.

You can provide a “loving container” to your clients NOW, no matter how much experience you have.  And you’ll love the confidence you get as you see them getting results.

4. You can give them your personal attention, time, and support.   

One key thing YOU have to offer that “the big gurus” don’t is your personal attention.   You can go deep and in-depth, which is what more and more of your clients are really looking for.

You can help your clients tremendously by providing them with the personal support that is not available to them in a group or self-guided program, even from the most “perfect” coach/helper/healer out there.

Don’t let the comparison game diminish the value of personal 1-on-1 support. This is golden.

5. You’re holding them accountable.

As someone who has “walked the walk,” you know that change won’t happen without accountability.  And your clients do, too!  After all, they haven’t been able to do it on their own.

Up to 60% of what your clients are actually investing in is their own commitment – ie. the accountability to get it done.  You bring tremendous value simply by showing up and lovingly holding them accountable to what they say they want and will do.

Don’t Let “Not There Yet” Make You Stingy With Your Gifts

The biggest secret of “getting there” is that you get there by being on the path.

We all start somewhere. The way you walk your talk and stand in integrity is NOT by being perfect, but by being on the path, showing up and doing the work you need to do, when you need to do it.

So how can you just begin today?

Want to learn more about how to package your services into signature programs that are irresistible to your ideal clients? Our Essentials Training gives you everything you need to create high-value programs that set you apart from the crowd.   To get on the early notification list (and the best investment when we open), go here and download your two free reports as our gift.

Client Spotlight: Lisa Marie Rosati

“3 Awesome Clients Easily Enrolled in my New Program for a Total of $15,000 – The Biggest Cash Infusion I’ve Ever Had”

I had a busy local coaching practice for years before noticing that coaching clients all day for pennies was sucking the life out of me. I always considered myself to be a people person but the long hours of being a cheerleader and strategist for everyone else eventually took its toll on my wellbeing.

Lisa Marie Rosati OldAfter stepping through some fear, I enrolled in Goddess Business School. Not only did I learn a ton about how to leverage my time to create a sustainable business (priceless), I met some of the most incredible, like-minded women that I now joyfully call friends and colleagues (beyond PRICELESS)… I found my peeps.

Since that pivotal moment where I made the all or nothing decision, the momentum in my business changed dramatically. I almost immediately raised my fees, and I successfully created, launched and delivered my first telecourse, “The Goddess Path To Abundance!” (It went so well that I am soon launched my second program with double the enrollments.)

Since then I’ve created 3 homestudy courses, I have clients traveling to spend VIP Days with me, and I opened my year-long private Manifest Your Thriving 6-Figure Business program and had 3 women step right in, creating a $15,000 cash infusion – the biggest I’ve ever had! Without the skills and the mindset shifts I learned in Goddess Business School that would not have been possible, it has really brought up my money thermometer.

Thank you Elizabeth for simplifying and systematizing online business models. I am highly visual and seeing the way its done on paper along with the recordings has allowed me to fully wrap my head around what needs to get done. Goddess Business School truly is like a step-by-step manual for how to create your business, and one that I can go back to again and again as my business grows and evolves.

Investing in Goddess Business School has been an essential ingredient for my success and rapid business growth and has enabled me to create a thriving, global business. I look forward to seeing what jumps out of her magic box next!

Lisa Marie Rosati
Creatrix of the Goddess Lifestyle Plan and Sugar Free Goddess

How To Quit Your Day Job (To Create The Business Of Your Dreams)

One of the most profound turning points of my life was making the decision to quit my “soul-sucking J-O-B” and start my own business.

It was exhilarating, empowering, scary… and I promptly went into ‘figuring it out’ mode to make it happen.

I did what most aspiring entrepreneurs do: spent endless hours at my computer Googling “how to quit your job” and fretted over all the stuff people said I needed (business licenses, start-up advice, raising capital, designing a website… etc etc), all the while trying to discern how it applied to me.

Shuffling all that virtual paper made me feel like was in control, yet I had a sneaking feeling that I wasn’t really getting anywhere.

nj115-6c8f4bcc-3e1c-4550-b8e7-e8124efe1a85-v2The problem was, I didn’t have a viable roadmap to follow. What I didn’t realize was that for transformation professionals, about 99% of the business start-up advice that’s out there is useless.

Here’s what I would have done differently based on what I know now, and it starts with a key mindset: Continue reading How To Quit Your Day Job (To Create The Business Of Your Dreams)