Goddess Business School®

Imagine... receiving $3,000... $5,000..even $10,000+ from a single client for your services… with your ideal dream clients seeking YOU out to hire you. Consistently.

Imagine... having plenty of time for all of the things that are important to you – family, friends, a healthy lifestyle, travel – while your business prospers.

Imagine... the satisfaction of knowing you're truly creating massive impact... transforming the lives of tens, hundreds or even thousands of people... doing what you were born to do and getting paid well to do it!

Most women start their business because they dream of financial freedom doing what they love. But though you were born to coach, mentor, teach, lead, or heal... none of us are born knowing how to transform those gifts into a real business that creates significant income and impact!

Maybe you've got some clients, but you're working waaaay too hard for too little income. (Most of our clients come to us when they're ready to start making real money.)

Or maybe you're newer in business, and want to do it right from the start... while laying the foundation for a business that serves you and the world for years to come.

I'm Elizabeth Purvis, founder of Goddess Business School®, the premiere 6-figure business training for transformational women entrepreneurs.

I created Goddess Business School® to hand you a streamlined, proven step-by-step path to create a high-income service-based business that serves you and your lifestyle as much as it serves the world.

Why? Because NOW is your time, and the world is clamoring for the transformation you offer.

According to Forbes magazine, Americans spend $11 billion per year on self-improvement, and that number keeps climbing. People are seeking transformation and are willing to pay for it.

Problem is, without a proven path, broken down into steps you can actually follow, it's all too easy to let overwhelm take you out, prioritize the wrong things or get distracted by the latest shiny object… then wake up 6 months later to find you're still not making any money.

Have you ever joined a program that delivers TONS of inspiration... and maybe even some good information... but when it's time to sit down and DO something, you're left to flounder?

We know it's a huge problem – which is why we've designed Goddess Business School® to deliver the systems, support and accountability you need to create real results!

You can see that we’re taking a passionate stand for YOU to create a thriving, money-making business that truly serves you. And here’s WHY:

We believe to our core that awakening conscious women are ready to be RICH. We believe that the world needs new models of what it means to have money, and it’s spiritual women entrepreneurs who stand positioned to bring this healing forward. What if the wealth of the world was in the hands of giving, empowered conscious women?

It’s a breathtaking possibility that starts with YOU, creating a profitable business that delivers YOUR personal brand of transformation to those you’re meant to serve.

If you’re ready for a totally unique, well-designed mentorship experience to help you take the fast track to creating your next level of income and impact… to align your spirit with the energy of money so you can experience true abundance while being a model for others to do the same… you’re in exactly the right place.

“The most money I have ever made in my business, period!”

Since starting the program, I have made the most money I have ever made in my business, period! I made over $20k in one month, and that was just from the first couple of modules of the program!

I have helped more clients than ever to replace their job income with clients. My prices have increased with confidence and I have sold programs at my new price.

What has shifted for me the most is my ability to believe ALL that is possible for me and my business, and Goddess Business School® is the blueprint that can be used over and over in my business forever. Now I feel like I OWN my business and I am the kick ass coach that I always knew I could be.

- Fon James
The Emergency Business Coach


“$18,000 within the first two months!”

When I first came across Elizabeth I had been able to consistently make $4000 per month, but I was stuck at that level and not able to break through, and I was making that money with 1-1 clients mostly but selling single sessions, so every month I would start at zero and just hope that by the end ofthe month I would have that $4000. I’m a single mom and I had no other financial support, so it was super stressful, to say the least.

When I joined Goddess Business School®, within the first month I was able to almost double that, and I made $18,000 within my first two months of the program!

Ever since then I’ve been able to bring consistency and predictability into my business. I’ve shifted out of the single session model to programs and high-paying clients, which so much more peace, ease and freedom to my life. Now I have a 6-figure business within 6 months, and I’m on my way to growing that into hopefully a quarter-million next year.

Before Goddess Business School® I had spent a lot of money and taken a lot of programs, but they hadn’t worked for me. Elizabeth’s approach brings both to the table, the inner work and the strategy that it really takes to be successful – it’s like magic!

- Carolin Hauser


“Elizabeth is my gamechanger!”

I've hired a four-person team to help me manage workflow, developed two writing coaching programs from scratch, and landed clients with ease because of learning the skills of managing a TSC. I work 25-30 hours a week for both businesses and have been able to hand over a lot of the responsibilities for my writing company, freeing up my time to do what I am passionate about- helping people work from home doing what they love.

There's no doubt that my company, just above the six figure threshold when I started Goddess Business School®, will be into the mid six figures and beyond in the next few years simply because of the tools I have learned. I call Elizabeth my "gamechanger" because she provides the perfect balance of mindset tools and practical application ideas to take your business to the next level.

- Laura Pennington
Six Figure Writing Secrets


“A six figure business is totally do-able and I just had a baby 2 months ago.”

I gave myself a raise by creating a high end offer that I confidently charge (and receive) 5 figures for. I traded all the “doing” for massive clarity around the 2 or 3 marketing activities that create a steady flow of opportunities every month and I kicked my fear of enrolment conversations to the curb, allowing me to create more revenue in a single month than I did in a whole year.

The biggest shift is my upleveled confidence -- in my ability to create a new experience, in my offering, in its worth, in putting myself out there and most of all in asking for business.

For the first time, ever, a six figure business is totally do-able for me this year AND I just had a baby 2 months ago.

I didn't think it was possible but I'm finally relinquishing my perfectionist habit and loving the flow of just making a decision, taking imperfect action and course correcting along the way. I also got really clear on some self-sabotaging beliefs I didn't even know I held, am now so self-aware that I can quickly shift who I'm being and I formed so many incredible, supportive friendships with fellow GBS alumni who are generous with their time, wisdom and connections.

I’m ready to birth my six figure business into existence this year! Through GBS, I've learned how to make this once lofty goal so achievable without sacrificing my family life. My shifts around self-worth, confidence, clarity and leverage have changed me and my business forever.

- Tamika Auwai
Founder of Show Up & Speak Elite Speaker Service


"3-5 new clients per month at 4 times my old fees!"

Thanks to Elizabeth's teaching, I learned a valuable system for generating leads and converting them into clients. I created a free gift that has become an integral and highly effective part of my enrollment process, and it essentially does the work itself!

I also learned how to package my services into programs that create amazing value and results for my clients without creating more work for me. This new way of working enabled my sister and I to move our business fully online without any loss of clients. Today I am easily registering 3-5 new clients per month without having to do almost anything and my program fees are 4 times what I used to charge for my services!

- Amy Sedgwick


“More ‘yes’es at higher investment levels...”

I have two VIP Day clients and three 6-month clients who are prepping to begin their healing journey. This happened, by the way, simply by making a decision to step into my true value level of pricing. I am getting more 'yes-es' with my higher investment levels than when they were lower. Once I stepped into my power, my ideal peeps were able to recognize the 'true me.' This was invaluable.

I was surprised at how fast I would raise my rates.

GBS will forever impact my business and life. From how I handle speaking to potential clients to holding a space for their breakthrough to how I value myself and my services. I'm grateful everyday for the ability to stay in my power WHILE helping someone else stay in theirs.

- Dr. Stacy Mobley
Integrative Doctor for Go-Getter Women

At the heart of Goddess Business School® is The Proven Path To 6-Figures – a curriculum unmatched in the business coaching industry for its depth, clarity and track record.

Everything you need to create a 6-figure transformational service business designed around your lifestyle. Nothing you don’t. And you’ll kickstart your success by signing on high-paying clients in the first 30 days!

“But I have all info this already!”

One of my favorite mentors – an industry leader whose businesses generate $20M in revenue per year– has a quote that I just love: “True learning equals a change in behavior.”

The most dangerous words in the world are “I already know that.”

If you’re not making 6-figures consistently (yet), you don’t know it. Information sitting on your hard drive is worthless without action that gets results.

And if you’re not taking action, it’s practically guaranteed that you’re not (yet) in a program that has been meticulously designed to ensure your success. That’s where we come in!

Elizabeth walks you through the tools, systems and mindsets you need to take your conscious business to 6-figures and beyond. Modules are broken down into short chunks (10-20 minutes each) and are delivered via video, MP3 and PDF, so they fit into even the busiest schedule. You’ll get time throughout the program to implement what you’re learning.

Each training module comes with its own Action Guide which lays out exactly what to do to implement the strategies you’re learning, step by step. You’ll always know what action to take next and stay motivated as you take action on what you learn and see results!

Our clients tell us that we set the standard with our done-for-you materials: proven templates, checklists and scripts that make it easy to take action. This is the same stuff we use every day at GBS, saving you thousands of dollars in wasted time and effort. DFY materials are released with the appropriate training modules.

Meet with Elizabeth twice per month on group coaching calls plus her regular presence on the Facebook group. Plus you get another call with our rockstar lead coach, Shan McLean, for a total of 3 Q+A calls per month. (Wednesdays at 1 pm PT / 4 pm ET)

With regular private 1-on-1 coaching, you’ll accomplish so much more than you would on your own. GBS Coaches have been handpicked and personally trained by Elizabeth, and meet with Elizabeth weekly to discuss client celebrations, strategy and how to move forward. (Sessions are 30 minutes each.)

Imagine a high-level team of Feminine Leaders (and powerful men) available to you at your fingertips! When it’s time to share a success, get extra help, get unstuck, attract an accountability partner or collaborate with others in your community, this members-only group is available to you, 24/7.

You’ll receive a short “Feminine Leader Coaching Minute” videos from Elizabeth, where she’ll coach you on a key topic around mindset, money, manifestation or personal mastery. These powerful and inspiring videos will help stretch you into BE-ing the Feminine Leader of your successful business.

The Program WILL Work For You...
When YOU Decide And Take Action.

Our clients are ambitious, heart-centered women on a mission.

They come to us when it’s time to stop messing around with “shiny objects” and start doing what works. When they’re done with programs that make big promises and then fall flat. When they’re ready to release the inner resistance that has kept them playing small and take a proven path to success.

Let’s be clear: there is no “magic pill” and your business is not going to create itself. You will get out of Goddess Business School® exactly what you put into it. If you’re too busy, or if you make all the reasons why you can’t more important than why you CAN… the income and impact you seek will pass you by.

On the other hand, if you show up fully and allow yourself to be supported… if you make decisions consistently, take action and course-correct… then with our help, there is no way you can fail!

Here’s Your Next Step!

We’re a commitment to you getting exactly what you need in your business. That’s why enrollment in Goddess Business School® is by application only.

The next step is to complete the short application and then have a call with one of our coaches, who will help you determine if this program is a fit for you.

The next step is to complete the short application and then have a call with one of our coaches, who will help you determine if this program is a fit for you.

To apply and book your call, simply click on the button below to complete your application and schedule a conversation. That's it!

So What Happens If We Feel It IS A Fit? :)

Once you’ve had a chance to ask any / all of your questions about Goddess Business School®, your coach will share your options for completing your investment. (The investment will be shared during your call.)

If either party decides the program is not a fit for any reason, there is absolutely no obligation for anything further. No questions asked.

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  1. The $250K Business Plan (Value: $497) Discover the proven path to $250k! This beautiful chart outlines exactly what you need at each of 4 stages of business. You'll clearly identify where you are right now and exactly what you need to put into place to create a "conscious empire" of $250k and up – without burning out or giving up your life.

  2. How To Discover Your 6-Figure Niche (Value: $497)Get clear and confident on who you help, what problem you solve and how to craft a compelling marketing message that attracts clients to you instead of having to chase them.

  3. Your First 3 Clients Fast Start Training (Value: $497) Discover exactly what to do to attract your first – or next – 3 clients using Elizabeth's proven system. With this fast start bonus, you'll have everything you need to make your investment back right away.

  4. Conscious Business Resources Rolodex (Value: $297)This regularly updated Rolodex of conscious business resources includes our best recommendations, including all the vendors, support and "techie" stuff we use to keep Goddess Business School® flowing.

  5. Full Recordings of all Q+A Calls (Value: $997) All live group calls are recorded and will be available for listening and download in your members area.

  6. Membership for LIFE (Priceless!) Once you're in, you're IN! You get lifetime access to the Facebook group and all content updates. (Many of our alumni are still the best of friends, support sisters and JV partners, years later.)

  7. Four MORE Months of Weekly Group Coaching! (Value: $1997)Sick of programs that leave you hanging? So are we! That's why you get a full four months of ongoing group coaching after your modules complete. With weekly access to Elizabeth and her team, you'll always have a way to get coaching and your questions answered for nearly a year - plenty of time to complete the steps to a sustainable, money-making business.

Apply by FRIDAY, November 20th And Receive These
Early Bird BONUSES When You Are Accepted

  1. "10k in 30 Days" Action Plan Session with a GBS Coach!
    (Value: $497)
    How cool would it be to finish out the year with a burst of new clients & cash? You’ll meet with one of our coaches to map out a plan to add 10k to your business in 30 days - before the year is out!

    Don't make the mistake of thinking "nobody signs up for programs" at the end of the year – now is the best time to line up clients for the new year. But you need a plan - which is what this session is all about.

  2. 2016 Business Planning Virtual Workshop with Elizabeth
    (Value: $497)
    Elizabeth will show you how to create a simple marketing plan and cash flow calendar for 2016, so you easily meet your income goals. You'll learn simple planning techniques that won't make you crazy - even if you hate planning or are addicted to "last minute everything." Plus you'll create your plan on the spot! (Workshop takes place in early January 2016)

  3. Program Benefits For The Rest of 2015, including December Q+A Calls Finish the year strong with coaching, support, accountability and all the step-by-step how-to to attract & enroll clients during the most profitable time of the year.

“Upleveled my programs to premium...”

Before joining Goddess Business School®, I'd already broken 6 figures myself in 6 months with a great mentor; however, I really needed to hire team members, and my other program didn’t provide the support for that.

Through working with Shannon and Elizabeth, I’ve been able to concentrate on my strengths by delegating, uplevel my programs to premium levels, and hire great teams both locally and online. I'm also learning best practices for managing my team so that things are running smoothly.

Goddess Business School® also provided me with a place to safely talk about money, success, and my energetic process, plus helped me to undo internal sabotages in those areas.

Good news is, I'm rockin' even harder! I'm on track to double my income this year, I’m attracting amazing partnership opportunities for my premium packages, and with more automation I’ll be enjoying more travel adventures with family, friends, and colleagues

- Maiyah Olivas


"I crossed the 6-figure mark!"

Within 30 days, I'd created over $10,000 - and that was just the start. Within 90 days, my launches brought in over $40,000 combined, including an online class with 64 people (my highest online enrollment ever) and 2 high-end facilitator trainings. It wasn’t long before I crossed the six-figure mark.

Goddess Business School® gave me some key pieces I had been searching for to take my business to the next level. I've gained lots of new marketing and business knowledge from the program and loved being part of the community

I finally feel like I have the tools and training that is making a difference. Thank you Elizabeth!

- Lisa Michaels


"12 clients in my 90-day program and a 500% increase in my income!”

One of the biggest challenges for me before joining Goddess Business School® was being able to charge what I felt my services were worth, and I also felt like I was spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere.

One of the most fantastic things I’ve learned is changing my mindset. I’m now charging what I’m worth and have continued to increase my fees as I go. I’m now able to lead transformational selling conversations with confidence, resulting in clients who want to enroll with me enthusiastically. I’ve now moved a dozen clients through my 90-day program, creating a 500% increase in my income. Next time I run the program I plan to double my fees again!

For me the biggest piece of this work is having the support and a step-by-step plan to get where I want to go. When you change you think about your business, the changes in your business happen much more quickly. I will forever be grateful for Elizabeth’s impact in my business.

- Shyloe Fayad
Transformational Life Coach


“Deep personal transformation for my clients and myself...”

Before working with Elizabeth, my acupuncture business was busy but stagnant. I was undercharging and doing single sessions, and I was stuck at the same income level fluctuating between $6k-$15k per month, so I knew I had to do something different.

I quickly increased my rates and discovered that people will invest at higher fees. I enrolled 8 people in my 90-day program for fertility patients, for which I’ve increased my fees 3 times already. Now there is so much less “selling myself” as I have more confidence and I’m no longer working session-to-session.

I’m now consistently making $15k-20k+ per month, working with people in deep, transformational ways, and I’m attracting more and more committed clients who are happy to invest.

Personally, I’ve been transformed as I’ve uncovered so many limiting beliefs that were affecting my life and business. Having all the resources and the support of the community available when I need them has been invaluable. I’ve really stepped into my leadership in a much bigger way.

- Tsao-Lin Moy, L.Ac., MSOM, LMT, C. SMA


“My first $15,000 month...”

I enrolled in Goddess Business School® on the heels of Get Clients in 30 Days, so I was already working with high-end clients when I started the program. But during GBS, Elizabeth encouraged me to step more deeply into my potential, so I accepted her challenge and created a new program that beautifully blends my work in shamanic healing, soul dreaming and business mentoring (and I doubled my fees!)

As a result, I had my first $15,000 month. It was quite a milestone for me! The more I engage with Elizabeth and the Goddess Business School community, the more heart-centered my work becomes and the more inspired I feel on every level.

My next step is to implement a program I’ve been dreaming about creating for 15 years, and I am so grateful for the support of the GBS community because they have been with me every step of the way.

- Amy Brucker
Shamanic Healer and Self-Employment Guide


“8-10k per month, and my first vacation in years!”

Before working with Elizabeth in Goddess Business School®, I was experiencing difficulty in selling effectively, establishing programs and systems for my business, charging higher fees, and generating consistent income.

Thanks to what I learned, I now have two Executive and Career coaching programs The Exec Whisperer and True Work. I regularly achieve $8-10K per month in revenue and I am confident in my ability to fully support myself on my coaching income. I've also just taken a two-week vacation to Europe - the first in several years.

Now I'm looking forward to further automating my marketing, growing my readership, securing profitable JV relationships, and hiring more professional assistants.

- Kelley A. Joyce, MBA, CPC
CEO & Founder

The next 6 months and beyond have the power to change your life forever. You could be a part of a community of kick-ass, deeply conscious women (and some very cool guys) who will cheer you on and hold you as powerful as you lay the foundation for 6-figures and beyond – while being of service in the highest way, and loving your life along the way!

Join us and you’ll receive the training, mentoring and support you need to help you dramatically shorten your learning curve and save you months – even years – trying to achieve similar results on your own or in less comprehensive programs.

Oh, and did I mention that we have a BLAST in the process? :)

Our commitment at Goddess Business School® is to give you the training, coaching, strategy and loving support you need to succeed, so that years from now, you’ll look back on your experience as one of the best decisions you've ever made in your business and your life.

If this is exactly what you’ve been looking for, I can’t wait to welcome you to the program.

Love and magic,

Here’s Your Next Step!

We’re a commitment to you getting exactly what you need in your business. That’s why enrollment in Goddess Business School® is by application only.

The next step is to complete the short application and then have a call with one of our coaches, who will help you determine if this program is a fit for you.

To apply and book your call, simply click on the button below to complete your application and schedule a conversation. That's it!

So What Happens If We Feel It IS A Fit?

Once you’ve had a chance to ask any / all of your questions about Goddess Business School®, your coach will share your options for completing your investment. (The investment will be shared during your call.)

If either party decides the program is not a fit for any reason, there is absolutely no obligation for anything further. No questions asked.

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“Recouped my investment with my first client...”

Elizabeth taught me how to structure high-impact, high-dollar one-to-one programs that bring about real change for clients. She also helped me create the structure for my business (and the mindsets I needed!) so that earnings from these programs underwrite the creation of group programs and information products.

This way, I’ll be able to reach more and more people each year, at every budget level. In fact, because of the mindsets and methods Elizabeth teaches, I recouped my entire investment with fees from my first client.

Now my Purpose-Fueled Business: Find your Purpose and Grow your Positive Impact and Profit program is helping mid-career women claim their Freedom and leave jobs that are sucking the life out of them, by creating and following through on clear, doable plans that are On-Purpose and financially lucrative. A portion of every fee helps entire families out of slavery in India.

- Jolene Smith Garcia
Founder of the Purpose-Fueled Business Program


“In first two months, I’ve brought in $19,220. (Still in part-time hours.)”

While I had a successful business doing what I loved, I was totally trapped in the ‘trading time for money’ model which made me feel limited and frustrated, especially because as a full-time Mum, the time I had to trade for the money was limited to part-time hours.

I found Elizabeth’s free program online and applied what I learned straight away. As a result I immediately created my first Virtual VIP program adding $5397 to my income that month with NO additional overheads. I then went on to double my income that year. That was just using her free resources.

That’s when I realized it was time to invest in Goddess Business School®. In first two months, I’ve brought in $19,220. (Still in part-time hours.)

I’m also doing more of what I love OUTSIDE my business, including taking my son on a holiday to New York. (I’m typing this from my hotel room as we speak!)

While I’m truly grateful for the additional income, it’s not just about the money. It’s about creating programs for my clients that truly serve and satisfy them, that give them results way beyond what they’ve invested, whilst giving me the personal fulfillment, financial abundance and time freedom I’ve been looking for.

- Lisa Page


"3 awesome clients easily enrolled in my new program for a total of $15,000 – the biggest cash infusion I’ve ever had!"

I raised my fees, and I successfully created, launched and delivered my first telecourse, “The Goddess Path To Abundance!” (It went so well that I am soon launched my second program with double the enrollments.)

Since then I’ve created 3 homestudy courses, I have clients traveling to spend VIP Days with me, and I opened my year-long private Manifest Your Thriving 6-Figure Business program and had 3 women step right in, creating a $15,000 cash infusion - the biggest I’ve ever had.

Thank you Elizabeth for simplifying and systematizing online business models. Goddess Business School® truly is like a step-by-step manual for how to create your business, and one that I can go back to again and again as my business grows and evolves.

- Lisa Marie Rosati
Creatrix of the Goddess Lifestyle Plan and Sugar Free Goddess GoddessLifestylePlan.com


“Earning amazing income while working less...”

Now I’ve transitioned to a different way of working that than enables me to create amazing income while actually working a lot less. I turned my Moon Goddess fertility-enhancing yoga & meditation practice into a digital product that creates passive income. My private fees are 3x what I used to charge, and I have clients from as far away as Sweden who happily pay to work with me because I am the author of my own signature system.

Now I’m crystal clear on who I'm talking to and what problem I'm solving. I also know what it takes to create revenue and I keep implementing the strategies I learned in Goddess Business School® over and over to create consistent results. It has really given me a clear focus, as well as the step-by-step roadmap for where I needed to go next in my business.

- Zahra Haji


“My income has increased, patients are getting better care, and I’ve learned to manifest money.”

I was in a point in my career when I was almost ready to quit.

Now I have concrete, workable templates for all the aspects of my business, including attracting amazing patients. I am getting clear about who I am as a healer. And, most excitingly, I am creating the transformational programs that my clients have been asking for for ages! I am now empowered to give a level of care that is not possible in the 30-60 minute appointments that we are conditioned to think are the only way to deliver service. So exciting!

The investment for Goddess Business School® was a major stretch, but I took the leap and here’s what’s happened after consuming only 10% of this course: anxiety has taken a back seat to enjoyment, my income is increased, patients are getting better care, AND I’ve learned to manifest money, so that the entire investment required for GBS was recovered within 30 days! I am really looking forward to getting programs up and running and really digging in to what this course has to offer!

- Dr. Theresa Camozzi, Naturopathic Doctor


“I’ve stepped into my soul’s full longing...”

Goddess Business School® was exactly what I needed to step off the sidelines, get my business together, and make my vision a reality. I’ve launched Sacred Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond, a business to bring deep support, ceremony and connection to pregnant and postpartum mothers. I have four private trimester-long programs as well as a long-term vision of how I’m going to grow my business with group programs, Within the first two weeks of my launch, I registered my first client at an investment equal to what I’ve made in six months of private sessions in the past!

I thank you in more ways than I can say, Elizabeth, for you have provided this beautiful container that allowed me to step in fully to my soul’s longing, where I now have the tools to support women in their journeys and create the freedom in my life that I have been dreaming of!

- Kelly Lubeck, MPH, RYT

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About Elizabeth Purvis
Founder, Goddess Business School®

Elizabeth Purvis is a mentor to thousands of conscious women entrepreneurs around the world, teaching them how to price, package and market their services so they create extraordinary income and impact.

She is the founder of Goddess Business School®, which delivers a proven path to create a sustainable 6-figure transformational business that can change the world.

As a mentor and online entrepreneur, Elizabeth created her first 6-figure income in under 6 months as a certified coach, then went on to create a total of nearly 2 million in revenue in just 4 years. Using her systems, Elizabeth's clients and students have achieved phenomenal results, including quadrupling their incomes in just a few short weeks, multiple 5-figure launches, launching and filling their own high-end programs, and more. She is the recipient of the 2011 Outstanding Achievement in the Business of Coaching Award from the International Association Of Women In Coaching (IAWC).

Above all, Elizabeth is a stand for the creative and financial empowerment of women through conscious entrepreneurship. Her work is dedicated to creating a world where conscious women are the new models for wealth, influence, power and success.


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