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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Client Spotlight – Kelly Lubeck

Goddess Business School® was exactly what I needed to step off the sidelines, get my business together, and make my vision a reality.

Before joining Goddess Business School®, I felt I was living in two worlds (offering my heart-based healing and transformation services on the side while working full time doing public health work I was also passionate about but was all-consuming). I was also giving away services for free or severely undercharging for what I was offering. As a deeply intuitive woman, I had dreams and visions, charts and outlines and many marvelous ideas about the projects I wanted to birth, but I had no idea of how to integrate these ideas and offer them to the world.

Kelly LubeckElizabeth showed me how to combine my unique set of skills and passions into a clear, step-by-step Signature System that offers pregnant women the sacred partnership and tools to access their deepest wisdom, do profound inner healing and create new patterns in their self-care throughout their journey into motherhood.

Elizabeth’s marketing teachings have also shown me how to powerfully show up for my potential clients as I offer them this transformational program that empowers women and offers their babies a healthy start. I now understand the process for marketing as well as the essential mindsets that are needed.

Thanks to what I’ve learned, I’ve launched Sacred Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond, and with the program design templates Elizabeth provided, I have been able to create a variety of high-value transformational programs. Within the first two weeks of my launch, I registered my first client at an investment equal to what I’ve made in six months of private sessions in the past!

I thank you in more ways than I can say, Elizabeth, for you have provided this beautiful container that allowed me to step in fully to my soul’s longing, where I now have the tools to support women in their journeys and create the freedom in my life that I have been dreaming of!

Kelly Lubeck, MPH, RYT

How To Make 6 Figures Selling a “Soft And Fuzzy” Service

One of the most common questions we receive here at Goddess Business School® is “Can I make great money even if I’m NOT teaching people how to make money?”

Maybe you, too, have wondered if providing transformation services like energy work, hands-on healing, pregnancy, fertility work or spiritual counseling was really a legitimate business model that could generate a substantial income.

The answer is yes!

Presents10The numbers don’t lie.  In 2012 alone, the self-improvement market was worth an estimated $11.17 billion*.   That’s a lot of personal transformation going on… that your potential clients are already paying for.

So how can you effectively sell “soft and fuzzy” services and make great money doing so?  These 4 tips will make all the difference:

1) Loosen your grip.

Most conscious women entrepreneurs are deeply passionate about what they do.  They’re on a mission to change their communities and the world.  The problem arises when they adopt limiting beliefs about how their business should look. Continue reading How To Make 6 Figures Selling a “Soft And Fuzzy” Service

Client Spotlight: Terri Landey and Stacia Biltekoff

“Within the first couple of months we had created our signature system and signed up two $3000 clients!”

Before Goddess Business School® we had just met and both had a lot of passion about starting a new business. But neither of us had much business experience, and we had a lot of ideas and absolutely no idea how to implement them!

TerriandStaciaElizabeth guided us to become very clear on who we are and who we were meant to serve. She helped us own our natural talents and showed us how to create a viable business out of them. Within the first couple of months we had created our signature system to offer to pregnant women, and we signed up two $3000 clients!

Through Elizabeth’s teaching, step-by-step systems, and templates, we created two very effective programs that we have been using with our clients with great success, and we’ve created a brand identity and website that naturally attracts our ideal clients.

It’s been really transformational for us to get out of that dollars per hour mindset that we were stuck in, and be able to reach a wider audience and help more women than we were before. This program really helped us see what our resistance was, what we were bumping up against and learn how to move through that so that we could expand our program and ourselves. We both gained a lot of trust in ourselves, and having the support of Elizabeth and a community of women also dealing with the same challenges was an integral part of that.

Now our business is as busy as we want it to be! We are able to be selective about the clients we take on and we are even starting to add to our team. So much has shifted inside us, and the pathway from here on out is much clearer now and much more exciting.

We know that what we’ve learned in Goddess Business School is going to really help us leverage our time and energy so that we’re reaching more people, while also giving us more time for our own lives. Thank you Elizabeth!

Terri Landey and Stacia Biltekoff

What’s Your Front Door Problem?

Are you passionate about the deep transformation you provide?  (Overcoming blocks, releasing limiting beliefs, navigating transition… etc.)

You’re darn good at it.   You’re here to help a LOT of people.  So when you hear the marketing “gurus” out there say that you MUST get specific… well, you get a little ticked off.

And yet at the end of the day, despite all the passion, when you STILL don’t have the clients you want…  you secretly start to wonder if those gurus are right.

Here’s the great news: People will pay for deep transformation, and you can do the work you really want to do!

keyholeHow?  By solving a “front door” problem: a clear problem that people know they have, and are willing to invest in to get solved. They know they have a problem, they know they want to solve it, so it’s an easy way for them to say yes to working with you.

Your “front door” allows your peeps to step into your world, where you can take them on a much deeper journey – where the REAL healing and transformation occurs.  From here, you start to create real momentum – both for your clients, and for yourself as you branch out and do the deeper work you know you’re here to do.

For example, early in my business I got the Divine “kick in the bum-bum” that I’m here to teach magic and manifestation.  At the time I was broke and had zero credibility, so of course my first thought was, “Seriously?! Who’s going to pay me for that?

Instead of resisting or staying stuck, I chose the front door problem of teaching conscious women entrepreneurs how to get clients.  Believe me, I was – and still am – teaching magic and manifestation all day, every day.  The work has transformed into an entire second brand called Feminine Magic®.

So what’s YOUR “front door”?   Here are 3 steps to find it: Continue reading What’s Your Front Door Problem?

Client Spotlight: Zahra Haji

“Goddess Business School® gave what I needed to turn my passion into a real business, and to be able to create consistent income while working less!”

Before working with Elizabeth, Yoga Goddess was this amazing concept, but I was trying to do too many things and meet too many needs. It felt like a constant slog, trying to fill classes and barely making enough to survive.

Zahra Super Smile in PurpleElizabeth helped me find my niche (and trust me I made it hard for her!) but she kept at it with me, never wavering on how important it was that I got focused. When I finally chose to zero in on fertility and got really passionate about it, everything shifted. I wrote my eBook effortlessly, got my new website done and had my first high paying clients within weeks of launching.

Now I’ve transitioned to a different way of working that than enables me to create amazing income while actually working a lot less. I turned my Moon Goddess fertility-enhancing yoga & meditation practice into a digital product that creates passive income. My private fees are 3x what I used to charge, and I have clients from as far away as Sweden who happily pay to work with me because I am the author of my own signature system.

Now I’m crystal clear on who I’m talking to and what problem I’m solving. I also know what it takes to create revenue and I keep implementing the strategies I learned in Goddess Business School® over and over to create consistent results. It has really given me a clear focus, as well as the step-by-step roadmap for where I needed to go next in my business.

The next big step for me is to create webinars with JV partners in my field so my expert status gets stronger and I get exposure to a wider audience, and Goddess Business School® has given me the tools to do this too. This year my goal is to participate in fertility telesummits and quadruple my list and I’m well on my way!

Zahra Haji

The 3 Magic Questions That Get Clients to YES

Can you relate to this common scenario?

“I talk to people, we connect, they seem interested, I describe what I do… but they keep telling me they can’t afford or they have to think about it!”

You’re not alone!

If you’re doubting yourself, know THIS:  it’s not that there’s something wrong with you or what you offer.  Chances are, you simply haven’t been taught how to find out what REALLY inspires clients to sign up.

iStock_000014889792XSmallHere it is in a nutshell:

In order for a client to say YES, you must establish the value of what you offer.  The client has to clearly see what’s in it for them (what your service can do for them) in order to invest.

The way you establish this value is NOT by talking about how great your program is, or even giving away a free taste of your service!

Instead, find out what’s most important to your potential client and then demonstrating how your service is going to address this.  Here’s how. Continue reading The 3 Magic Questions That Get Clients to YES

Client Spotlight: Alexa Linton

I’ve found my mojo again in my business and my life! My business is officially moving forward to a whole new level!

Before I started Goddess Business School® I could describe myself and my business in one word – stuck. I was a great technician with great results, but dealing with money, sales and marketing was awkward at best. I’d been in business for 10 years and had a major upper limit happening financially and emotionally. I knew I was missing huge opportunities for growth both personally and financially by staying in the dark about these crucial aspects of my business.

Alexa-Bellyfit6The transformation that I have felt in the last year far exceeds numbers, percentages or income level, although those have all changed. Since Goddess Business School® my business is fun, growing and exciting! I have created the Diva Project, recently launched my website, found my perfect niche, and was a guest expert on my first Telesummit.

I’ve created several programs which I love, and my list is growing by the day with my completely ideal, somebody-pinch-me, high-paying clients who I completely adore working with. I’m getting a chance to collaborate with some of my favorite people and receive support on all levels. I’ve found my mojo again in my business and my life. My business is officially moving forward to a whole new level!

But, more importantly, I feel different. I feel like someone who matters, who has something beautiful to offer, something of value, something fabulous. I feel free to express myself creatively in my business and confident and powerful enough to bring those visions to life. And now that I’m able to strategize I can see the big picture. There really is no limit to where I can go and what I can do. Its exciting stuff!”

Alexa Linton

5 Ways To Get All the Breakthrough Sessions You’ll Ever Need


Many women come to us asking, “What does it really take to get clients?”

The answer is… a conversation. Specifically, a Breakthrough Session that’s designed to determine where they are, where they want to be, and if it makes sense to work with you.

Getting really comfortable and skilled at Breakthrough Sessions is THE key business skill you’ll need to focus on first. To get good at them, you need to have a lot of them.

Here are five of my favorite ways to generate a flood of breakthrough conversations, when YOU choose:

nj115-81608425-12a3-4dbd-b589-7a4f96d5ec33-v21. Create a “first dibs” offer for current or past clients.

Hands down, the best candidates for your next program are the people you’ve already helped – your past or current clients.

Start by personally reaching out to hand-selected clients, then open the circle wider by sending an email with your breakthrough session offer to all past clients. For past clients, you can send them a “thought of you” email saying “I cherish you!” and offering bonus of a free session, or a “get back on track” session. Continue reading 5 Ways To Get All the Breakthrough Sessions You’ll Ever Need

How To Get Clear on Your Perfect Profitable Niche

clarityIf you’ve ever struggled to get clients to invest in your services, or if you’re hearing a lot of “I can’t afford it,” you’ve likely stumbled on a key problem that holds conscious women entrepreneurs back from making the money they deserve: an unclear (or unprofitable) niche.

Your niche is the combination of the people you serve, and the situation-specific problem you solve for them.  While you don’t need to have the “perfect” niche to start getting clients (and indeed, you don’t want to wait!), it’s no secret that to create a 6-figure business, your niche has to be compelling.

When it comes to niche, women business owners are often in a tailspin of over thinking.  But getting clear on your niche is almost always about your mindset than anything else!   Before you spend one more minute trying to “figure it out” in your head, use these tips to uncover what you’ve been missing… and gain the clarity you seek.

Continue reading How To Get Clear on Your Perfect Profitable Niche

Client Spotlight: Nachhi Randhawa

Nachhi Randhawa
“Before joining Elizabeth’s program, I was doing well but knew that I needed to build up my confidence in holding empowered conversations that convert so that I could breakthrough to the next level in my business and make an even bigger difference.

As a result of being a part of this amazing program I boosted how I show up for my breakthrough sessions and signed up 5 amazing new platinum clients for a total of $30,000. And I did this working 20 hours a week. I proudly share that I’m a full-time mommy and a part-time entrepreneur that makes an amazing living. And I have Elizabeth to thank for that. Elizabeth has truly been an angel in my life with helping me create a life of real meaning, fulfillment and freedom.

There are no words to convey the gratitude in my heart. I know I will continue to use all that I’ve learned from Elizabeth not only in my business but also in my life. I look forward to being an important part of Elizabeth’s continued programs and diving in even deeper into this work that is not only so financially rewarding but that is so transformational at the deepest heart level. Thank you, my dear gifted coach and sister goddess. My most heart-felt gratitude for all that you do, all that you are and the deep inner healing you bring out in each and every person you touch.”

Nachhi Randhawa